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convert pdf to azwPDF is the file format applied on many devices and also for ebooks sold by lots of online stores, such as nook, sony, kobo, google play, etc. However, it is not compatible with the popular kindle devices. If you want to read pdf files on your kindle, then you should convert pdf to azw, azw3, mobi format and so on.(They are supported by kindle devices.)

Maybe you intend to convert pdf to azw for kindle for the following reasons.

1. AZW files store more data than PDF files and play audio, video, and various other elements in addition to text.

2. PDF files will not show up in the kindle database, while AZW files can be accessed on kindle.

3. When you transfer PDF file to your kindle e-reader, maybe you can open it, but the tiny size is really painful for reading.

4. Through converting PDF to AZW, you can place all your pdf files on your kindle devices. Besides, you can get free books from other online stores instead of purchasing them from Amazon.

Get your drm-free and passwordless pdf ready

Before converting pdf to azw kindle, you should make clear two things.

1If you are converting pdf "ebook" to azw, then you should make sure your ebook is drm free. If it contains drm, you can apply our PDF DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate to remove drm first. It helps you remove drm protection from pdf on adobe digital editions within seconds.


Here are the operating steps.

Step 1: Install PDF DRM Removal and run it.

Step 2: If your books are saved in the default ADE content path, the software will detect and upload the file automatically. You can see them under "ADE" icon. Just directly drag your drm-protected pdf into the left main window or hit "Add" button to import your pdf.

add pdf file

Step 3: As soon as you finish the above step, your pdf is decrypted.

Step 4: You can click on "folder" icon to find your decrypted pdf file or click "Decrypted" to find it.

2When you are converting pdf "document" to azw, make certain the document is password-less. If it's password protected, you should remove pdf password first. You can have a free try with this software, PDF Password Remover. For the detailed information about how to remove pdf password, refer to this article please.


Three Methods for you to convert pdf to azw

1Convert pdf to azw calibre

Step 1: Install calibre and then launch it. Click "Add books" to import your pdf ebook or document or simply drag your pdf into it.

import pdf ebook or document

Step 2: Click "Convert books"or Choose "Convert books/ Convert individually" on the menu bar and the following window will appear. As this software doesn't provide "azw" selection in the output format. You can choose "mobi" as the output format first. In the next step I will teach you to change it into azw format. After selecting the output format, click "ok" on the bottom right corner. Within a few seconds the job will be finished.

convert pdf to mobi

Step 3: You can find your converted mobi ebook or file in your default folder. At the same time, you can see the filename extension is .mobi. Just change the filename extension ".mobi" into ".azw". And then you can directly open your converted azw in kindle for pc. It's so easy, right?

I haven't figured out why we can successfully convert mobi to azw by simply changing the filename extension ".mobi" into ".azw". But you can't get there by simply transforming the filename extension from ".pdf" into ". azw". I guess it is because mobi and azw are both supported by kindle.

2Use Amazon Email

It is the most common way, as far as I'm concerned.

Pattern one: Convert for free

Step 1: Attach your PDF to an email. And type "convert" (without the quotes) in the subject line.

Step 2: Send this email to "your kindle name@free.Kindle.com."

Step 3: After doing this, it often takes you five to twenty minutes to receive the .azw file from Amazon.

Step 4: Download the file to your computer and then use the USB cable to transfer it to your kindle.

Pattern Two: Convert for a fee

Step 1: Add your PDF to an email and type "convert" in the subject line.

Step 2: Email it to "your kindle name@Kindle.com."

Step 3: The file will be converted from pdf to azw and sent via Whispernet to your Kindle. It will also cost you 5 to 20 minutes to complete the conversion. Generally the fee charged depends on the size of your file.

3Charging method-pdf4kindle

http://www.pdf4kindle.com will assist you to convert pdf to azw kindle.

Maybe you have found out other methods to convert pdf to azw format, such as using mobipocket creator, Stanza or other online tools. But according to my actual operation, the mentioned three methods are the most practical. Hope they will help you convert pdf to azw successfully.

Download PDF DRM Removal for free:



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