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Thanks for your support of Epubor KClippings.

Epubor KClippings provides you with an effective way to import, organize, and export highlights and notes from your Kindle and Kobo.

Note: Epubor KClippings is compatible with Windows and MacOS. This instruction is for Windows computers, Mac version has the same functions.

Part 1: Download & Install

Step 1 Download the latest version
Download Epubor KClippings for free:
Step 2 Install Epubor KClippings

Download the latest and right version, and then double-click the .exe file, next, you can follow the instructions on your screen to install Epubor KClicppings on your computer. The following guide is based on Windows system, if you are a Mac user, please download and install the right software, the operations are same.

kclippings install

Step 3 Launch Epubor KClippings

launch kclippings

Part 2: Free Trial & Register & Deregister & Uninstall

1. Free Trial

Launch Epubor KClippings and click the key icon on the left-bottom, it will pop up a registration window to let you register or purchase the software. If you only want to use the trial version, just close the window and start your free trial.

KClippings registration window

Please note: The trial version can only allow you to export highlights and notes from up to three books for free.

2. Register

If you purchase a license for Epubor KClippings, you will receive a confirmation email soon that includes your license information. Then run Epubor KClippins and click the key icon on the left-bottom to enter your license email address and license code for registration.

kclippings register

3. Deregister

If you need to deregister Epubor KClippings, please click the gear icon on the left corner, then click "General" and click "Deregister" button.

kclippings deregister

4. Uninstall

You can search for this software under from Apps & Features and right-click to uninstall it.

uninstall kclippings

Part 3: Import Notes and Highlights to Epubor KClippings

Epubor KClippings allows you to import your Kindle or Kobo highlights and notes from different sources.

Import Kindle Notes and highlights

1 Import from Kindle eReaders

Epubor KClippings will detect your highlights and notes automatically when you connect the Kindle device to your computer. Then click "OK" button, all of your notes and highlights will be displayed on the right column in this software.

kclippings import from kindle

2 Import My Clippings.txt File

If your Kindle device is not at your hand, you can also upload the My Clippings.txt file to import notes and highlights from the books or documents on your Kindle Device. However, where can I find this file? To access My Clippings.txt, please follow the steps below.

  • Plug the Kindle device into your computer via a USB cable.
  • Find the drive called Kindle and navigate to the "documents" folder, where you can find My Clippings.txt file.
  • find myclippings kindle

After you find My Clippings.txt file, you can back it up on your computer and upload it to Epubor KClippings. Just click "import" icon on the left menu, and click "My Clippings.txt", next it will pop-up a window to let you upload My Clippings.txt file. Simply click "Browse" button to select this file to upload it to import the notes and highlights from any books or documents, no matter if they were purchased from the Amazon Kindle Store.

import kindle myclippings

import from myclippings

3 Import from Kindle Reading App

The Kindle reading app is compatible with Windows, MacOS, IOS and Android devices. However, it can only export the note and highlight files in HTML. You're able to import the HTML files into Epubor KClippings, so that you can manage and back up your notes and highlights.

1 Download Kindle for PC/Mac to your computer.

2 Run Kindle for PC or Mac  and open a book. You can find your notebook in the right area, then click "Export" in the upper right corner.

export notes kindle app

3 Click "Save As", then you can save the notes and highlights.

kindle app save as

4 Click "OK", and then your notebook will be saved as a HTML file on your computer.

kindle save as html file

kindle notes html files

5 Run Epubor KClippings and import the HTML files, then your notes and highlights will be listed in this program.

kclippings html files import

Note: You can also export all the highlights, notes, and bookmarks via the Kindle mobile app. Simply open a book in the Kindle app, then go to the notebook menu and click the shared icon to export your notebook via email. Finally, you can download the HTML file from the email and import it into Epubor KClippings.

kindle app mobile html

4 Import from Kindle Cloud

If you don't have any Kindle devices, you're able to import your notes through Kindle Cloud. Just click the "Import" icon on the left menu, then click "Kindle Cloud" to wait until the Amazon Sign-in window shows, and you can log in to your Amazon account.

kclippings import from kindle cloud

After signing in, please wait for the program to start syncing all of your notes and highlights in the Kindle Cloud.

sync for kindle cloud

When the syncing is complete, you can read and edit the highlights and notes from your Kindle books.

kindle cloud import records

All of your Kindle books with highlights and notes will be displayed on the left area in Epubor KClippings, just click the book and you can easily edit or delete the notes and highlights from the right sidebar.

edit delete notes

Import Kobo Notes and highlights

1 Import from Kobo eReaders

Launch Epubor KClippings, then plug your Kobo into your computer using a USB cable. The program will automatically detect the notes and highlights, after syncing is completed, click "OK" button. You can find the notes and highlights on the right area.

import from kobo

2 Import from Kobo Desktop

If you are using Kobo Desktop to take notes and highlights, simply click the import icon and click "Kobo Desktop Edition" to import notes and highlights from your Kobo books.

kobo desktop note

3 Import Database file from Kobo Desktop

Kobo eReader and the desktop software can store the books and meta information in the .sqlite database file. So you can also import the "Kobo.sqlite" database to Epubor KClippings, so that you can access and manage your Kobo notes and highlights.

kobo desktop database

Part 4: Export Notes and Highlights

Epubor KClippings allows you to export notes and highlights from Kindle/Kobo in multiple formats, including PDF, Markdown, or plain text, mobi, epub, and docx. Just select the books, and click the export icon on the left, then you can choose the format you would like to export.

export to multiple formats

When all of your notes and highlights are exported successfully, click the folder icon to find your notes files.

exported notes output files

exported notes files

Epubor KClippings also allows you to export the notes and highlights to Evernote, which can improve your note-taking experience.

export evernotes


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