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Mobi to EPUB Converter helps you find the simplest and fastest way to convert Mobi files to ePub format in batch, and keep the original quality.

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How to Convert MOBI to EPUB with mobi to epub converter

To convert mobi to epub, please just drag and drop the drm-free mobi file to the main interface, and then click on "Convert to epub" button to start the conversion.

mobi to epub onverter

Once finished, the folder storing the converted epub file will pop up automatically. Please note mobi to epub converter only can handle drm-free ebooks.

Pro tip: To convert drm-protected kindle books to epub, please follow the guide Convert Kindle eBooks to EPUB (A Complete Guide).

Key Features of Mobi to Epub Converter

Handy tool to convert Mobi to EPUB

Mobi to ePub Converter does provide you another choice from a wide variety of eBook converting softwares for its pureness and specificity. There are no redundant features and buttons in this program, you can simply figure out how to use this software to convert MOBI to EPUB. And this program does maximize its characteristic. Drag the files you want to convert into the panel, then click convert, it will do all the jobs left.

mobi to epub onverter

Read DRM-free Kindle books on iPad, Sony, Nexus 7

Amazon is the largest eBooks online retailer in the world, but it adopts the eBook format which is only supported by its own devices and apps. In fact, not all of us are fans of Kindle eReader or Kindle app. Mobi to epub converter helps you convert DRM-free Kindle books to EPUB format which is much more widely supported by most of tablets, eReaders and apps.

mobi to epub converter

Rich metadata edit function

DRM-free Mobi books mainly come from 2 channels: the decrypted Amazon Kindle books, and Mobi books downloaded from online resource. The books coming from latter channel always have incomplete metadata, for example, the cover is missed, the author's name is wrongly spelled, etc. Mobi to EPUB Converter has a built-in metadata editor. It provides the feature to edit all the metadata of an eBook, even helps you auto-download cover image. With this tool, you can make your eBook more perfectly.

edit metadata

Fast conversion with best quality

Although this program is very simple and clean, but it can meet all your demands for converting Mobi to ePub. It supports bulk conversion, and includes a powerful eBook conversion engine internally so that you can convert Mobi to ePub with very fast speed and excellent quality.

fast conversion speed



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03/10/2013 16:28:27
What am i doing wrong?
this willl not work were is support?
03/10/2013 19:40:36

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We've sent an email to you, please check!


10/23/2013 13:29:39
works great, bulk conversion with the trial. thank you
03/18/2017 08:58:25
Another program I deleted out of principle. They say "Free", not "Free to Try" or Trial Version. I hate this type of misdirection and have sworn never to pay a cent to any company that employs this tactic. If you advertise on a software site, SPELL IT OUT. Otherwise, you are not trustworthy.
03/3/2018 00:03:58
Funciona perfecto!
03/6/2018 08:52:32
Thank you for your comments!
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