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Are you planning to use your Kobo to read even more ebooks? Thanks to Kobo's partnership with OverDrive, you can access your local library books on your Kobo eReader with your local library books. You don't have to limit yourself too buying them from your favorite ebook vendors. What to do if your Overdrive book not showing up on Kobo? Even more, what if your purchased Kobo books not downloading? Don't worry. I will share some workaround to fix the Kindle books not downloading issue, whether they are purchased or borrowed from library.

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Part 1 Purchased kobo books not downloading

3 Methods to Fix Purchaes Kobo Books not Downloading Issue

I purchased some books from kobo, but not all of them show up on my kobo.Everything is updated and synced.

Workaround 1: Check Kobo internet connection.

Check your wifi connection. Please ensure your kobo eReader connected to wifi successfully, and sync it again.

Workaround 2: Sync your kobo books to Kobo eReader via Kobo desktop application.

Please ensure your kobo device is updated to the latest firmware. If yes, but this issue is still persisted, you can just sync your kobo books via Kobo desktop application.

Workaround 3: Transfer kobo books to Kobo eReader via ADE

If you cannot sync your kobo books via kobo for PC/Mac, you can download the Kobo books from the Kobo website directly, and then convert the books via ADE and transfer from ADE to your Kobo eReader.

Part 2 Overdrive book not showing up on kobo

  • As for borrowing books, you can do it over the overdrive website, libby app or even the built-in overdrive feature on your kobo. The easiest way to borrow eBooks from your public library is using the built-in OverDrive feature on your Kobo eReader.
  • It should be noted that not all libraries support the OverDrive lending system.
  • You can download the library books to your kobo eReader through the built-in Overdrive features.

The built-in OverDrive feature for kobo eReader is only available in the following areas: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore.

The built-in OverDrive feature is only available for these Kobo eReaders:
• Kobo Clara 2E
• Kobo Sage
• Kobo Libra 2
• Kobo Elipsa
• Kobo Nia
• Kobo Libra H2O
• Kobo Forma
• Kobo Aura ONE
• Kobo Aura Edition 2
• Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2
• Kobo Clara HD

Overdrive books not showing up on Kobo: How to fix

It may be a compatibility issue. The compatibility error refers to a common issue where a book available at a public library has a Product ID that is different from the one we have at Kobo but the ISBNs are the same. The Kobo store has to offer the exact same ISBN as the library. Because of this issue, the book won't sync over OverDrive and you need to use ADE to sideload the book.

Please note not all books found in the public library are available with OverDrive. The library book must also be sold on Kobo.com. If you find a book in your library that isn’t sold by Kobo, you’ll need to use Adobe Digital Editions to add the file onto kobo eReader.

Libby books not showing up on Kobo: How to fix

Libby won't sync, so the books I have checked out on Libby don't show up on my Kobo. My information on Libby and Overdrive are the same.

If your kobo eReader doesn't sync your library books borrowed via libby, and it shares the same account with Overdrive, you can follow the steps below to fix it.

Before you follow my steps, you can press "Sync" on your kobo and give it a few minutes to let the kobo to sync your library books. Or you can turn off your Kobo, and then turn it on, charge, and then sync again. If it doesn't work, hope the following steps can be helpful.

1 Signed out of Overdrive on Kobo and uninstalled the Libby app.

2 Log into Overdrove.com from your web browser on computer. Then select the correct library. Note: If you have different library card, make sure you select the library you want to borrow the books from.

3 Sign in Overdrive on your kobo eReader with your OverDrive login information.

4 Reinstall libby and enter your library card information.

5 Sync your kobo again, the library books you borrowed frm computer should appear with no problem.

"Content locked" error or book won't open on a Kobo ereader: How to fix

1: Content locked

2: Oops! This document couldn't be opened This document is protected by Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM) and is not currently authorized for use with your Adobe ID. Please sign-in with the authorized Adobe ID and try again.

In some cases your Overdrive ebooks cannot be downloaded to your Kobo eReader due to the "Content lock" error.

To fix this issue to make the Overdrive ebooks appear on your Kobo eReader successfully, you may need to check your authorization information on your Kobo eReader. And make sure it is match with the information in your Adobe Digital Editions.

Here is how to fix it.

1 Go to "Settings" of your Kobo eReader, and make sure the date and time settings on your Kobo eReader is correct.

2 Plugin your kobo eReader to your computer via usb cable, and tap "Connect" on your Kobo eReader to connct your kobo to PC successfully.

3 Then launch Adobe Digital Editions, and click "Kobo" under 'Device' tab at the left side. Then click the gear icon, then select 'Erase Device Authorization'.

kobo device in ADE

4 In ADE, press Ctrl + Shift + D (Command + Shift + D on a Mac) on your keyboard. Enter your ADE ID and passwords, then select "Erase Authorization", then "OK".

erase authorization on ade

5 Now you can authorize your computer and kobo again with the ADE. For more information, please read "Authorize and deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions".

Then you can transfer your Overdrive books to your Kobo eReader.


Part 3. Frequently asked questions on downloading library books to kobo

Question 1: OverDrive book not showing up on kobo

Answer: It may be a compatibility issue. The compatibility error refers to a common issue where a book available at a public library has a Product ID that is different from the one we have at Kobo but the ISBNs are the same. The Kobo store has to offer the exact same ISBN as the library. Because of this issue, the book won't sync over OverDrive and you need to use ADE to sideload the book.

Question 2: Can I borrow from different libraries?

Answer: You can borrow from different libraries, but your Kobo only supports 1 library on board so you can't configure two library accounts simultaneously.

To borrow from different libraries, follow the steps below:

1. Download Libby on your phone, set up your account, and add the multiple libraries there.

2. Verify your variously borrowed ebooks all show up in Libby under your account.

3. Go back to Kobo device, navigate to the OverDrive login from the home screen by tapping “More” in the bottom-right corner of the screen, tapping “Settings”, then “OverDrive”. If you are already logged in, tap the “Sign out” text under “Overdrive Account” and confirm to sign out.

4. Tap “Get Started” to sign in, create account or sign in, choose one of your libraries. On the page that says “Sign in with your library card”, scroll down and tap the “Sign in with OverDrive” button that was hidden behind the keyboard and sign in with your OverDrive credentials.

add library card overdrive

5.Close the success window, navigate back to the OverDrive page in settings and add your library card for the listed library. Follow steps above steps for adding each additional library card. Adding your library card after logging into OverDrive saves the card info to your OverDrive account. It also saves your library card info directly onto your device.

Question 3: Can I borrow books with kobo desktop application?

Answer: You can’t borrow books with the Kobo Books app. But you can now borrow kobo books from Kobo eReader or Libby App.

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