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Thank you for choosing Epubor Nook Converter!

Epubor Nook Converter is a cutting-edge and user-friendly software, designed with a lightweight framework and a clean interface. This versatile tool excels in decrypting purchased e-books and converting audiobooks into MP3 files, segmented by chapters, all with a single click. With its seamless decryption process and rapid conversion capabilities, it stands out as a must-have tool for Nook users.

This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on decrypting and converting Nook ebooks and audiobooks, making the entire process easy to follow.

Note: Epubor Nook Converter is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. The following guide demonstrates the process on a Windows computer, but you can replicate the same steps on a Mac.

Part 1. Download & Install

Step 1 Download the latest version
Download Epubor Nook Converter for Free


Note: Here is the download button for the latest Epubor Nook Converter. If you are using an older version, kindly update to the latest version of Epubor Nook Converter to access the new features.

Step 2 Install Epubor Nook Converter

Double-click the .exe file to initiate the installation of Epubor Nook Converter on your computer.

install epubor nook converter

Part 2. Free Trial & Register & Update & Deregister & Uninstall

1. Free Trial

Upon launching Epubor Nook Converter, a registration window will appear for software registration. For trial users, you can simply close the registration window to use the trial version immediately.

Trial limitation: The sole distinction between the full version and the trial version is that the trial version allows the conversion of only one Nook ebook or audiobook for free.

2. Register

After purchasing a license for Epubor Nook Converter, click the yellow key icon in the upper right corner of the software. Enter your license email and registration code to complete the registration process.

register nook converter

If you are not sure whether the full version can meet your needs, we recommend purchasing a one-year valid license to test it yourself. We believe it will unquestionably be worth every penny spent.

3. Update

Whenever there's a new version released, an Update found notification will appear in the lower right corner of the software. Click the provided download URL to upgrade to the latest version of Epubor Nook Converter for free.

4. Deregister

To deregister Epubor Nook Converter, click the yellow icon in the upper right corner of the software, and then click "Yes" in the pop-up window that asks: "Are you sure to deregister?"

deregister nook converter

5. Uninstall

To uninstall Epubor Nook Converter from your computer, follow these steps:

On your desktop, right-click the icon of Epubor Nook Converter > select "Open file location" > scroll through the files to find the uninstall.exe file > double-click the uninstall.exe file to initiate the software uninstallation process. This will remove Epubor Nook Converter from your computer.

uninstall nook app from pc

Part 3. Epubor Nook Converter Tutorial

In the Foreword:

As of 11/29/2023, the Nook Windows app is no longer available for book downloads. However, B&N still provides Nook apps for Android and iOS devices. It appears that the previously effective solution to decrypt Nook books downloaded via the Nook Windows app is no longer viable.

Hence, the sole alternative for removing DRM from Nook books is by utilizing an Android Emulator. Downloading Nook books via the Nook Android app on this platform allows Epubor Nook Converter to seamlessly decrypt and convert all of them effortlessly.

Step 1Download a User-friendly Android Emulator onto Your Computer

Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Android app development. It is designed to streamline the process of creating, testing, and deploying Android applications. Android Studio is the preferred choice for Android developers, and it's freely available for download and use.

Download Android Studio here

Step 2Set up a Virtual Device Manager

After successfully installing the Android Studio emulator, follow these steps:
1. Launch the Android Studio emulator.
2. Click on "More Actions" > "Create Virtual Manager" > "Create virtual device".

create device manager

3. Choose a device from the Phone or Tablet category and click "Next".

choose a hardware

4. Select a system image with Android 9.0(Google APIs) and click "Next". We recommend utilizing the Android 9.0 and higher Google APIs for a seamless decryption of your Nook books.

select a system image for hardware

5. Click "Finish" to complete the setup. Your Android virtual device is now created.

veryfy config

6. Launch the Android virtual device by clicking the triangle icon.

launch virtual device emulator

Step 3Install NOOK for Android on Android Studio Emulator

Download the NOOK APK here

Drag and drop the Nook Android APK onto the virtual device interface, and patiently wait for the installation process to finish.

install nook apk

Afterward, swipe the screen upwards to find the Nook app. Subsequently, click on the Nook app icon to launch the program.

locate nook app

Step 4Download your Nook Books

Open the Nook app on the Android Studio emulator, and use your Nook credentials to sign in to your Nook account. Following that, click the downward arrow to download ebooks and audiobooks from your Nook library.

download nook books

Step 5Remove DRM from Nook Books

1Enter Nook Credentials in Epubor Nook Converter

Users are required to input their Nook credentials into Epubor Nook Converter. This step generates a key for decrypting Nook books. To do so, click on the user icon in the upper right corner and enter the nook accunt and password.

input nook credentials

2Sync Downloaded Nook Books

After successfully downloading all Nook books in the Android Studio emulator, you can easily track the number of downloaded books. Navigate to the "ALL TITLES" category and click "Only show downloaded items" to filter the downloaded Nook books.

downloaded nook books

Once finished, run Epubor Nook Converter, and select "Refresh" to synchronize all downloaded Nook books with the Epubor Nook Converter library.

sync nook books with epubor library

3Remove DRM

Firstly, choose the NOOK books you want to remove DRM from. Secondly, drag and drop the selected books into the main window of the Nook Converter. Thirdly, click "Start Conversion" to initiate the DRM removal process.

convert nook books

The conversion process is swift, providing DRM-free files promptly:

You can locate the converted DRM-free Nook books by clicking "Open" at the top of the Nook Converter.

output folder for nook drm free files

At the end, we've also created a video tutorial to guide you through the entire process.

Download Epubor Nook Converter for Free



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12/29/2023 06:33:44
I tried to follow the guide, did everything as instructed. However every time I try to log into my nook account in the converter it keeps saying log in fail. I've tested it in the android machine, on the website, they all work but the converter.
12/29/2023 11:10:23

Hello, thanks for your comment

If you have this login fail issue, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com. We will help you solve this problem as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Epubor Team

03/4/2024 03:57:37

I had this same exact issue (I got an 'Uh-Oh' connection error when logging into my Nook account from the Nook app within the emulator).  

Turns out it was my work laptop (VPN) that was blocking my computer from communicating info over the Android emulator.

I tried it on a different computer (personal/home use) and it worked just fine.

03/4/2024 09:07:46
Thank you for your feedback.This will benefit more users.
01/31/2024 01:41:59

Epubor Ultimate

I agree with the posters who comment that Epubor Ultimate was bought and now is pretty much heading towards a dead end because of the selling of separate apps to do what Ultimate used to do. I also think that those who bought Ultimate should be getting some type of better offer for the other software for Nook instead of the software becoming obsolete and having to pay again for software to do what Ultimate has done for a long time. Secondly since I'm still trying to use Ultimate, the file locations for LDPlayer are not where I've found the files being downloaded which has been frustrating. I think that all of these changes could have been handled better and could have been much more customer friendly for those of us who have been invested in Epubor Ultimate for many years.

01/31/2024 06:11:38

I have been trying to use these instructions all day with great difficulty..

Initially, I loaded the Android Studio and I got the initial screens you showed.  I selected the only option on the device definition which was a Pixel 7, but then I got very lost.  Where I ended up was with a virtual phone on my screen that wouldn't allow the nook app to be downloaded because the virtual device was not in the permissible list.  What the heck!    I am not a very techie person, so this method we have to use now is very foreign to me.  I have android files which I downloaded to a microSD card from Nook.  Why won't these work as it seems the only function of this whole Android Studio thing is to get a the files.  Cn you help me?  I first purchased the lifetime Epubor Ultimate Lifetime License before I found out it no longer works with Nook books.  Today I bought the Nook DRM Remover, but I am now stuck. Help!

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