How to Transfer Kindle Books via USB

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Download & Transfer via USB is a function provided by Amazon which allows you to use the USB cable to transfer Kindle content from a computer to your Kindle Fire and Kindle e-ink device. Additionally, it offers a workaround solution to removing Kindle DRM. Recently, some issues occurred when trying to download Kindle books for USB transfer in Amazon website. Many users reported the download & transfer via USB feature is not working. So here I write this post to teach you how to download kindle books via "Download and transfer via USB" and help you fix the "Download & Transfer via USB Not Working" issue.

download and transfer via usb

Part 1. How to Download & Transfer via USB on Amazon

1 Go to the Amazon website page - Manage Your Content and Devices and log in with your Amazon account.

2 Click the “More actions” button behind the book title.

more actions button

3 Next, click “Download & transfer via USB” from the drop-down list.

download and transfer via usb

4 Then a window will pop up. From the dropdown list, choose your Kindle device, and click the button “Download”.

select a device to transfer kindle books

A note will show up when you are downloading the content.

download kindle to computer via media library

At most times, the downloaded content would be azw3 file, or azw file occasionally.

The download never starts? Go ahead to Part 2 - Problem 1: Unable Download & Transfer via USB - The download never starts for solutions.

downloaded azw3 from amazon site

5 Transfer books to Kindle device via USB.

After downloading, use your USB cable to connect your Kindle device to your computer. Your Kindle will appear as a drive on your computer. Copy your downloaded file from your computer to into the appropriate folder. Depending on your device type, the folder names may vary. For example, on Kindle Paperwhite, move books to the "Documents" folder. On Kindle Fire tablets, move books to the "Books" folder.

Must-know Tips: Remove Kindle DRM via "Download & Transfer via USB"

If you own a Kindle device, you can try this method to remove Kindle DRM. No matter you are using Windows or Mac, the method of "Download & Transfer via USB" is working well together with Epubor Ultimate to decrypt and convert Kindle books. Just connect your Kindle e-ink device to your computer, and drag your AZW3 or AZW files to Epubor Ultimate, they will be decrypted automatically.

Or you can follow the detailed guide on Remove Kindle DRM via "Download &Transfer Kindle Books via USB".

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

remove kindle kfx drm

Part 2. Trouble Shotting - Download & Transfer via USB Not Working

Problem 1. Unable Download & Transfer via USB - The download never starts

Trying download and transfer via USB, I'm getting a message that says "Success: Downloaded your Kindle content to your computer via Your Media Library". I have no idea what this means. There is no "Your Media Library" on my computer. The download never starts.

download kindle to computer via media library

When you click "Download & Transfer via USB", a pop-up window should open. However, a lot of browsers have blocked the pop-up window by default such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. So the firs time you use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari, a notice will show "Download your Kindle content to your computer via Your Media Library", but then you will get nothing. The download never starts no matter how many times you click the "Download".

Solution Allow pop-up windows in browser settings.

1 For Google Chrome users:

For Chrome users, the first time you click the button "Download & Transfer via USB", a notice "pop-ups blocked" will appear in the upper-right corner of the address bar. You can just check "Always allow pop-ups and redirects from https://www.amazon.com".

pop-up blocked in chrome

You can also go to the "Settings" >> "Privacy & Security" >> "Site Settings" >> "Pop-ups and redirects" >> select "Sites can send pop-ups and use redirects".

allow pop up in chrome

2 For Firefox users:

For Firefox users, the first time you click the button "Download & Transfer via USB", a pop-up symbol will appear in the address bar. You just need to click "Options" >> "Allow pop-ups for www.amazon.com". Then the download box would appear.

allow pop-up in Firefox

If the notice does not appear in the address bar, you can also go to the "Settings" >> "Privacy & Security" . And then uncheck "Block pop-up windows", or click "Exceptions" and add www.amazon.com into the allowing pop-up list.

allow pop-up in Firefox

3 For Safari users:

Click Safari in the upper-left corner >> "Preference" >> "Websites" >> "Pop-up Windows". Change the status of amazon.com to "Allow".

allow pop-up in Safari

Problem 2. No option for Download & Transfer via USB

I click the Download & transfer via USB action on amazon site. The options in the drop down menu are the Kindle apps and Kindle Cloud Reader, but neither of them are selectable. So I cannot finish the download. Must I possess Kindle or Fire hardware to enable the download option?

no option for download & transfer via usb

"Download & Transfer via USB" is only available for Kindle e-ink device or Kindle Fire tablet owners. Kindle apps (on phones, tablets, computers) are not compatible with that function. That's part of the Amazon security as they don't want you to make copies.

Solution If you have a Kindle e-ink device or Fire tablet but still receive such an error when downloading the content, it seems that you haven't registered your Kindle device yet. Please first make sure that you have registered your Kindle device with your Amazon account and try once again.

If you don't have a Kindle device, you cannot download books from Amazon site. Please use Kindle app for PC/Mac/Android/iOS to download your Kindle ebooks.

Notice: Meet some problems when registering your Kinlde device? Read the article for a solution: Solved: Can’t Register Kindle.

Problem 3. Download an FSDownloadContent file, not AZW3 eBook File

On downloading a book through Amazon website to my computer and then USB transfer to my Kindle, Amazon downloads an illegible file called "FSDownloadContent", rather than the usual .azw3 or .azw file. Is this a problem with the download?


This problem is related to Amazon downloads using Safari browser. The Amazon download is not compatible with some certain combination of Mac OS and Safari versions.

Solution Try downloading the book using a different browser (i.e. Chrome). Another possible solution is to try simply adding the ".azw3" file extension after the file name. Sometimes that solves the problem.

OK. These are all things about Download & Transfer via USB. If you have any more questions concerning this issue, just leave a comment below. Don't forget to download Epubor Ultimate if you want to remove Kindle DRM through this method.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

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01/6/2021 23:28:07
Spot on help with the download and transfer via USB problem. I called Amazon about this and was told that "most books' DRM doesn't allow you to download to USB", which is a crock, so their own employees aren't informed. I would have thought Amazon and/or Google would have spotted this issue in the advance copy of the browser release. I would have thought instead of simply blocking the download, it would be preferable to throw up one of those "are you sure you want to download insecure content" messages.
01/7/2021 01:58:51
Thank you *so much* for your help on problem 1 – I'd encountered Problem 3 (Safari issues) before, so I tried chrome and was utterly baffled that it didn't work. You're a lifesaver. <3
01/15/2021 23:35:21
There's no need to allow insecure downloads. You can download the file by opening `Developer Tools` (F12 on Chrome and derivatives) and go to the `Network` tab, then proceed as described in `Part 1` and finally look for the second `FSDownloadContent` on the list, right click it and select `Open in a new tab` and the download will start.
01/18/2021 14:43:33
Thank you for your comments and suggestions. The method you provided is proved to be working, and we have updated this post. Thank you again for your sharing.
06/30/2021 19:31:28
Lifesaver, thaaanks!  Showing pix of problem 3 with your Register Kindle solution helped me zero in on my issue for my sixth generation kindle, after days of Google searches, unproductive phone calls to Amazon support, and tearing my hair out. You were my last stop before having to buy a new kindle! What also helped: accidentally finding my kindle serial number by double clicking on Settings - that was unknown by Amazon support, but apparently exists for older kindles.  Eventually, a supervisor said my problem was an easy fix: kindle was registered to my inactive Amazon account and had to be transferred to my husband's Amazon account, if I was using his account for library book transfers b/c every kindle must be registered to that user. Tip: supervisor was able to do that, despite my not having wireless!  (originally the Best Buy kindle had been registered to my account by the store using their wireless). You saved me money and my sanity!
07/1/2021 10:40:21
Thank you for your comments. We are glad this can help you. Have a  nice day!
07/11/2021 22:49:12
Hooray - I've been stuck with this problem and it's been driving me crazy! Tried solution #1 and it worked immediately - thank you SO much!
07/12/2021 10:35:09
Thank you for your feedback. "Download and transfer via usb" will help you avoid the latest kindle drm.
07/14/2021 23:00:33
Thank you for the directions. I never understand why a software "upgrade" seems designed to make things that previously were simple and straightforward, more difficult. Now I cannot select five at once to transfer, and have to tediously go through the process with each one. Thanks Amazon for hiring idiots for programmers.
07/17/2021 21:52:18
Help, need a solution.  After selecting download and transfer via USB, I get the following message:
"You do not have compatible devices for this content..."
My kindle fire device is registered.  I have contacted Amazon, but their rep was unable to help.
07/19/2021 11:26:11
Thank you for your feedback. Please ensure your kindle eink device is registered with the same account credentials. Also, please ensure it is kindle eink device, kindle fire is not supported.
07/19/2021 21:23:21
On Firefox it is necessary to over-ride pop-up blocks. In the address bar, click on the pop-up symbol then click on open blocked pop-ups. The download box should then appear. Click on save.
I hope this helps.
07/20/2021 21:48:05
Transfer thru USB doesn't download in windows 7 to my download folder using Firefox like it did before. But it does using Firefox on my MAC. Why does it work on one computer and not the other. This is how I get my library books as I have wifi turned off so books stay on the kindle way past their due date. I have some that have been there for years. Thanks for your help.
07/20/2021 23:24:53
I ran into this problem today for the first time (have been transferring via usb cable from mac to Kindle for years) and changing browser to Microsoft Edge worked whereas chatting with Amazon Tech support did not:(  Thanks!
07/21/2021 09:43:00
This issue is caused by the browser setting. Please follow this guide to fix it: https://www.epubor.com/download-and-transfer-via-usb-kindle.html#pr1
Then you can download your kindle books via download and transfer via usb again.
07/29/2021 03:09:55
I got a "success" message but I cannot find the file. A search for all azw and azw3 files on my computer did not find the file I "thought" had downloaded. I use Firefox and the usual message that a file had been downloaded never appeared. Help?
07/29/2021 05:59:30
Unfortunately this is happening with Safari as well. Very frustrating. Any suggestions for Mac users with Safari?
07/29/2021 10:31:10
If you have Safari, it's the same fix as Firefox. You have to go to Safari preferences and allow pop ups from Amazon. Then it works.
07/29/2021 10:59:09

can you further explain allowing Amazon pop-ups for us aging rookies?

And thanks!

07/30/2021 02:25:05
Never mind, Ellie     The fix was simple and even I could pull it off.  Thanks for the direction.
08/2/2021 08:01:21
Thank you so much for the fix for downloading kindle via usb. We were going nuts trying to figure this out, and of course I would never have thought of allowing the pop-up. I was not present when my husband first tried it, so I don't know if the message was there or not, but now it is fixed and working.
08/2/2021 23:53:51

I removed the block popups but still can't download and transfer via usb. When I click on that function--it just keeps spinning and looping. I have chrome.

08/2/2021 23:56:55

I removed the block popups but still can't download and transfer via usb. When I click on that function--it just keeps spinning and looping. I have chrome.

08/3/2021 01:31:41
Seems to be broken on all browsers on 08/02/2021. Tried Chrome, Firefox, and MS Edge. All behave the same when attempting to download content via usb, a popup windows opens, and displays the endless circle of death, never asks for my kindle device or proceeds beyond that infinite revolving arrow.
08/3/2021 05:25:07

Good to know that I'm not the only one having this exact same problem. I was doing fine using Chrome, then all of the sudden is stopped working. The problem also occurs with Safari.

It has nothing to do with pop-up boxes because I can still get the box for adding to collections.

Guess I'll try again tomorrow.

08/3/2021 09:22:44
yes me as well. on the phone with the amazon support guy right now who is asking me to attach the file and send it via my email account!! He doesnt seem to understand that I need to download it first to send it as an attachment!! This is insane!! Hope someone here can help me!
08/3/2021 11:22:04
Not working for me either.  I've tried Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on two different devices.
08/3/2021 18:26:48
Tried it with Vivaldi and Edge. Also getting the spinning wheel of doom. Hopefully if it is happening to a whole lot of people Amazon might (maybe, hopefully, please?!) get around to trying to fix it.
08/4/2021 03:53:18
Looks like Amazon has fixed the problem.
08/4/2021 06:22:18

Same here - same problem, both with Chrome and Microsoft Edge.  I've used download and transfer via USB for years, but suddenly, all I get is popups and an infinite wait while the circle spins.  


Just a moment ago I tried it again, so I could describe the problem accurately, and the download worked!  Did Amazon just fix something?!  I'm going to quick download everything I can, in case it quits working again!

08/5/2021 09:38:51
Thank you for your comments. It seems the Amazon has fixed this issue. Have a nice day!
08/20/2021 03:09:35
Perfect help.  Thank you.  All I needed was to allow pop ups.  Done!
10/1/2021 05:03:16

got a non-kindle ebook reader, and I'm not able to download anything. Every single attempt causes this pop-up to show up
'You do not have any compatible devices registered for this content. Buy a Kindle or get the free Kindle reading app.'

Any solution for this? Why am I being forced to read my books only through their stinky android app?

10/8/2021 17:26:38

You need register at least one kindle eink device with your amazon account to download kindle books via "Download and transfer via usb".

Any more problem, please feel free to contact us.

10/28/2021 09:55:41
I am receiving the same message. The device is linked to the book, I have reader installed...and still no luck
11/23/2021 03:39:34
Same here. I have a registered device (an iPad) but can't get the file downloaded. Any thoughts?
11/23/2021 09:07:31
Thank you for asking. Please ensure you have a kindle eink device registered , not the kindle for iOS app.
11/23/2021 17:48:18

My problem is that after ten years my favorite magazine stopped arriving. I don't have WiFi at home (just a web connection), but recently I can't get it via USB as I can't select any recent magazines for download. It only shows years from 2011 to 2014.

And of course it is now impossible to contact Amazon by email. Have spent many hours on Chat (8 hours today alone), while repeatedly being transferred to a new "consultant" who couldn't be bothered to read the log, and kept demanding that I repeat the same information over and over, and do the same stupid test (please rest your Kindle).

The  problem has now been sent to the "technical people", but this is the second time that promises has been made but with no result. We shall see.

11/27/2021 00:37:53

For years I have downloaded library books to my computer and stored them in Calibre until I am ready to download them on to my Kindle. I just purchased a new Kindle Fire, generation 11. I am no longer able to download any books to my Kindle.It seems that Amazon only will allow books purchase from them to be downloaded to Kindle. I have been told that I have make changes in the "media transfer mode". Any instruction that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

11/29/2021 10:00:59
Do you mean you want to download kindle books to kindle fire? If so, Amazon does allow you to download kindle books to your kindle fire directly. If not, please describe your problem more clearly so that we can help you figure it out.
12/16/2022 10:22:46

thank you so much for your help!  I have traveled a lot in the last two years and always have issues with the internet connection while I stay overseas.  there are a few helpful tips to download content from Kindle cloud but no one explains it this clearly and simply as you did. I appreciate your effort and time, please keep posting your tech tips online.

07/8/2023 17:08:21

can we get an update on this please. what is the solution for those that ONLY have the kindle app on mac, iOS, and iPad?? you suggest to download via the kindle app but the book itself cannot be downloaded without the latest version of Kindle app. which is why we're here in the first place, the steps to downgrade Kindle do not work for this.

so what is workaround??

07/10/2023 14:37:30


If you don't have a Kindle device, we recommend our new product Kindle Converter to decrypt and convert the Kindle books published in 2023. You need to install an Android emulator, V4.6 Kindle for Android, and Kindle Converter software.
User guide: https://www.epubor.com/kindle-converter-user-guide.html

Best regards,
Epubor Team

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