Convert Word to EPUB with Calibre

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You know Calibre is a free and open source ebook library manager, so if you want to convert word to epub, Calibre can also help you.

Yes using Calibre to convert ebooks such as convert azw to pdf, steps are easy to go, just add books, choose output format and then convert, OK. But, Converting word to epub with Calibre is not so simple as you think.

As the systems of our office tool is different, so the way to perform this task differs a little, too.

Occasion 1: if your office tool version is Office 2007 or above, convert docx to epub.

Occasion 2: if your office tool version is Office 2003 or below, convert doc to html to epub.

How to convert docx to epub calibre

This part is written for you if you are using Office 2007 or above on your computer.

1Download Calibre

Firstly download Calibre and select a proper version for your computer.

2Save word as docx

As you are using Office 2007 or even above, and Calibre supports this format, so open your word document please, then save as ".docx".

3Add word document to Calibre

Run calibre, then click "Add books" to choose your word documents which are with .docx extension.

convert word docx to epub calibre

4Convert docx to epub

Click on "Convert books", then at the output format pull-down list select epub please. Then "OK" the conversion.

convert docx to epub

After completed, you can "click to open" to get a preview. Now you can read your epub files on your computer, and even transfer them to another devices such as iPad, Kobo, etc.

Tips: If you want to convert your word documents to PDF high polished to print good, choose PDF Creator.

How to convert doc to epub Calibre

This part is for those people who are using Office 2003 or below. As Calibre doesn't support the format of doc, we need firstly convert our word document to html, then convert html to epub.

1Download Calibre

Firstly download Calibre and then install it on your computer.

2Save doc as html

Firstly open your word document, change format style of the book title and all chapter titles to "Heading 1".

Then save your documents as ".html" with the "Save As" option.

3Edit html in Calibre

Upload your just saved html files to Calibre with "Add books". Then click on "Convert books".

add html to calibre

At the pop up window, hit the "Metadata" to edit, such as title, author, cover, tags, etc.

edit html metadata

From the left side menu, click on "Look & Feel", select "Removing spacing between paragraphs".

edit html look and feel

Go on with the edit job, click on "Table of Contents", select the "Level 1 TOC" wizard button.

edit html table of contents

A new window named "Match HTML tags with tag name" will top up. From the drop down list select "h1" please.

edit html h1

Then click "OK", you will see "//h:h1" is listed in the Level 1 TOC field.

html h1

In the upper right corner still in this convert screen, find the "Output format" menu, choose "EPUB" to convert html to epub.

convert html to epub with calibre

4Convert html to epub

Check all the procession during the editing, Metadata, Look & Feel,open html in calibre Table of Contents, Output format. If all the settings has finished, click "OK" to start your conversion. For details in this part click here to know more about converting html to epub .

When you see "jobs:0" at the right bottom corner, it says that your conversion has finished. Come back to the main screen, at the right side click "Click to open". Now you can get a preview of your epub files converted from word documents.

view epub in calibre

Besides, now you can read your word files as epub on your computer, you can even transfer them to your reading devices such as Kobo, iPad, then get a happy reading.

Wish this article could help you and had resolved your questions about converting word to epub. And, it also can give you good advice if you want to publish your files.

Still think this is a little difficult to understand? How about trying this tool Epubor Wordmate? It helps you convert word documents to epub just with one click.

convert word to epub with wordmate

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07/23/2021 09:44:56
I have NO images in my files. Every time i try to convert them to Epub or Mobi i have blank pages between some chapters. Not all. No matter what I do they remain. My chapters also move down the page. What am I doing wrong. What should my margins be before converting?
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