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Known as "world's first social eReader" Kobo Vox is a multi-use tablet. It offers access to unlimited storage in the kobo cloud, where readers start conversations, share views and leave reviews by ‘liking’, 'disliking’ or commenting in real-time with others reading the same book. kobo claims that it is the first e-reading platform to be integrated with facebook ticker and timeline.

And in 2012, Kobo released its new generation tablet, Kobo Arc. To be honest, I think this is the most beautiful Android tablet (you know why I only say Andorid..) in my eye. And the Kobo Arc uses the same operation system with Kobo Vox. So this guide also suits for Kobo Arc.

It is no doubt that Amazon eBook Store's capacity is times larger than Kobo eBook Store, what if you are a Kobo user and want to buy an eBook, which can't be found in Kobo Store but was sold in Amazon? That would be a little awkward. Some experienced users must know that we can install Kindle app on Kobo as it is an Android based tablet. But I believe many eBook lovers like me have our own regular reading app and we have been used to use this app to read, to take note and clipping, and even to manage our ebooks collection. But I can assure you that only Kindle app can read Amazon Kindle books.

So is there a way to read Kindle books on Kobo tablet / e-ink reader freely? Follow this article you can get the answer.

Method 1. Part A: Remove Kindle RM (.azw/.kfx)

Kindle Drm Removal

With this tool you can easily strip DRM from Amazon Kindle books. All you need to do is open the tool and click "Remove DRM". This program can find your protected Amazon books in the default saving folder and list them in the interface. Download this program by clicking the buttons below:


Notice: To get a 100% successful decryption result, the best way is to install a Kindle for PC / Mac on your computer, then download the books to your local drive through the Kindle program.

Method 1. Part B: Convert AZW to ePub for best viewing on Kobo Vox

Calibre is a freeware which can convert ebook formats. 

Step 1: Download and install Calibre to convert the azw to ePub / PDF which is accepted by Kobo tablet and e-ink readers. Calibre download

Calibre screenshot

Step 2: Click "Add books" and select the books you have decrypted in the steps above.

Step 3: Click "Convert books" to convert AZW to ePub or PDF.

For a detail calibre user guide, please go to this article: https://www.epubor.com/convert-kindle-to-pdf.html

Now you just need to add the ePub or PDF files to your Kobo Vox or Kobo Arc, then enjoy them on your device.

Method 2: Install Kindle android app on Kobo Vox

Kobo Vox uses a custom Android 2.3 system, so you can not simply install an Android app on Kobo Vox.

Please make some settings at first as the video shows:

After setting your Kobo Vox to receive the apps from unknown resource, then you can search for a Kindle for Android app then install it.

If you cannot access to the Google Play in Kobo Vox, please search "Kindle app for Android apk", and you can get plenty of results offering you the apk file downloading.


kobo vox Features:

1.World’s Largest Bookstore in Your PocketKobo Vox

2.Read Freely With Kobo Vox

3.Best Reading Experience

4.Amazing Social Reading Experience

5.Web, Email, Music and Apps for Android

6.Ultra Comfortable and Travel-friendly

7. Freedom to connect with friends




works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter.blogspot.com.

04/13/2012 13:14:27
can you read PDF files on the KOBO-VOX or do u have to convert them before you put them on there?
04/13/2012 21:33:37
Kobo Vox doesn't support PDF for the moment. Only ePub & TXT.
You can use our [url=http://www.epubor.com/ebook-converter.html]ebook-converter[url] to convert PDF to ePub then read it on Kobo Vox.
04/13/2012 21:37:51
Kobo Vox doesn't support PDF for the moment. Only ePub & TXT.
You can use our ebook-converter to convert PDF to ePub then read it on Kobo Vox.
04/18/2012 10:07:42
I am a little confused.  Do I download the epubor kindle DRM remover to my computer or to the Vox?  Do I need a kindle app to read kindle books on my kobo vox?
04/18/2012 21:06:39

Install Epubor DRM Removal on your Computer, and if you are a Kindle eBook reader, you must have installed Kindle for PC on you Computer.

Run Epubor DRM Removal, it will find your Kindle eBooks in computer, click "unDRM Directory" then the books will be un-DRM.

Use Calibre to convert unDRM Kindle to ePub, then read them on your Kobo Vox

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