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The books you bought from kobo, Sony, Google Play may be PDF format. Although you're able to read those PDF books on your iPad or iPhone, it's really painful if you have tried that. You have to zoom back and forth all the time. Quite annoying, right? But believe me, you can just free yourself from this trouble by converting PDF to EPUB as EPUB can adjust itself to the size of the screen. So this article will show you how to convert PDF to EPUB Mac. Methods introduced also applies to converting PDF to EPUB Win.

In order to successfully convert PDF to EPUB Mac, the first and essential step is to make your PDF books DRM free. If you have PDF document with password, then you should remove PDF password first. Why? Because DRM and password limit you to do the conversion job. For how to check your PDF book is DRM free or not, you can load your PDF book into Calibre and try to open it with Calibre. If you receive the following info, it means your PDF book is DRM protected.

PDF book is drmed

If you succeed, then it is DRM free.

The following content will cover two parts:

Part 1: Convert DRM free PDF to EPUB Mac

Part 2: Convert DRM PDF to EPUB Mac

Tips: If your PDF is password protected, then you need PDF password remover to help you.

Convert DRM free PDF to EPUB Mac

For your DRM free PDF books, you can use some free tools to help you.

Convert PDF to EPUB on Mac with Calibre

1Get Calibre installed in your Mac. And then launch it and click "Add books" button to add PDF books.

add PDF into Calibre

2Choose the PDF books you want to convert to EPUB and then hit "Convert books" button. Immediately it will pop up the following window for you to choose the output format. Simply select "EPUB" as destination format from the drop-down list and then hit "OK" to start the conversion.

choose epub as destination format

3When it shows "Jobs: 0" at the right bottom corner, it means your PDF has been converted to EPUB. Tag "Click open" to get your converted EPUB file on Mac or directly click the EPUB file to open it on your Mac.

get converted epub file

Convert PDF to EPUB mac with online tool

Online-converter tool also has the ability to convert your DRM free and password-less PDF to EPUB Mac. There are several online converter tools, like Zamzar, ebook.Online-Convert, Convert.Files, Office Converter, ect. You can choose anyone according to your favor. Here just shows you how to convert PDF to EPUB Mac with ebook.Online-Convert.

You have three methods to add your PDF file into this tool: by uploading, entering URL or selecting from Dropbox. After you import your PDF file, you can do some optional settings. Last just click "Convert file" button to convert your PDF to EPUB. After the conversion is finished, a link contained the converted EPUB file will be provided.

convert pdf to epub Mac with Online-Convert

Convert DRM PDF to EPUB Mac

It seems simple to use either Calibre or online converter tool to convert DRM free PDF to EPUB Mac. However, once you found your PDF is DRM locked, then none of them can help you. That's why I will introduce another PDF to EPUB converter Mac here. Maybe you have heard about it before. It's Epubor Ultimate which provides you the capability to remove DRM from PDF and convert PDF to EPUB Mac. I have a preference for it due to the clean interface, ability to deal with DRM protection, bulk operation and high speeds.

Download Ultimate Converter for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Step 1: Add PDF into the tool and remove DRM from PDF

After downloading and installing this tool, click "Add" button or directly drag and drop your PDF into this tool. The moment your PDF is added into this tool, it will be decrypted automatically. If it shows nothing, it means this PDF is non-DRMed. (Tips: Make sure you can read those PDFs in Adobe Digital Editions before removing DRM.)

add pdf books and remove drm

Step 2: Select EPUB as export format

At the bottom left side, choose epub as export format.

select epub as export format

Step 3: Convert PDF to EPUB Mac

When the output format is set, hit "Convert" button to start the conversion. Soon your PDF books will be converted to EPUB showing the state of "Succeeded". You can get your converted EPUB files by tagging "Open Folder".

convert pdf to epub Mac

After converting PDF to EPUB Mac, you will enjoy better reading experience on your iPad or iPhone.

Download Ultimate Converter for free:

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download



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