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06/15/2012 15:32:59

Epubor are extremely helpful. It is so rare to find an organisation prepared to go to so much trouble in this day and age.

Thank you very much.

08/13/2012 02:58:31
Sir, yesterday I bought the Kindle DRM removal. However, I would like to switch to the DRM removal for ALL e-books. Can I do this ? I am willing to pay an extra fee for doing so - it was MY mistake to buy the wrong software.
Also, I wanted to ask you if your software can convert directly to other formats than MOBI ( for instance, directly tot EPUB. Many thanks, Ronald Rens
08/13/2012 17:36:38

Thanks for using our software!
If you need DRM Removal and eBook Converter functions, you can use our software Epubor Ultimate, it contains all DRM Removal and eBook Converter functions!
Get it here:

After purchase, please tell me know, then we will refund the payment of Kindle DRM Removal.


09/7/2012 15:24:22
This is a great program - ULTIMATE CONVERTER.  You can change you ebooks to virtually any other format you want. What is even better, you can switch multiple books at the same time. There is no change to your ebook. Picture and whole text come up too. If you are deciding on a converter, get the ULTIMATE and you won't need other converters taking up you memory or desktop. The only thing negative about it that I can say is that I had a difficult job opening it when first downloaded. But now that that is out of the way, I will be using this program a lot to read MY books on the reader that I  WANT.
11/19/2012 02:25:39
spero funzioni
11/20/2012 05:43:09
I've bought DRM Removal.
When I want to remove DRM on a new kindle book, it converts all existing books again.
Is there a was to restrict conversion to one book only?
12/26/2012 19:45:12
I bought and successfully used DRM Removal to convert purchased Sony eReader books to be able to use on a Kindle.  It is vbery simple to use.
01/11/2013 22:47:38

Hi, Allenm28

Thanks for your feedback!


12/29/2012 01:45:47
Great software and support. With DRM removal I'm able to have all my purchased books on my Ipad and have a backup available in case anything happens.
01/11/2013 23:05:50

Hi, Bigburb

Thanks for your feedback!


01/5/2013 14:28:39
is it possiable to get a free trial before purchasing please?
02/12/2013 10:35:59
oke normal good
02/13/2013 01:25:58
Will your product work on Linux (Ubuntu) under Wine?
03/3/2013 18:51:46
We are sorry but only Win and Mac versions are available at the moment.
03/2/2013 11:57:40
le logicielle est il en francais
03/3/2013 18:47:16
Le logicielle est en l'englais.
Mais il n'y aura pas de difficulté à l'utiliser même si vous ne connaissez que très peu anglais.
03/15/2013 19:39:33
Thanks for all the assistance, epubor is great software.  I was able to transfer all my books to my new Kindle.  Also received great customer service when I had problems.
08/3/2013 18:48:04
DRM Removal, Remove DRM from ePUB, PDF, AZW, MOBI, PDB etc
10/15/2013 01:56:07
To remove de DRM from ebooks with Epubor, you need know de encription key or name. Or it symply decript de ebook without any information more.
10/26/2013 23:23:26

1) I would like to print th e-book I purchase. Do your software allow me to print the e-book, or at least convert the e-book in PDF/word format/
2) If I change PC do I have to buy your software again.



10/30/2013 19:33:48

Hi Ton,

1. If the DRM is removed, you can easily convert the format or print it out.
2. If you change PC, you need not to buy another license, just uninstall the program on your old PC, then install it on your new one.

02/2/2014 23:05:03
Thanks, works great
05/12/2014 01:19:29
I glad to own this All DRM Removal Program. So I can read adobe digital editions books with iBooks on my favorite iPad. Extremely grateful
06/1/2014 00:41:58

Thank you so much for your wonderful software.
I can now continue to upload all my books from my laptop to my old Sony eReader.
For a while it looked as though I would have to jettison my eReader thanks to the demise of the Sony bookstore, change to Kobo book shop and a conflict with profile IDs with Adobe.

It is now so easy to buy a book, unDRM it to a folder and drag this to my eReader.

Thank you for saving my eReader

07/10/2014 04:04:19
It's my pleasure!
06/30/2015 09:31:59

Hello Everyone

Epubor is a great team, they have high Quality products and the best support family!!!
I tried Epubor Adobe DRM Removal with very good expected results. I´m working hard with my library files, I´ve tried other two similar softwares, but Epubor is the one. It is Faster, I can work with batches of files saving time. The best feature it is very easy to use, everybody can use it without problem because it is the friendliest software to help you not only with your books, with the knowledge!!
Also, I had very fast and kindly support by email. I truly recommend this software..try it and your books will smile!!

09/4/2015 01:59:37

Dear Marcelo

We're proud that you like our tool. It's my pleasure.

We will do our best to make it better and better.

07/7/2015 19:23:45

downloaded and installed DRM removal based on online recommendation I received.  the program was easy to install and use.  I was able to successfully move the lock on the ebook u purchased online.  

due to type of security on file,  I did have to install adobe digital editions change license then run DRM.  

only complaint would be that crashed when put over a 1000 ebooks in at once.

10/17/2015 07:04:17
Thank you Thank you Thank you- this is amazing!
10/29/2016 21:19:46

Anyway, this software is amazing. I never got why I cant print or convert a book I paid for..
Epubor offers a convinient way, no scam, pure awesomeness.

Thanks a ton

02/13/2017 05:25:54

I have used epubor DRM removal for a KOBO epub I had bought....and that I wanted to be without DRM

The software works pretty well and I recommend it.

With this software, I am going able to buy ebook without having the threat to lose everything the next time I move to a new PC.

Many thanks to the epubor team

02/13/2017 05:26:02

I have used epubor DRM removal for a KOBO epub I had bought....and that I wanted to be without DRM

The software works pretty well and I recommend it.

With this software, I am going able to buy ebook without having the threat to lose everything the next time I move to a new PC.

Many thanks to the epubor team

05/14/2017 04:57:51
Excelente programa. Resulta de gran utilidad para poder leer los libros comprados en gran cantidad de dispositivos. Su uso es muy intuitivo y no presenta ninguna complicación. De todos los programas que he probado con su misma finalidad me quedo con epubor.
11/11/2017 23:49:51
I used the "all-in one" (Epubor Ultimate)DRM remover to copy my KOBO eBooks purchases to a Kindle.
Seems easy peesy - drag and drop - well worth the $50 ; in my view.
Thanks for making this this easy.
BTW - did try to convert couple of iBooks (purchased) into my KINDLE = no go
So please be -aware of that.  I just didn't read anywhere where is says it would do that - but then I didn't pay attention - so my bad! I think it would be a good idea to be able to do that ( my humble view) its my stuff (legally purchased) I should be able to re-read it anywhere!!! just like a Dvd movie - once purchased I can view it anywhere on any machine !!!!!
11/15/2017 17:27:55
Very good software. I like it.
11/16/2017 11:50:18
I like this software.
08/23/2018 15:40:41
Which feature do you like the best?
01/31/2018 01:56:34
This is a great product! Any future plans for removing DRM from Zinio magazines? Thanks.
02/1/2018 10:31:14
We are glad to know that you like our products. For the website you mentioned, we do not have any plan for now, but we are interested in this.So you can contact our customer service about this issue: epubor.iris@gmail.com
08/23/2018 15:31:56

It's our pleasure that you love the software.

If we developed out solutions to what you said, we will let you know ASAP.

08/24/2018 09:16:58
Will this support kindle kfx files?
05/7/2020 22:46:13
I just bought the  "Ultimate" and it tells me "Unable to remove DRM from Nook books" as of today.  When I tested the "all DRM removal," a couple of days ago, the program seemed to work.  What's up?
05/8/2020 08:48:49

Our developer optimize our software to handle Nook latest DRM recently.
Now the Epubor Ultimate, all DRM Removal and Nook DRM Removal all can handle Nook books.

Please update your all drm removal to the latest version>>https://www.epubor.com/drm-removal-tools-download.htm#os_Win

Then you can handle your Nook books.

07/8/2020 15:44:49
How to use it? I am using a mobile phone with kindle app. Will it work on my situation?
07/9/2020 09:30:10
Thank you for asking. Epubor software works on Windows and Mac computer. It doesn't support kindle books downloaded via Kindle for iOS.
01/3/2021 13:54:28

I purchased this in May 2017.  Back in October 2020, my PC turned up its toes.  Today, I tried to recover my license for the free product, and another paid enhancement, but while their system showed me the products, the dates I ordered/purchased, etc, the Get License link delivered my LICENCE EXPIRED messages.

Wow. Epubor is like amazon.  You don't 'buy' or 'own' anything you fork out money for.

Cannot say my experience of Epubor has been good.  Pretty shi**y, actually.

01/4/2021 13:51:34
Thank you for using our software. We've checked your order and found hat the license you ordered is 1 year-license. Please upgrade your license to lifetime so that you can enjoy it now.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Have a nice day.
02/7/2021 06:06:04
Does not work with some PDF & Adobe DRM.
02/7/2021 16:15:11
Can you please let us know where did you purchase thest pdf or epub books?
Any drm support ebooks purchased from kobo, kindle, googleplay and Nook.
10/5/2021 10:35:49
Do not work for files from Adobe Digital Editions 4.5+.
10/8/2021 16:19:36
Thank you for your feedback. It depends on where you purchase this book, not from Adobe 4.5+ or older version. So where did you purchase your ebooks?
03/7/2022 03:31:01
Software doesnt work and when I contacted service they couldnt help me at all besides repeatedly repeating the same email.  Please do not make the mistake I did and paid for a full year subscription before trying out software
05/17/2022 16:38:13
Is there any chance to join the DRM removal function of bookwalker?
05/18/2022 14:30:43
Thank you for using our software. But we are sincerely sorry to inform you that there is no way to decrypt walker books.
06/22/2022 18:53:27
erst heißt es 19.99 $ und wenn man auf bezahlen geht sind es mit einem mal 21.09 $
06/27/2022 15:37:12
Some countries request the tax.
05/17/2023 02:44:31
Will not remove DRM from recent Amazon Kindle books with KFX format. It's not mentioned and I wasted time/money testing to find out. Thanks a lot!
05/22/2023 11:37:28

Hello, thanks for your comment.
As for the recent published Kindle books, here are 2 solutions:
1. For the books published before 2023, they still can be downloaded with the old kindle app and can be decrypted with epubor ultimate. For the ebooks published in 2023, here is still another way to remove drm if you have any kindle device (kindle fire or kindle e-ink device) registered with your Amazon account.
Please download the kindle books via "download and transfer via usb" and then remove kindle drm with epubor ultimate.
Here is the detailed guide: https://www.epubor.com/how-to-remove-drm-from-kindle-kfx-ebooks.html#meth4

2. If you don't have a Kindle e-ink device, we recommend our new product Kindle Converter to decrypt and convert the Kindle books published in 2023. please learn more here:
User guide: https://www.epubor.com/kindle-converter-user-guide.html

If there are any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
best regards,
Epubor team

10/16/2023 04:21:56
Trial is not working
10/16/2023 10:56:03

Hello, thanks for your comment.

Could you please describe your questions more clearly?

If the program does not work for you, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com with screenshot to show the error message.

We will help you solve your problem as soon as possible. Thank you!

Best regards,
Epubor Team


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