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The Kindle is a great reading device but its font selection isn't terrific. And The number one thing that annoys me the most about reading on a Kindle is the lack of good font choices. Your stuck with a few options that Amazon gives, and you can't modify the weight or boldness of the font at all like you can on other devices like Kobos.

As a ebook lover, have you ever had been disappointed with kindle that you can't find the right fonts to read your favorite ebooks? And what are the best fonts to use for kindle? Concerning to this question, different people have different taste. So in this article I am going to introduce top 10 custom fonts for you. Enjoy it!


Baskerville is a serif typeface increased the contrast between thick and thin strokes,which created a greater consistency in size and form. Without a doubt, Baskerville is the most heavily used font by kindle device lovers. Although some praise the font, many believe that it is spaced too tightly.

What makes Baskerville so convincing? Maybe the typeface has a sort of religious pull that tugs at something fundamental within us. Or maybe we're just trained to accept some typefaces as more authoritative than others; perhaps Baskerville was the favored typeface of our childhood textbooks.

Click here to download Baskerville file.



Bookerly finds its way into many Hollywood movie posters and anything remotely to do with religion, law, marriage, class or the past. A bit of history on the font Bookerly-it is a serif typeface as an exclusive font for reading on Kindle devices. Amazon.com asserts that the font helps the user read faster with less eyestrain.

If you use an e-paper Kindle, good news. The Bookerly update--not only does it introduce a highly readable new font designed for the Kindle from scratch, but it finally solves the Kindle's typesetting problems with an all-new layout engine that introduces better text justification, kerning, drop caps, image positioning which has greatly improved reading experience.

Click here to download Bookerly file.



Georgia is a great serif typeface designed for magazines, websites and long bodies of text that would appear elegant but legible printed small or on low-resolution screens. It is also unusually bold, almost black.

Georgia is perhaps an even more remarkable feat than Bookerly. It takes the complexity of serifed characters and makes them not only comfortable on-screen, but also very attractive.

Click here to download Georgia file.




Helvetica has an appearance of efficiency and forwardness. Some do hate the font though. Helvetica is a widely used sans-serif typeface which became a hallmark of the International Typographic Style, becoming one of the most popular typefaces of the 20th century.

For as long as I have known, a majority of designers have been beyond enamoured with Helvetica. It still rules among graphic designers for print work, with its multiple weights and versions, as well as the release of Linotype's reworked, and very popular version, the Neue Helvetica typeface.

Click here to download Helvetica file.



Trebuchet is a sans-serif typeface released freely by Microsoft as part of their core fonts for the Web package, which makes it remain one of the most popular body text fonts on webpages. Microsoft refers to Trebuchet as a good web design font. This font is also adopted by Kindle.

Click here to download Trebuchet file.



Used mainly for formal occasions, Palatino is an old-style serif typeface which does the job well. Cameron Moll even recommended it in his article Typefaces no one will get fired for using.

Palatino is very clean and elegant. It rapidly became popular for book body text use, overshadowing the narrower and lighter Aldus. Palatino has a solid structure, intended to read clearly on poor-quality paper and printing

Click here to download Palatino file.



Futura has an appearance of efficiency and forwardness. It is a sans-serif typeface based on geometric shapes. It has a warmth and subtlety that have made it very popular.

Futura is the most oft-requested font, which has become an extremely popular typeface for countless corporate logos, commercial products, films and advertisements for years. The result is that a completely reliable, strikingly legible typeface feels like a native part of every browser and operating system.

Click here to download Futura file.



Arial is a sans-serif typeface and set of computer fonts which is metrically identical to the popular typeface Helvetica. The Arial font family is neither strictly geometric nor humanistic in construction so that each individual character is quickly and easily recognized. Such distinctness makes it good for signage and display work.

Truth be known, Arial is many times more popular than helvetica due to its widespread availability on computers.

It's very convenient and efficient to use.

Click here to download Arial file.



Courier is a serif typeface to resemble the output from a strike-on typewriter. Although the design of the original Courier typeface was commissioned by IBM, it soon became a standard font used throughout the typewriter industry.

The font that we commonly associate with the typewriter is Courier, a monospaced slabserif font that presents a clean appearance on the page.

Click here to download Courier file.


10.Time New Roman

Times New Roman's popularity rapidly expanded beyond its original niche, becoming popular in book printing and general publishing. It is a serif typeface commissioned by the British newspaper The Times. Through distribution with Microsoft products and as a standard computer font, it has become one of the most widely used typefaces in history.

Times New Roman was the default font for many years in Microsoft Word and still is part of every font library. It is easy to read, functional, businesslike, and good design. Those characteristics made Times New Roman appealing for a wide range of applications.

Click here to download Times New Roman file.




These are the top 10 costume fonts for kindle listed above. Is there a typeface that you like the most? Choosing the best fonts works for you before you start reading your ebook on kindle. And here are the instructions about how to install fonts to your kindle without jailbreak. Hope you have wonderful reading experience.

Bonus Tip

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03/9/2017 15:42:48
Thanks you very much!
01/11/2018 03:33:21
Hi Seems to be an error with the Baskerville file, its Bookerly!!!
02/13/2018 11:32:49
For those looking for the Baskerville font (the link is wrong above), copy the link address from any of the other fonts above, paste it into your browser and then replace the the file name (e.g. Bookerly.zip") with
(note: lower case "b" required!!) I'd paste the link myself but this combox won't let me put urls in it.
05/8/2018 02:58:38
How is this legal? The fonts are copyrighted!
01/11/2022 03:19:15
Dude, chill out :)
12/20/2018 19:02:14
futura is the best
11/19/2019 15:35:40
Article writer, do you actually know the meaning of "custom fonts"? You listed the standard fonts which are already on the Kindle....
11/21/2019 12:04:30
Thank you for leaving the comment. If you are not using the latest kindle, you will not see so many fonts. This article wrote 2 years ago. We will update it later with some new fonts.
10/26/2020 09:42:54
Thanks for great custom fonts!
01/4/2022 12:14:53
The Baskerville font appears to have no kerning or ligatures. This means it is not a quality font; it is only the letter shapes and not the further refinements that are standard for good fonts. In addition, the zip file has only Regular. Bold, italic, and bold-italic are missing. Try Libre Baskerville, which you can find by searching the internet.
03/5/2022 10:59:46
I would also recommend IBM's excellent IBM Plex. I love the serif for reading and the monospaced for programming.
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