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Yardrof, the novel

Randall Kazamp is a boy who makes an Earthly-unearthly discovery that universally turns out to be just a part of his growing up.

When it comes right down to it, the known universe is equally as big or mysterious or capable as any act occurring in it, as they go clasp in clasp would likely be the guess or so it would seem--while on their way.

But Randall Kazamp, at his age in this story hasn't even completely developed a guess--as he is still a boy.  Randall, though, is different than any other boy; but, yet, he is quite the same--and just like the Universe, they specifically are all growing-up, which is also the theme of the book Yardrof--with its rounded 51,000 words.

From the Kazamp backyard, where Randall Kazamp helps his father, Peter Kazamp--a scientist, tend his goldenrain trees, to Randall's help as 'the breaking molds' by his entrance into a rather hushed radar telescope site located in his hometown, and then off in scope to a
parallel world that Randall helps bring into focus in one apparent mode that results with an official glimpse--might all be described as strange in this story.

But following his helpful acts, Randall strangely, though naturally his best, helpfully helps himself to his very own; his mind that's on course to being a man's.

The science fiction story takes place in the quaint town of Yardrof, within an environment setting of the first quarter of the twenty-second century.

Genre:  Science Fiction

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Where Eagles Soar

Where Eagles Soar

WHERE EAGLES SOAR, a spiritual adventure

Where Eagles Soar is a spiritual adventure written by Otis Ritch, a Choctaw Indian author. He grew up in the desert Southwest, in and around the Casa Grande Valley in Arizona, spending many happy hours roaming the desert and mountains learning about the animal and plant life there. As an adult he has traveled over half of the states in the United States. He has made a lifetime study of people, trying to learn what motivates them as they act out the drama of life.

According to a reader, Christina Tulsa, “Where Eagles Soar is a spiritual adventure that will keep you longing for more! Readers will fall in love with Johnny Skyhawk and the teachings of his grandfather. A definite must read!”

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The 15 Secrets of Millionaires

The 15 Secrets of Millionaires

The 15 Secrets of Millionaires

The 15 Secrets of Millionaires explains the qualities, characteristics, and traits wealthy people share in common and gives answers to other questions about money, wealth, and success. Within these pages, you'll learn what the 15 Secrets are and will obtain the best weapon to defeat mediocrity: knowledge. People who reviewed this book said "The 15 Secrets of Millionaires" is a Thoroughly Researched, Straight to the Point Guide.

RON MOSES, the author of The 15 Secrets of Millionaires, currently lives in Chula Vista, California and is working on his next book. As a Real Estate Agent for over fifteen years, he is also a multi-million dollar month club producer and has received a collection of production awards. What's more, he has gained experience in sales, marketing, negotiating, and business for over 20 years.

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A Song of Ice and Fire (1-4)

A Song of Ice and Fire (1-4)

The TV series make more people know this book, and as most of TV shows which is adapted from novels, you will be attracted even deeper by these books.

Amazon said: Readers of epic fantasy series are: (1) patient--they are left in suspense between each volume, (2) persistent--they reread or at least review the previous book(s) when a new installment comes out, (3) strong--these 700-page doorstoppers are heavy, and (4) mentally agile--they follow a host of characters through a myriad of subplots. In A Game of Thrones, the first book of a projected six, George R.R. Martin rewards readers with a vividly real world, well-drawn characters, complex but coherent plotting, and beautifully constructed prose, which Locus called "well above the norms of the genre."

Info on GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9814682-a-song-of-ice-and-fire

the Mark of Athena

The Mark of Athena

Percy Jackson: The Mark of Athena

Another awesome series fiction which is alongside the A Song of Ice and Fire. The Heroes of Olympus includes 5 parts which is scheduled to finish in 2015 and The Mark of Athena is the 3rd part.

The book takes place where The Son of Neptune left off. The book is told from the points-of-view of Annabeth Chase, Leo Valdez, Percy Jackson, and Piper McLean.

A prophecy by Ella the Harpy, while with Percy, Hazel, and Frank, refers to this as well. Translated from Latin to English it says:
Wisdom's daughter walks alone,
The Mark of Athena burns through Rome,
Twins snuff out the angels breath,
Who holds the key to endless death,
Giants bane stands gold and pale,
Won through pain from a woven jail.

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Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy 

 Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic novel by British author E. L. James. Set largely in Seattle, it is the first instalment in a trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey.

It is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism.

Fifty Shades of Grey has attracted criticism due to its origin as a fan fiction based on the Twilight novels, with some readers predicting copyright issues due to this connection. Amanda Hayward of The Writer's Coffee Shop responded to these claims by stating that Fifty Shades of Grey "bore very little resemblance to Twilight" and that "Twilight and Fifty Shades trilogy are worlds apart". In April 2012, E. L. James was listed as one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People in the World", with Richard Lawson of The Atlantic Wire criticising her inclusion due to the trilogy's fan fiction beginnings.

Info on GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/13584236-fifty-shades-trilogy-bundle

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