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I've been looking for a freeware to convert PPT to PDF rather than those online conversion sites, which makes me feel sort of slow as I have to upload my PPT files and then wait for the blind conversion. Although Office 2010 supports "Save as" PDF itself, I am pretty sure that there are still heaps of people who do not own the upgraded version. I am not willing to use an add-on for Office 2003&2007 to do the PPT-To-PDF conversion, either.

Recently I noticed that many college students were asking how to read PPT (PowerPoint) their professors presented at class on their dedicated eReaders/tablets. Although there is an excellent free eBook converter, Calibre, it does not support PPT/PPTX conversion. Here I would bring forth two slight converters, Epubor PDF creator and Moyea PPT2PDF converter, to help fill the gap for free.

Method 1: Convert PPT to PDF with Epubor PDF Creator

Epubor PDF Creator is a versatile PDF creator to convert all printable files (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, JPG, HTML, TXT, EPUB, etc.) into PDF. It originally sells at $15.99 and now you can get it for free with the registration code offered by its provider, Epubor .

You are able to generate PDF files through the typical “Add” button or the “Epubor Virtual Printer”. However, I recommend the latter method as this is the better way to ensure your PDF conversion.

Make sure the "Printer Service" is on before conversion. Click “Start“, input “service” in the search box and select “Services” (Win 7).

convert ppt to pdf-epubor-service

Set “Printer Spooler” as “Start”.

convert ppt to pdf-epubor-service on

1 Download and install Epubor PDF Creator (with registration code).

2 Open the PPT document with PowerPoint. Click “File” -> “Print”. Select “Epubor Virtual Printer” as default printer and hit “Print”. Select "Add Printers" if “Epubor Virtual Printer” is not listed.

convert ppt to pdf-epubor-add printer

3 Wait a minute. Set the output path and hit “Convert” on the following “Epubor PDF Converter” window.

convert ppt to pdf-epubor-convert

Once the conversion is over, the completed PDF will appear in front of you. Or you can check the output PDF manually (Win 7: default output path: …\Documents\ …).   


Method 2: Convert PPT to PDF with PPT2PDF Converter

Moyea PPT to PDF converter is a freeware provided by Moyea, with which you are empowered to convert Word, Excel documents alongside PPT to PDF for free.

1 Download and install free PPT2PDF converter. Launch the software.

2Click “Add” to select a PPT / PPTX file and hit “Open”. You are able to add multi files at the same time.

convert ppt to pdf-add

3 Click “Convert”. A 1 M file often costs less than 1 minute.

convert ppt to pdf-convert

4 Done. Click the link under "Output folder" to get the converted PDF file.

convert ppt to pdf-finish


works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

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