Epubor Ultimate User Guide (Quick Start)

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Thank you for choosing Epubor Ultimate!

Epubor Ultimate is an one-stop solution for decrypting and converting ebooks purchased from the most of popular ebook vendors. It is the first, fastest, and easiest tool to decrypt and convert DRM-protected eBooks, including Amazon Kindle, Google Play, Kobo, Nook, ect. .

Easy to use software that made it easy for us to access and read our eBooks on any of the devices rather than being limited to specific readers. Fast, and well supported.

How to Use Epubor Ultimate? Learn the step-by-step guide below.

Note: We have both Windows and Mac version of Epubor Ultimate. This guide mainly introduces the Windows version, but don't worry the Mac version has the same functions if there is no special remark.

Part 1: Download & Install

Step 1 Download the right (and latest) version.

Download the installation package to your computer. Choose the right version per your needs.

Step 2 Install Epubor Ultimate. It's an easy installation process and very user-friendly.

Double click the setup file. Then you will enter the "Welcome" page, click "Next" to go ahead.

epubor ultimate seteup welcome

In the coming window, you can browse the destination folder to save your installation files and click "Install" to finish the installation.

epubor ultimate install

Step 3 Launch Epubor Ultimate.

It will take seconds to install epubor ultimate successfully. Once completed, click "Next" and then "Finish" to exit setup.

launch epubor ultimate

Click the desktop icon to launch it, you will be guided to its main interface. As above image shows, it will detect all your eBooks that downloaded well to your computer (via Kindle desktop, Kobo desktop, ADE, Nook Windows App). All you need to do is just draging&dropping them to the right area. And then target the output format, hit "Convert to..." button.

Tips: Of course you can uninstall Epubor Ultimate completely from your computer if you don't like it or just want to delete it before reinstalling a newer version. Search "Epubor" from all programs and then click "Uninstall Epubor Ultimate".

uninstall epubor ultimate

Part 2: Free trial & Register & Update

1. Free Trial

The first time you start the program you will be pop up a window which lets you register or purchase the software. But you can just close the window and start your free trial.

epubor ultimate free trial

What's the difference between free trial version and paid version? The free trial only lets you convert a portion(20%) of a book to txt, but it clearly works.

What can I do with the free trial license?
Q: What are the terms of the trial version of Epubor Ultimate? What is the difference beween the trial version and paid version?

Epubor ultimate free trial limitation is that, it will only help decrypt 20% content of each book, and the decrypted book will be saved as txt format, not the target ePub, PDF or Kindle Mobi.

Want to get a free license of Epubor? You can help review / comment / translate for epubor in exchange for a free license.

Is it possible to get a temporary license before purchasing?
Q: I want to see what the whole version would look like, including the cover, before purchasing it.

A: We are sorry that we don't provide any temporary codes. By default, the free trial version helps you decide whether to buy or not. But if you really wish to get a whole book before purchasing this software, please contact epubor support via email and subject with "temporary code".

2. Register

If you want to enjoy the full features and functions without any limits, you can click on the red button "Buy Now" to purchase this software from epubor website.

If you already had one, copy your licensed email address and the license code to avoid any typos, then click the "Register"(the yellow key) button.

Once registered successfully, close the register window.

buy now buy now

Tips: The single user license can only be activated on one computer. If you want to register Epubor software on a new computer or change the license email, contact epubor team to deactivate your current license and get a new one (during your license period).

epubor ultimate registered

3. Update

If you want to check whether your Epubor ultimate is the latest version or not, and update it, follow the steps below to update automatically.

From the upper right click on "User" icon, and choose "Help" > "Check update" > "Update".

epubor ultimate update

Important note: We highliy recommend you uninstall the older version of Epubor Ultimate first, and then download the latest version via clicking the download link. You may see an error report if you directly update within the software.

Failed to execute script py

Part 3: Epubor Ultimate quick start guide

Step 1: Make sure you can read your books on computer or e-Reader.

For successfully drm removing, you must ensure that you can open and read your purchases on your computer with the reading apps (Kindle desktop, Kobo desktop, Adobe Digital Editions, Nook Win10 App) or your e-Readers like Kindle Paperwhite, Kobo glo, Sony Reader...

basics of epubor ultimate

Step 2: Add books to remove DRM.

Epubor Ultimate will automatically detect all the books that you downloaded to your computer's reading apps, or E-ink devices if you connect them to computer via USB.

Your books will be displayed at the lefe column under the corresponding tabs. Choose and drag books to the right column. Once books added, DRM removing will start.

epubor ultimate to remove drm

Step 3: Edit metadata of eBooks

Epubor ultimate also supports metadata editing, including cover, author, publisher, date, comments, etc..

epubor ultimate to edit meta

Please note: You can skip this step if you don't want to change these info of your eBooks.

Step 4: Convert eBooks between ePub/PDF/Mobi/AZW3

Choose one as your target format from the output format list, then click "Convert to..." button.

epubor ultimate to convert books

Once completed, the converted books will be shown in the output folder. You can freely transfer or back up them to another device.

The conversion is truly hi-res, dinky, no missing pages, ideal, mint state!

Part 4: Kindle/Kobo/Google/Nook eBooks solutions

How to DeDRM Kindle KFX eBooks 2023


Remove DRM from Kobo KEPUB Files


How to Convert Google Play eBooks


The Latest Solution to Remove Nook DRM in 2023


Part 5: FAQs about Epubor Ultimate

buy now buy now



has covered software online marketing for more than 6 years. She joined Epubor since 2013, covering content writing, affiliate marketing, global brand expansion, video marketing, and business development.

03/6/2019 02:20:24


You wrote "if you really wish to get a whole book before purchasing this software, please send us the book (one book only) and the folder .Epubor_Keys under user name"

Where do I need to send the book?

where can I find the folder .Epubor_Keys under user name?

Many thanks,


03/13/2019 01:00:06
Can I send a ebook before I purchase to ensure that the illustrations come out correct? I downloaded the trial version and the illustrations did not come out.
03/13/2019 14:24:58
Please contact the customer support to help you fix your problem before purchasing: support@epubor.com or skype: epubor.alice@gmail.com
03/18/2019 23:11:40
The converted book never comes with the embedded images from the original ebook.
04/4/2019 02:23:25
I have yet to remove one DRM for Nook. I have downloaded the Nook App for my PC and entered my credentials which BN will not recognize. I even changed my password to ensure that wasn't the problem. Clearly, Nook is no longer supporting login to remove DRMs. I was dubious about purchasing your product since it still refers to Nook Study which no longer works but I took a chance anyway. Now, I'm out $25 and my books are all still DRM'd like they were after using the free calibre plug-in. My fault. But, for other Nook users trying these steps, they currently don't work. If you Google it there is evidence all over the internet that currently, no one knows how to remove a Nook DRM.
05/14/2019 02:06:44
Does it support Arabic language and specifically when converting from PDF to Kindle Format.
05/17/2019 05:47:49
I cannot  convert any of my Kindle books.  Whether they were from Kindle Unlimited or if they were purchased.  Not sure what to do.
05/17/2019 08:56:44
What's the kindle for pc/mac version are you using now? If you are using kindle version 1.25 or later, the kindle books are encrypted with new kindle drm which not any software can handle. Please downgrade your kindle version to 1.24 or older and then use epubor software to remove the drm. If you need any further support, please contact our technical support via email support@epubor.com
09/7/2019 22:39:09
On May 5 2019 I have purchased one license epubor ultimate.
At the time it worked but today failed to remove DRM and convert.I got an error message concerning Kindle files and PDF.
Is my program no more valid?
09/9/2019 08:40:43
Thank you for contacting us. Could you please screenshot the error message and send it to epubor.iris@gmail.com. Then we will check what's the issue and help you fix it. ok?
12/3/2019 19:55:17



12/4/2019 08:56:48
You are welcome. Hope you like our software.
12/17/2019 06:35:43

I am using an iMac running 10.14.6 (Mojave)

No matter what I try I cannot edit metadata, it is ALWAYS greyed out. The choices given as soon as I drag a kindle file to the right side (where it WILL properly convert to ePub) it will let me click on the "stylus" but not actually edit anything at all.

The REPLACED button under the book cover is grayed out, indicating that function is unavailable.

All the metadata fields are non-writeable - when I put the cursor there and press a key the computer sounds a "thunk" for an unacceptable operation.

The button under INTRODUCTION says FINISHED and is grayed out. The text box for typing descriptive metadata into is grayed out and useless.

Can you please tell or show me how to do this correctly?

12/19/2019 10:06:55
Thank you for asking. Please click on "convert to epub" to convert your kindle books to epub. Then click on the output folder to find the converted epub file, and drag it to the main interface of epubor ultimate. Then click on edit metadata to edit the information you want to change.  
12/17/2019 18:53:31
first of all i would like to get a temporary key, second of all the book has photos but after i convert it, it does not have any photos...
12/18/2019 14:00:28

Thank you for leaving the comments. The trial version will decrypt 20% content of each books and the decrypted content will be in text format.  That's why there is no photo in your converted book.

For the temporary key, you can get the license by different ways: https://www.epubor.com/get-free-license.html

05/9/2020 12:47:39
I downloaded Epubor Ultmate, but I can't convert Kindle books to PDF, I have paid the fee, the account is 512002166@qq.com,help
05/11/2020 09:09:00
Thank you for your comments. Our customer service staff will contact you within 24 hours. Please don't worry.
07/23/2020 02:18:30
So far this program is great. But I have a question. After Epubor is done converting the ebooks and putting them in a file, do I just DELETE the ebooks off of Epubor? Thank you
07/23/2020 09:11:58
Thank you for using our software. After converting ebooks to your target format, you can click the output folder at the bottom right corner to show them.
For the files in Epubor software are just the downloaded original kindle books, you can delete them or not according to your own requirements.
08/4/2020 23:30:21

I purchased a Lifetime subscription for EpubUltimate so I could remove the DRM from my Kindle purchases and manage them along with all my other books in Calibre. When I run EpubUltimate and then open the Decrypted book in the output file, it opens with my Kindle for PC app and everything is fine.

But when I add the book to Calibre, it is not recognized. I can't edit the metadata or view it in Calibre. It actually looks as if it is there. Calibre even permits me to transfer it to my Kindle reader and shows that it is there. But when I eject the device from Calibre, the book really is not on the device.

I know Kindle is a pain. But I've used other Epub products in the past (KCR for example) that removed the DRM and then could be managed in Kindle. As it is now, EpubUltimate is not doing what I expect from it. Because I can't manage the book in Calibre, I don't even think the DRM has been removed, despite EpubUltimate showing it as decrpyted.

Help, please.

08/5/2020 09:05:18
Thank you for using our software.
1. Calibre cannot handle kfx books directly. So even after the kindle drm has been removed, the kindle books are still in kfx format.
2. To fix this issue, after the kindle drm has been removed, please also convert the kindle books to epub and then transfer the converted epub books to calibre. This time the calibre can read this book.
08/12/2020 04:58:40
How do I clear the queue in ultimate? the list is too long and sometimes a new book will get put farther down instead of at the top. I have the converted the books so I do not need them in the queue anymore.
08/12/2020 09:06:06

Thank you for asking. The books at the left column is the same as the books you downloaded via your kindle for pc/mac. To clear the que, you just need to remove these books from your computer.
Here is also another solution:
Right click any book in the left column and then sort the books by data. Then you will find your latest downloaded ebook on the top.

Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via epubor.iris@gmail.com

08/25/2020 05:21:21
The software is not working on my Nook books.  It has done 4 and that  is it.  I'm tired of fighting with this software.  If I can't get this resolved, I want a refund.
08/25/2020 09:23:23
Thank you for using our software. Epubor Ultimate can handle nook books.
Have you ever sent your nook account information to us? If not, then you cannot remove nook drm.
10/14/2020 01:19:56
Hello, i just bought the 1 pc life version of Epubor Ultimate, converted my Adobe digital edition but the whole pages are just blanks. Pls i need urgent help because i need the book to prepare for an exam
10/15/2020 08:59:42
Thank you for using our software. But can you please decrypt this book with Epubor ultimate? How is the decrypted file? Is it blank or not? Please send us the decrypted page so that we can help you check this issue.
Please send this file support@epubor.com.
01/2/2021 17:02:48
Kindle zurücksetzen funktioniert nicht mehr, ist automatisch immer auf der aktuellen Version.
01/4/2021 10:57:59
Thank you for using our software. If your kindle firmware is the latest version, please try to use the download and transfer via usb to download kindle books and remove drm. It is 100% working.
Here is the detailed guide: https://www.epubor.com/download-and-transfer-via-usb-kindle.html
01/11/2021 17:19:26

I love this "Ultimate" program. I highly recommend it to anyone who collects ebooks.

Since shifting to Kindle Reader v 1.12 everything is simple and effective.
I love reading and while I appreciate amazon for the great supply I am glad to be able to store and use the books I get there in a more unrestricted way.

07/20/2021 22:28:23
Hi there,
Just got the trial version for Mac but cannot add any Epub to test a conversion to PDF.
Even after selecting the Epub it does not show up on the software.
07/21/2021 09:40:20
You can just drag and drop the epub books to the main interface.
Are your epub books drm-protected or not? If yes, please remove drm and then convert them to pdf.
08/26/2021 15:10:00


is it possible to define the fornt and font size to which epubor will convert the files. I would like to increase the font when converting from epub to pdf.


01/22/2022 20:44:22
If i have a file already in mp3 format, how do i bring it into epubor and split the chapters.  Thank you for your help.  
01/24/2022 03:35:46
I have multiple Kindles, including an original Kindle Touch and Fire. The old Touch is great because it forces Amazon to download everything using the older encryption format. But sometimes I want the color display of the Fire. ePubor recognizes the Touch, but does not detect when I connect the Fire even though the Fire appears in Windows File Explorer. How do I switch ePubor between the two devices?
02/24/2022 19:55:40
I tried to unlock the kindle file that I bought several times but couldn't. before seeing this program I bought a program It's okay but can't unlock some of the books that I really like. Then I found this program. Very awesome. Unfortunately, if you find this program before, you won't have to pay. I buy for life The price is the same as the previous program, but the epubor program is really amazing.
03/13/2022 02:29:05

This is basically a copy of the post I made on the How-to-Remove-Nook_DRM forum (as a "reply" to an earlier post of mine.
I got no answer, so I do hope it's better seen here!

Old Nook books still get DRM removed by Epubor Ultimate, but suddenly my two latest purchased Nook books couldn't get their DRM removed with Epubor Ultimate.
(And the previous Nook books still get it done. I have the newest update and my Epubor-keys are in place.)

These were the first books I bought with my Windows PC version while having been updated to Windows 11.

I did the following:
- e-mailed epubor.alice@gmail.com
- opened a ticket
- tried to login to my account
- had a chat (which ended in a promise I would get an e-mail response).

But I got no reply whatsoever. As a result I even don't know the number of my ticket.

Please, please, help!


03/14/2022 10:09:08
Thank you for using our sofware. We've sent the email to you again about the issue you mentioned. Please check your mailbox again, even spam.
03/15/2022 04:22:35

Got the message, sent you the requested data.


03/17/2022 01:05:15

Thanks for the new key.
It worked flawlessly!

In fact: thanks a lot!!


03/17/2022 10:26:09
You are welcome. Any more problem, please feel free to contact us.
03/15/2022 20:21:25

I have used Calibre successfully for many years. However, for ease of use, recently I decided to get Eupubor Ultimate Lifetime for PC. It works very well and also seems much faster than Calibre.

There's only one thing that has me frustrated. It's very simple and I'm probably just not working in the right place in the app or finding it in any of the guides or resources.

As part of the DRM removal and conversion process, I would like to be able to choose how the finished file is named. All I really need is "author - title.extension". However, I can only get it to name the finished file after the title without the author.

I'm basically lost trying to find books I want to read because I need to look them up by author and not just by the title.

Certainly Eupubor Ultimate can do this, right? Please let me know where I have missed.

I appreciate it any help you can provide on this. Thank you.

03/17/2022 01:23:22

(Epubot just helped me tremendously today, so I gladly add my 5cts.)

Generally I rename the output file almost immediately after it is generated, if I want to.

After DRM removal, in Epubor click on the little-man-icon upper right.
You get the "output=-path". Click on that one.
Now the file is shown (if you have many books, you may need to sort on "Date" to see it more readily).

You can very simply change the name of the epub-file (usually named something like "title"_nodrm.epub) there.
Adding the name of the author is easy (but of course you need to know that one :-) ).

Hope this helps,


03/16/2022 15:56:49
I have been wishing for that functionality too!
Epubor Ultimate should be able to get "author - title.extension" format shouldn't it?
Thank you to let us know when this happens.
05/9/2022 21:01:59


   J'aimerai tester Epubor Ultimate avant de l'acheter mais je n'arrive pas à convertir le livre que je désire qui est dans Kindle et que je veux mettre sur ma liseuse Kobo. Pourriez-vous m'aider? J'ai installé le logiciel mais il ne trouve pas le livre sur mon ordi, il est pourtant bien dans Kindle...

Merci à vous,

Anne-Sophie Ott

05/16/2022 14:18:57
Thank you for using our software. Please ensure kindle for PC that your are using  is 1.32 or older version. if you are using kindle device, then please ensure its firmaware is older than 5.10.2. Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com
06/25/2022 22:35:12

I have removed the DRM from several hundred books so far by using the "Add" method rather than the Kindle for PC method.  Kindle for PC has very few books downloaded and it is too high a level.  I have one book that refuses to De-DRM even though I KNOW it was downloaded (transfer via USB) using a known device's serial number.

How do I get it to work?  The book is fine, I just can't remove the DRM.  How do I use the .k4i file?

It opens fine with Calibre!

08/12/2022 06:05:05
How do I remove titles in the left column of Epubor Ultimate that have already been converted, which I've already removed from the Output Path Folder? Thanks.
08/12/2022 06:46:24

I have several ebooks without DRM, which I just want to convert to a different format. Their file names are in the format: authorname - filename.oldext    However, after conversion, the following two files appear in the "ultimate" folder - filename.oldext and filename.newext. ie authorname is missing.

I have the original file, viz authorname - filename.oldext in the source folder, so I do not need (want ) it duplicated. I want the converted file to be authorname - filename.newext,

How do I achieve this please?

01/1/2023 22:20:54
Epubor doesn't appear to see my Kobo reader when it is plugged in to the USB port on my laptop. I have around 700 books on it, but it only shows about 50 of the latest ones. When I go into settings I can't see Kobo listed as one of the sources. I can remove the DRM from my Kindle files by dragging and dropping from explorer, but I can't see what is on Kobo.  
I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I can see the Kobo on Explorer and see the book files there, so the connection is there to the laptop.
01/12/2023 04:12:52
I seem to be having the same issue as others are saying. I have tried the live chat and emailing for the key but still have not gotten a reply. I just want to move my Nook books to my new Kindle. Please help!!!
01/16/2023 11:27:00
Thank you for asking. please contact the support@epubor.com to request the nook key file. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
04/8/2023 08:41:19

Hi, I've used Epubor Ultimate successfully for a long time. Sometimes I will replace the book cover.
The other day I tried to replace the cover and it basically destroyed the book.  Looking at it with
FBreader on windows 10 the index was gone.  So I decided to re-download the book.  However.
Epubor somehow got stuck and keep on accessing the destroyed book rather than the new copy.
I know that Epubor keeps the books somewhere, I just can't find out where. Some time ago I did
find a directory and where it keeps the books and was able to delete the books and go on. However, now
I can't find that directory.  Where is that directory? Epubor shows a bunch of books on the screen
with the heading of "Output" to the right of the Adobe heading but it is not my output directory.
Is this the  directory I am looking for and where is it and how do I delete the books in that list?

Robert Carroll

04/10/2023 14:58:25
Thank you for asking. At the left column, please right click the book title, and then select 'Open' to open the directory that storing your downloaded ebooks.
04/19/2023 07:43:12

This is all new to me. I am trying to get my nook books transferred to PocketBook cloud. I have used Epubor and changed them to EPUB. Not sure of the next steps. I have read through all the help articles but still lost.


04/19/2023 08:43:13

You could upload the EPUB file to the PocketBook cloud, open the website cloud.pocketbook.digital on your computer and click on the “Upload a new book” button on the main page. Select the EPUB file you want to upload. The book will appear not only in the web version of the Cloud but also in the corresponding section of your e-reader.

In addition, if you have e-ink device, you can also plug your PocketBook Reader to your computer via USB, then copy the DRM free EPUB files to your device.

If there are still the same issue, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com. Thank you!

11/24/2023 03:18:00
Bonjour, Je viens d'acheter Epubor Ultimate pour Mac, mais je ne trouve pas l'endroit où enregistrer la clé de licence. Il n'y a pas d'icône jaune en haut à droite lorsque j'ouvre le programme. Merci pour votre aide. Cordialement
11/27/2023 17:00:25

Hello, thanks for your comment

I suggest you uninstall and reinstall the Epubor Ultimate to try again.

If there is still the same issue, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.

Best regards,
Epubor Team

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