Converting DRM eBooks Complete Guide

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As for eBook lovers, when we asked about converting eBook formats, the recommended tool is usually Calibre or other online eBook converters. But if we use one of the tools to convert format, the conversion may sometimes fails, and you can see warning like "This book is DRMed and is not allowed to convert". It shows your uploaded books are DRM protected. Converting DRM files, we need another useful tool which supports DRM eBooks. This article talks about converting DRM eBooks complete guide. Hope it can help you.

Get the tool ready

As most of eBook converters on the market can only convert DRM free eBooks format, in order to convert DRM eBooks, a more powerful tool is necessary. But which program is better? Here I want to share a magical software Ultimate eBook Converter with you. It's my favorite eBook converter which can help us convert eBook format with ease, no matter they are DRM free or DRM protected. It supports batch conversion and provides us the edit function. We can use it to edit information about eBooks. With only the 1 tool, we can deal with the 2 main eBook problems: format and DRM. You can download it for free trial.

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Converting Kindle DRM eBooks

As one of the largest eBook retailers, Amazon is popular among eBook lovers. We may often download Kindle books from Amazon website. But it's obvious that most of our downloaded Kindle books are DRM protected. Besides, Kindle books are in Amazon unique format, so we can only read them on Kindle device or app. If we want to read Kindle books on other eReaders that don't support Kindle format, such as Nook, Kobo, converting Kindle DRM eBooks to EPUB or PDF is the best way. How to?

Converting Kindle DRM eBooks, we have to remove Kindle DRM first, you can read the guide Kindle DRM Removal for details.

Converting Kindle DRM eBooks

After we have removed Kindle DRM successfully, now we can start converting Kindle eBooks. First please choose the target format you like. There is a lot of choice for us, we can select common eBook format, specific devices(Nook, Kobo, iPad) or computer software as output format. Then click "Convert" button to begin converting format. As long as the conversion has been finished, the output folder will pop up automatically. We need not to find it by ourselves.

converting drm ebooks

Converting Kobo DRM eBooks

Kobo is also one of the main eBook retailers and have many fans in the world. To protect copyright information, most Kobo books are DRM protected. Besides, because of different eBook format, we cannot enjoy our downloaded Kobo books on Kindle device or app. It's really a pain for eBook lovers, especially when you only have a Kindle eReader and have downloaded Kobo books that are not sold on Amazon.

If you have this problem, I believe converting Kobo DRM eBooks to Kindle supported format is important for you. Here I will introduce it for details.

But first, please remove Kobo DRM with Ultimate eBook converter. Please read Remove DRM from Kobo to learn more information.

After we have removed Kobo DRM successfully, we can directly use this tool to convert decrypted Kobo books to Kindle format.

Converting Adobe DRM eBooks

As we know, most of eBooks online are using Adobe DRM scheme, including Nook books, Google books and Kobo books, etc. Except Amazon books, we may often download Adobe DRM eBooks online. To read books more freely and enjoy books on our Kindle or iPad, converting Adobe DRM eBooks is essential.

Now please remove Adobe DRM first, for detailed information, please read how to remove DRM from eBooks Adobe Digital Editons. Then use the tool to convert eBook format. The operation is easy. Just the same as the steps mentioned above in part "Converting Kindle DRM eBooks".

Converting Nook DRM eBooks

Except Adobe DRM, some Nook books are also protected by Nook DRM. This locks us can only read Nook books on Nook device or app. For Kobo, Kindle or iPad users, it's difficult to read Nook DRM eBooks. But things become easier, if we converting Nook DRM eBooks. Then we can enjoy them without any limitation.

Please refer to how to remove Nook DRM to learn the detailed information about removing Nook DRM. Then start converting decrypted Nook eBooks.

A really powerful eBook converter! If we have this software, converting DRM eBooks format becomes more easier. No need to worry about our downloaded books are DRM free or DRM protected. Besides, its processing speed is very fast, we can get the converted files within a few seconds. This is very convenient for us. If you are looking for tools or ways on converting DRM eBooks, why not download this program for free trial?

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