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EPUB ebooks are supported by most of Ebook Reader devices. Want to share or sell your books on eBooks sites? Here we introduce you some free softwares to create ePub files!

ePub Builder Freeware List:

# 1: Sigil

# 2: eCub

# 3: Calibre

# 4: iBooks Author

# 5: ePubee Maker

If you want to publish & promote your eBooks, this list contains 8 sites to publish & promote your eBooks.

Method 1: Create ePUB files by Sigil

Sigil is the best epub editior and ePUB creator, developed by Strahinja Markovic, it's an open source freeware helps you create ePUB files with easy. Edit ePUB like HTML editor, anybody can use it build a Rich-TEXT ePUB.

Download Sigil from Epubor.com or Google Code (9.96Mb).


Open the Sigil ePUB creator, then you create a ePUB object, the content files are list in left side, you can edit epub on right side, it's a rich-text editor, you can easy add/copy text or insert images.

When contents finished, click "Tools"-->"Meta Editor" to edit the ePUB's meta, like author, ISBN, cover etc

Save the object, your epub created!

How to edit EPUB files with Sigil

Method 2: Build ePUB by eCub

eCub is another great free ePub creator software. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux and Portable device.

Download eCub 1.12 (3.17MB) here: http://www.juliansmart.com/ecub

This software has integraded many functions:

 - Creates unencrypted EPUB files from text or XHTML files;
 - Creates MobiPocket files if you have the mobigen application;
 - Allows editing of the text or XHTML files with a simple internal editor or designated external editors;
 - Helps you create a simple cover design image;
 - Optionally creates title, content and cover pages;
 - Can be run from the command line as part of a build script;
 - Can be used in portable mode (data and settings are stored locally);
 - Can convert your book content to audio files (WAV or MP3).

Open the software, the interface is very simple & clean.

anthemion ecub

Click "New", we can start a new task, this is the beginning of creating an eBook.

ecub settings

Then you need to choose the mothod to create ePub eBook. We recommend you the first method. It's much more simple and convenient than the second one.

You can write your story in TXT format, and put every chapter in one single txt file, then make ePub from them by the first method.

import method

 A series of settings, just make the option as the description.

set book metadata

After these preparation, it's time for editing the content, you can customize the chapter name, you can adjust the pattern, you can also change the cover & meta information you've set before.

edit chapters

When all the edit jobs are done, click "Compile" in the top bar, your own ePub eBook will be created! Let's read it on computer!

raed in ade

What a perfect eBook! They read like the books in eBookStore!

Look, this software is as easy to use as ABC, everyone can write his own eBook and sell it on bunch of online-eBookStore! 

Method 3: Creat ePub eBooks by Calibre

Calibre is a super eBook software. It can manage your eBook library, transfer eBooks to eReaders, what's more, it can creat ePub eBook by convert other formats to ePub! It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Portable Devices.

Download Calibre (44.7) here: https://www.calibre-ebook.com/download

Our site has written some articles about Calibre, therefore, there is no need to introduce this software again here.

If you are interested about those software, please read our articles below:

How to convert eBooks to ePub (Creat ePub eBook)

FAQ about Calibre (Find solutions of your Calibre problem here) 

Method 4: Build ePub eBook by iBooks Author

iBooks author

iBooks Author is no doubt the greatest ePub builder on Mac OS. Apple even specially held a launch event for this software. You can have a one-stop eBook publishing experience if you use this software to create ePub eBook.

You can edit your eBook's every tiny detail on Mac, add colorful widgets provided by Apple to your eBook to make it splendid, and you can also publish your book to iBooks Store!

Download iBooks Author (184M) here: https://www.apple.com/ibooks-author/

For this software, Apple has illustrated a detailed using guide, we think that it is displaying our slight skill before an expert if we show you how to use this software here.

Apple Official Guide for iBooks Author

FAQ about iBooks Author

Method 5: Convert word documents to epub by ePubee Maker

As a large number of writers prefer to write books and save them as word documents, so this tool Epubor Wordmate will be very convenient for them.

create epub with epubee maker

As the image shows, it is an add-on of our word, after we finished writing, we can click on the "Quick Publish" button to convert our books to epub format, without any contents or quality losing.

Download Epubor Wordmate

List of ePub supported devices:

ePub books created by this software will be compatible with most e-Readers devices and software.
 - Apple iPad (using iBooks)
 - iPhone and iPod Touch (using iBooks)
 - Sony Reader
 - Android devices (using WordPlayer, FBReader, Aldiko)
 - Barnes & Noble nook
 - Hanlin eReader
 - BeBook
 - Kobo
 - Bookeen Cybook Gen3, Cybook Opus
 - iRex Digital Reader 800, 1000
 - PocketBook Reader
 - Ctaindia's eGriver Ebook Reader
and more

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02/15/2012 21:13:59
OK, how could it be FREEWARE if after installation it asks for "buy now" to use it? I just don't get it. Am I dumb? Or is this the new Recession Politics? ;-)
09/4/2012 07:50:14
12/3/2014 09:14:25
It is  not good. It cannot shows the table of contents.
12/7/2014 23:50:00
Thanks for your comment on our site.
Where software are you using, do you use ePUBee Maker, it's a Word Addin software, very easy to view the table of contents.
09/29/2015 03:42:21
eCub license agreement says that this program is just for personal use. It seems that it's not allowed to use this program for commercial use.
10/11/2021 20:46:11
The question was NOT about how to create an epub file. It was about how to convert and edit an epub. Sigil was pitched as being the best way to do that. I am disappointed in that conversion seems impossible with this program.
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