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convert mobi to pdf online

Mobi is the native kindle format which widely used on kinde ebooks. However, here also comes the problem. We can only read mobi books on Kindle devices or kindle reading apps! But, there are another users who prefer to reading kindle files on iPad, Nook or Kobo with their default reader, rather than viewing them on Kindle Paperwhite, or with kindle reading app.

PDF format, one of the most common ebook formats, is widely compatible with those non-Kindle devices. So, if you want to read kindle books on more eReaders, converting mobi to pdf may be your perfect choice. When asked about how to convert mobi to pdf, ebook converter software and online converter are the 2 most recommended methods.

About how to convert mobi to pdf with ebook converter software, you can click here. Today this article is about how to convert mobi to pdf with free online tools.

Why I recommend you convert ebook formats online

In my opinion, converting mobi to pdf online is more convenient than software, this is because:

--Most online converter sites are free to use, while more softwares are charged.

--With converter software, we have to download and install, but online converter doesn't have these steps, 1-step tool, save our time especially when we just want to convert several files.

--Online converter always supports many formats, not only mobi to pdf, but also pdf to mobi, mobi to epub, and so on. While most softwares are just designed to convert books between 2 formats.

How to convert mobi to pdf online

Thare are many free mobi to pdf online converters, hope they can help you.

1. Epubor Onlineconverter

Price: Free

Site: onlineconverter.epubor.com

It's totally free, and multiple eBook formats supported, epub, pdf and mobi. So it's certainly that you can use it to convert online. Besides, it also converts books if they are unprotected azw3, azw4, topaz, prc, tpz files.

Step1: Select PDF as output format.

select pdf as output format

Step2: Browse mobi file.

Click "Browse File(s)" button to select your mobi files or just drag them from the folder which saves your mobi files to this online tool, then uploading start and it will convert eBook format automatically, no need to click any "Convert" button.

Step3: Download file.

Converting job will be completed soon, when the conversion finished, there will be a word "Download". Just click it to get the book you want.

convert mobi to pdf with epub online ebook converter

As the image shows, using this online converter to convert files is very easy, just 3 simple steps. And it supports batch conversion, we can upload one more files at a time and convert them within a few seconds.

2. Zamzar

Price: Free

Site: zamzar.com

This site is also famous for its free online file conversion. The biggest difference from epubor online site is that zamzar also writes lots of introduction to explain what the file extension is, who developed this format, where does this format used on, etc. From here you can get some basic knowledge about these common eBook formats. A good place to broaden our horizen, right?

The steps are nearly the same as epubor online converter. Just upload mobi file, select pdf as output, then convert to get the files you want.

convert mobi to pdf with zamzar

These 2 sites are my suggestions for you. I wish you could select one works perfect for you. But every coin has two sides, online converters also bring us some inconvenience. In my opinion, the shortcomings of converting mobi to pdf online are:

--We must convert book one by one with online converter.

--Most online converters only support free drm ebooks, while most eBooks we purchased from stores are with DRM protection.

By the way, you can also try the free trial ebook converter software called Epubor Ultimate.

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