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09/1/2011 05:11:54
I purchased ePub DRM removal, downloaded and installed it. When I launched the program I got access denied, clicked OK and got i/o error 103,click OK and a box came up requesting email and product key, put both in and got message that registration successful. However when ever I try to lauch the program it goes through the same loop again and I cannot lauch the program - please assist.
09/1/2011 07:04:54

If you are getting Access Denied error in Windows 7 then you are not alone. This error is quite common and occurs due to permission issues. There are some files and folders that are meant only for Administrators to access, if you are not an administrator then you cannot access it and will instead get Access Denied error.

You should set the folders(epub "input path" and program installed folder) writeable, the program need the folders access permission.

11/1/2011 20:33:35
I don’t really understand your reply but have discovered that if I right click on the program icon and select run as administrator the program works OK. I am the administrator anyway but the foregoing works.
11/10/2011 22:36:03

Installed this software on Windows XP (SP2) together with Adobe's newest version of Adobe Digital Editions DRM reader software, and works like a charm! The stupid DRM protection got removed in a flash on all my books.

Thank you for making this awesome software! Now i can read my purchased DRM books on my favorite kindle e-book instead of being locked to a crappy adobe compatible unit! :)

PS! if you got a Kindle yourself, you might need to do a secondary conversion-step after removing the adobe DRM, since kind does not support the "epub" format by default. To do the secondary conversion after removing DRM protection with this software, then use the software called "Calibre" (freeware epub-to-kindle format converter) to finish the final job.

That's it, I am a very happy customer. :)

Have a great day!


11/29/2011 23:30:00

I am getting two error messages trying to remove the DRM from my epub books. The first is: not an ADEPT EPUB
The second is: problem decrypting session key
Can you help with these issues?

11/30/2011 04:49:00
" not an Adept EPUB"
Re: Make sure your epub ebook are protected by Adept DRM, not all the protected epub are Adept DRM, may be protected by Nook! If you are using Kobo, Sony eReader etc, the epub are protected by Adept, if you purchased epub ebook from B&N, the ePUB protection has two methods, they are Adept DRM and Nook DRM.
"problem decrypting session key"
Re: When using the different version of Adobe Digital Editions to manage you epub ebooks, the problem will occur! So, you need redownload the ebook by one version of Adobe Digital Editions(click .acsm file to redownload ebook)!
Please tell me where(which site) do you purchased the ePUB, then we know what's the methods of your DRM protections, and tell you how to decrypt the ebook.
11/30/2011 08:48:00
Thanks for the quick response! All of the ebooks are from Barnes and Noble for Nook. Did I purchase the wrong software? After my purchase I saw there was software specifically for Nook.
Thanks for the help,
11/30/2011 09:36:00
You can download all the software from download center, it contains Nook DRM Removal for windows/Mac, all licensed to you!
11/30/2011 14:39:00
Thanks for the help. I have downloaded Nook for PC and the Nook DRM removal tool from your site. It asks for some info before you can decrypt the file. I have entered the info and get
Access denied Error 13
I am using the Barnes and Noble account login and the credit card attached to the Barnes and Noble account. Is that correct?
Again, thanks for the help with this,
11/30/2011 20:19:18
It's clearly show you do not have the authority to write file.
Right click the icon, then "run as administrator'.
12/1/2011 04:51:00
Thanks, I got the key generator to work and am now removing the DRM from my ebooks!
Thanks again
12/20/2011 11:22:21
So you PAY for software to be able to get other people's property for free. Fucking asses.
12/22/2011 06:58:00
Our software EPUB DRM Removal just remove DRM from purchased .epub, can't get other people's property for free.
If you purchase an ePUB has DRM, even you can't share the ebook to your family! can't read the ebook on your new device! then you need remove DRM from your own EPUB, it's legal.
And you can back up the ebooks, some DRM content server is down or upgrade, then you can't read the DRM protected ePUB.
01/1/2012 22:42:13
I've got a book from itune with ipad. I can't remove  de DRM with your software and it opens with Adobe Digital with white pages... With Calibre, it says that the DMR is not removed.
01/5/2012 00:35:25
Sorry, nobody can remove DRM from iBooks.
04/22/2012 08:07:51
Now, iBooks DRM has cracked, Download iBooks DRM Removal.
01/11/2012 21:58:21
I've used Epubor DRM removal for several months now. It's been easy to install and use and I've had no trouble with it at all. Thank you for this software!!
01/15/2012 04:26:51

I have several ebooks from Kobo that the software wil not de drm, the error message generated is "bad magic number for file header"in all cases. Adise if there is a problem here please and how to correct it

Many thanks

02/3/2012 19:21:41

Got reg code and link. Works great. Thank You


02/26/2012 10:29:07
I just purchased this and thought that it indicated it would remove DRM from iBooks?  It does not seem to work. It says my ibooks directory do not have protected epub files.
02/27/2012 07:09:59
iBooks has decrypted, here is the free source about removing DRM from iBooks ePub.
04/2/2012 09:15:15
I just installed the trial version and always get the following error:
exception:access violation writing 0x004F9488
04/5/2012 06:14:45
It's you hardware problems, sir!
You do not have the authority to write file in the disc.
04/11/2012 03:20:47
I do not understand, I am logged in as administrator, so why would I not have the authority?
04/12/2012 09:21:46


I've tried ePUB DRM and ePUBee with no success.  I right click and run as administrator to get around disk writing issues, but they can't decrypt the files.  I'm trying to remove DRM from Thai language books purchased from hytexts.com so I can convert them to mobi and read them on a kindle.  These books are downloaded by putting an acsm file in Adobe Digital Editions.  Will your product remove DRM from these?

04/22/2012 08:11:35
ePUB DRM Removal is the professional software for removing DRM from ePUB on Adobe Digital Editions.
You said no success, could you please tell me what's the problem, Thanks
04/28/2012 11:20:33
I am having a problem with this program.  I downloaded the epub DRM Reoval and the registration Code won't work for that, but when I got the email I was directed to "epubor" and the program works, but it doesn't list the books, like the trial version does.  It looks like a completely different program and I am not happy.  Please help.  I wanted the full version of the trail.  Paid $39/and not sure how I got this program instead of the one like the trial version.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
04/28/2012 11:55:53
Please check your email, find "Unlimited Access Subscription" to download & register any software.
05/23/2012 10:04:32

Dear Epubor team!

Having came across your DRM removal software I was prompted to contact you regarding a software solution that I would need.

I am currently working on a development of an ebook platform that would store epub and pdf files. What I am looking for is a command line script, that would filter DRM protected files and block them from being uploaded on the platform.

If that is something you already have done or would be willing to do for an agreed price, please let me know.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


08/25/2012 10:53:42
I downloaded and installed ePUB DRM Removal and ran a protected ePUB through it. It appeared to work, and the new file was slightly smaller and had "nodrm" appended to the name. It opened and read on my computer via Sumatra ePUB reader, but when I transferred it to my eBook reader, Aluratek LIBRE ebook Reader Pro, it would not open. If I can get it to work, I will surly buy this program. Any advice would be appreciated. Clifford
08/25/2012 18:20:47

Thanks for using our software!
If you can read the .epub on Sumatra ePUB reader software, that's mean the DRM has removed.
So, when you have problem with reading these ebook on Reader device, you need contact the hardware support!

You can also send the decrypted book files to me, then we can have a check!


10/3/2012 22:51:59
thank you ~~~
02/11/2013 10:00:52
Hellow friends
03/13/2013 19:12:16
It's wonderful!  Has opened up a whole new world for one who truly believes -- So many books, so little time.
07/16/2013 18:53:02
Two books that are in my ADE have not shown up in the ePub directory. Any ideas?
07/17/2013 19:27:12

Hi, Meredith

1. You can drag and drop the two books to Epubor software and decrypt.

2. Make sure the books are synced with ADE and that you can read the two books with ADE.

Feel free to tell us for any further problem.



07/21/2013 12:20:11
And now I find that, although they show up in the ADE reader on my desktop, but they aren't listed in the digital editions folder. Could the publisher have loaded them with some program to defeat the Epubor software?
07/21/2013 19:27:36

Hi, Meredith

That's because the two books are not synced with ADE. Though you opened them with ADE, they were not loaded to ADE actually.

You can right-click an item on ADE, select "Item Info" to check the file location. You can also copy and paste the book to default ADE folder. As long as the books are under ADE folder, they will be imported to Epubor software by default.

If you open an acsm file with ADE, you will find the downloaded EPUB or PDF file added to ADE folder. Only books synced with ADE will be saved under ADE folder. Thus there is no program inside ADE to defeat Epubor software.



07/27/2013 12:29:24
Thank you, Ada, my issue is resolved. The first two books of this series were titled "Age of ___", so I looked directly at the A list, but the last two books were titled "The Age  of ___", so I was looking in the wrong place entirely.
By the way, I've been trying ever since I first used epubor to change my rating of it to 5 stars instead of 3 but I can't.  Could you help with that, please?
Thank you.
07/28/2013 19:02:38

Hi, Meredith

1. Glad that your issue was resolved. We do make this kind of mistake at times.
2. As to the 5-star rating, that may be due to a webpage delay. That's all right.



02/11/2014 07:40:48
i need a registration code.
07/4/2016 20:01:22
Works like candy ... awesome application. Thanks
12/25/2016 23:11:53
Glad to know you like it, enjoy.
09/13/2016 10:15:42
Have a .acsm  file, readable with ADE.  Epub removal doesn't work with that type of ebook.
12/25/2016 23:13:25
You can delete the books and sync it again on your computer, then try to decrypt.
11/10/2016 22:16:07
Does your software remove DRM from Adobe Digital Editions 4.5?
12/25/2016 23:14:22
Yes, of course. It works perfectly with ADE 4.5
03/4/2017 07:30:29
Very poor support....neither on the website installation help for
the linux version.
Also from the support team no answer....
total disappointment...no matter how the program works. How to find out
if it can't be installed. The install file will not install and reports
corrupt, even though it has been downloaded several times...

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