Epubor Ultimate Review: The Best Professional eBook DRM Removal and Converter

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Nowadays, eBooks comes with DRM protections. To read the purchased ebook freely on our favorite eReader, Epubor Ultimate is developed as the best eBook DRM removing tool and ebook format converter. This software can be called your complete ebooks toolbox as it comes with the necessary functions and some additional ones that should be in an eBooks DRM stripper and converter. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

1. Brief Introduction to Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate is the easiest way to remove drm from eBooks and convert eBooks to any other format on Windows and Mac. Sold globally in 11 different languages, Epubor Ultimate is the all-in-one eBook solution for readers of all types, and the only complete ebook solution to help you back purchased ebooks and read ebooks at any devices or apps without limitations.

Epubor ultimate screenshot

Part 2. Features of Epubor Ultimate

After the brief introduction, let's take a quick look at its features so you can better understand what the Epubor Ultimate can do for you.

1 Remove DRM from eBooks.

Epubor Ultimate is the best ebook DRM Removal software. It can strip drm from ebooks purchased from kindle, kobo, Google Play, Barnes& Noble and more ebook retailers. The drm removing achieves a 99% success rate which is much higher than its competing software.

Its supported drm type includes Kindle drm, Kobo DRM, Adobe Adept DRM and Nook DRM.

eBook Retailer Kindle eBooks Kobo eBooks Barnes & Noble eBooks Google Play eBooks
DRM Type Kindle DRM Kobo DRM, Adobe Adept DRM Nook DRM Adobe Adept DRM

2 Convert eBooks to Epub, PDF, Mobi, AZW3 and TXT.

Besides removing drm from ebooks, it also can convert ebooks to Epub, PDF, Mobi, AZW3 and TXT in original quality. Epubor Ultimate is adopted its own-developed conversion core which enables the conversion speed is super fast. After converting, you can read your ebooks on your favorite reading apps or eReader, even mobile phone or tablets.

3 Super easy-to-use interface.

When you open Epubor Ultimate, you'll be surprise to see the neat and intuitive interface. At the left panel, it will detect the ebooks you downloaded via reading apps and display them there. You can drag the books to right panel for drm-removing. It will save your time to find where are ebooks stored on your computer. If you plugin Kindle or Kobo eReader to your computer, it will also detect the downloaded ebooks too.

4 Edit ebook metadata is a piece of cake on Epubor Ultimate.

When comes to editing the ebook metadata such as book cover, title, or author, Epubor Ultimate also can be your handy tool. If you are not satisfied with the data provided, it can work as the metadata editor.

Once loaded the ebooks, just click the edit icon (Looks like a pen), and it will bring you to the metadata details as below picture.


5 24/7 Customer service.

To help the customers get the assistance as soon as possible, Epubor ofters different ways to access their customer service.

You can either start a livechat at the bottom right corner to talk with Epubor support instantly or email to them via support@epubor.com.

3. How to Use Epubor Ultimate

1 Download Epubor Ultimate.


2 Launch Epubor Ultimate. Drag the eBooks from left panel to the right to remove DRM.

convert kindle formats to epub

3 Select the output format.

convert kfx to epub/pdf/mobi/azw3

4 Click "Convert to ..." to start the conversion.

converting kindle kfx books succeeded

5 Click the folder icon at the bottom right to find your converted drm-free ebooks.

4. How Much Does Epubor Cost?

It is important to note that Epubor Ultimate is paid software with free trial version. So if you are interested in this software, you can try it before you buy. Also, please note Epubor offers 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Buy it to enjoy the full features is not a bad idea because you still have the chance to get the refund if you are not satisfied with it in any way.

License Price License Description Purchase Link
1 Year (Win) $24.99

1 Year

1 PC

Get It Now
Lifetime (Win) $49.99


1 PC

Get It Now
Family (Win) $99.99


2-5 PCs

Get It Now
1 Year (Mac) $29.99

1 Year

1 PC

Get It Now
Lifetime (Mac) $54.99


1 PC

Get It Now
Family (Mac) $109.99


2-5 Macs

Get It Now

5. Frequently Asked Questions about Epubor Ultimate

1 Is Epubor Ultimate Safe?

Epubor Ultimate is 100% safe and isn't infected with any malware, so it's safe to download, install and use.

Please check the malware detection report of Epubor Ultimate.

2 Is Epubor Ultimate portable? Does Epubor Ultimate work on iPad?

Please note that Epubor Ultimate only works on Window and Mac. There is not portable version of Epubor Ultimate. Also, Epubor Ultimate doesn't work on iPad or Mobile devices.

3 What's the trial limitations of Epubor Ultimate?

The trial version of Epubor Ultimate only can decrypt 20% content of each book. And the decrypt ebook will be in text format. That's means the figures will be missing. But the full featured version will enables you to obtain the full content in its original formatting.

4 How to register Epubor Ultimate?

Launch Epubor Ultimate, click the year key icon and the registration window will pop up. Then fill in your license email and code received from Epubor and then click "Register" button. Epubor Ultimate will be registered and the yellow key icon will disappear.

convert kindle formats to epub

5 Does Epubor Ultimate work with Audible books?

Epubor Ultimate doesn't support audible audiobooks, but only supports ebooks purchased from Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Barnes&Noble.

6 Will Epubor Ultimate work under big Sur on Mac?

Yes, Epubor Ultimate now support Mac OS Big Sur. For detailed guide, please read Best Solution to Remove Kindle DRM on macOS Big Sur.

6. Epubor Ultimate User Reviews

We have talked about so many features of Epubor Ultimate, now let's listen to what our customers say about Epubor Ultimate.

Epubor works as advertised! I tried quite a few other products and they were much more cumbersome. I will recommend this app to anyone with ebooks.
Epubor Ultimate help you to convert your ebooks from/to any existing format. Also, it is the only software able to remove DRM from Kindle files. It has a simple and intuitive interface, so it's the perfect solution for you ebooks.
Thus far Epubor is looking to be extremely useful. I have numerous kindle e-reader books that I'd like to move to Calibre, but as always DRM is stopping me. Epubor can allow me to remove that DRM, and is the only tool I've found that actually works on the new encryption for Kindle books. Of course, the free trial vs the $25 price tag is a bit annoying, and normally would result in me bumping this down to 3 stars at best. However, Epubor's dev team has come up with an ingenious solution to those of us who don't wish to pay - free licenses for reviewing and rating their software. I actually intend to inform several of my coworkers about it, and if/when I get my full version, I'll re-review it to see if it gets a 5 star as I'm hoping it will.

7. Bottom Line

Epubor Ultimate Converter is the one-stop tool for decrypting, converting and editing metadata of ebooks. It comes with a bunch of useful features while offering a neat and clean interface. The conversion is fast and gets your work done with fewer clicks. We can easily vote it to be one of the best.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free:

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04/11/2022 00:31:31
I am frankly very annoyed with epubor ultimate. I paid for the lifetime license and got an email containing a license key but no software to download. I contacted them about this several times and never got a reply ant can't even get a refund. What a waste of money.
04/11/2022 05:43:04
Try downloading the trial version from the website and apply the license number in the program settings, License Manager, I believe. Just a thought.
04/11/2022 08:54:05
Thank you for using our software. Here is the download link for Epubor Ultimate for windows: https://www.epubor.com/ultimate-download.htm#os_Win
Download link for Epubor Ultimate for MAC:
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.
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