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macOS Big Sur, the successor to macOS Catalina, is finally released to the public on November 12, 2020. It is the 17th major release of macOS as well as the largest change to macOS in years. To mark the transition, the operating system's version number has been incremented from 10 to 11, for the first time since 2000.

Big Sur is a massive update for the Mac, containing tons of new features and upgrades. These features include a refreshed design, new widget, all-new powerful Safari, new control center, new app icons, new wallpaper, floating dock, translucent menu bar, all new sounds, battery settings, and much more. In this article, we’ll show you the best features in the newest version of macOS Big Sur and the ultimate solution to remove Kindle DRM on macOS Big Sur.

what is new macos big sur

1. Best New Features of macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is now out to all supported devices. Here’s the full list of macOS Big Sur compatible Macs:

• MacBook (2015 and later)
• MacBook Air (2013 and later)
• MacBook Pro (Late 2013 and later)
• Mac mini (2014 and later)
• Mac Pro (2013 and later)
• iMac (2014 and later)
• iMac Pro (all models)

macOS Big Sur brings a refreshing design to Mac's interface, plus several major improvements to Safari, Messages, Maps, Battery, Widgets, Privacy, and more. Here are our top pick features in macOS Big Sur.

Refreshed Design

The design of macOS Big Sur is incredible. The whole OS feels overhauled. Everything, down to updated menu bar, floating Dock, new icons for apps, lighter window appearance, redesigned sheets, new and updated sounds, full-height sidebars and new symbols throughout macOS, everything is feeling new and much more pleasing to use. As you'll notice, Big Sur adopts a new look that closely resembles iOS icons. Most importantly, launching apps on your Mac are nearly instantaneous, just like the iPhone and iPad do.

So new dock icons have been redesigned to appear more consistent across the Apple ecosystem, while still retaining their Mac personality. The new Control Center gives users access to controls right from their desktop. And redesigned widgets offer users relevant information at a glance.

redesigned big sur ui

All-new Safari

Apple says macOS Big Sur brings the biggest update to Safari since its original launch in 2003, making it faster (almost 2x more responsive), more personal, and more private than ever. It brings a customizable start page, improved performance, improved power efficiency, website previews, built-in translation, and privacy report.

Now Safari features a customizable start page for a more personalized browsing experience, such as add a personal background image, reading list, frequently visited, iCloud Tabs, and more. And with built-in translation, Safari can translate entire web pages effortlessly by click View on the menu > Translate > Translate to English/Spanish/French/German/Russian/Brazilian/Portuguese. Besides, an all-new extensions category on the App Store makes it easier to discover great extensions. Finally, Safari also has a new innovative Privacy Report to prevent from profiling users on the web.

all new safari

Upgraded Messages

The updated Messages app for macOS Big Sur gives you all the tools you need to stay in control of the conversation, such as Inline replies, trending images, memoji stickers, and pin conversations, etc. This time using the Messages app on Mac is an even more fun and engaging experience.

Users can create and customize Memoji on the Mac, and share Memoji stickers that match their mood or personality. With the ability to pin conversations in Messages, users can easily stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. With a new photo picker and #images, users can share images, GIFs, and videos faster and easier. And inline replies allow you to reply directly to a specific message in a group conversation.

upgraded messages app

Redesigned Maps

Apple said that the new version of Maps started with the iOS version, which was converted to the Mac using Mac Catalyst. The redesigned Maps offers better ways to find your way, including useful features like guides, look around, indoor maps, cycling routes, electric vehicle routing, and more. With Guides, you can discover the best places to eat, shop, and explore in cities around the world as well as create custom guides for your favorite places and share with friends and family. Look Around provides an interactive 3D experience that lets you pan 360 degrees, and new indoor maps allow you to browse detailed indoor maps of major airports and shopping centers around the world.

redesigned maps

New Control Center & Notification Center

The updated Control Center is similar to the Control Center available on iOS devices. It's easily accessible by clicking the two toggles in the Menu Bar, so that you can get quick access to settings for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness, Do Not Disturb, sound, and current media playback.

And the redesigned Notification Center comes with the notable addition of widgets. Just tap the time on the top-right corner and you'll find the new widget pane. Tap Edit Widgets to move them around, remove them, or add new ones in various sizes.

new control center and notification center

2. Best Solution to Remove Kindle DRM on macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is a massive update for the Mac, containing tons of new features and upgrades. However, these new changes cause all current eBook DRM Removal unable to remove Kindle DRM on macOS Big Sur any more.

When Epubor team got the news the first time, they worked around the clock to try to solve this problem as soon as possible. And hard work paid off, Epubor team just fixed this issue. Now Epubor is very proud to announce that Epubor DRM Removal is the one and only software on the market that can help you remove Kindle DRM on macOS Big Sur. Below is the step by step guide to remove Kindle DRM on macOS Big Sur.

Step 1Delete all Kindle books from My Kindle Content folder.

You can delete downloaded Kindle books from your Kindle library by running Kindle for Mac >> Downloaded >> Right-click the book cover >> Delete Book. Or you can go to the default Kindle content folder( /Users/Mac user name/Library/Containers/com.amazon.Kindle/Data/Library/Application Support/Kindle/My Kindle Content) and delete all the files containing in this folder for good.

make sure no kindle books downloaded

TipsMake sure you haven’t downloaded any Kindle books via the latest Kindle for Mac.

Step 2Run the command line.

Before running the command line, you must exit Kindle for Mac first. Then follow the instruction below to run the command line on Mac.

Open a terminal window by typing terminal after clicking the magnifier icon on the upper right corner of the screen, then copy and paste this command line: sudo chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test to the terminal window for disabling KFX support. Next, hit the Enter key and input your power-on password. Last but not the least, hit the Enter key again to run the command line.

stop render-test

TipIf your Mac has no power-on password or you can’t run the above command line, you should enter this command line instead: chmod -x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test

Step 3Re-download Kindle books using the latest Kindle for Mac.

Open Kindle for Mac, find the book you want to download, right-click its book cover, and select Download in the pop-up window.

right click to download

Note 1For Mac users, do not download Kindle books by double-clicking the book cover and remember not to open the book after successfully downloading, or you won’t be able to remove Kindle DRM.

Note 2 You can undo the terminal command by running this command line in your terminal window: sudo chmod +x /Applications/Kindle.app/Contents/MacOS/renderer-test.

Note 3 If the book requires both the latest version of Kindle for Mac and KFX support, then there is currently no solution available.

Step 4Install the most powerful DRM Removal--Epubor Ultimate.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

Step 5Remove Kindle DRM.

Launch Epubor Ultimate, click the Kindle tab in the left navigation bar to load all of your Kindle books that are already downloaded to the software. Then add them to the right blank window to remove DRM automatically.

decrypt kindle books downloaded via newer version kindle

You will notice that many Kindle books downloaded in this way are already DRM free. And you can locate the DRM free files by clicking the book folder icon on the lower right corner of the software.

Bonus TipRemove Kindle DRM with the help of Kindle E-Ink Device

If you have a Kindle E-Ink device, you can follow this guide to remove Kindle DRM on macOS Big Sur as well.

*Kindle Fire tablet is not supported by Epubor software.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free

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11/17/2021 15:55:25
Hello, I bought epubop ultimate and it does not work on Mac Bigsur.  It opens and exits immediately.  Can you tell me what to do.  Thank you
02/4/2022 17:00:09
Any idea when this will work again?
02/7/2022 11:22:31
Follow the instructions in this article, you can get your problem fixed.
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