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I tried to convert some ebooks with Calibre but didn't know how to proceed. By accident, I came across Epubor. I'm totally new to Epubor. Could you please tell me what's the difference between Epubor and Calibre?

Calibre is a big name in managing ebooks. However, as another top brand in decrypting/converting ebooks, Epubor.com offers many excellent programs. A lot of new customers to Epubor asked "what's the difference between Epubor and Calibre". That is why I've decided to write this article. Keep reading and you will definitely get the idea of how Epubor compares to Calibre.

epubor vs calibre

1. Epubor

Epubor is a well-known brand in the software market for its ability to decrypt and convert ebooks & audiobooks. It's always dedicated to satisfying customers' needs with diversified software products and services to provide the best solutions to ebook reading and audiobook listening.

If you want to take full control of your ebook or Audible audiobook contents, you must know the following top 2 Epubor star software. (Or you can also explore all Epubor products here.)

  • Epubor Ultimate--the most multifunctional eBook DRM Removal & eBook Converter.
  • Epubor Audible Converter--the best Audible audiobook DRM Removal & Audible Converter.
  • Since Calibre does not support converting Audible audiobooks, here in this place I would only further review the tool Epubor Ultimate in terms of ebook decryption and conversion. In other words, Epubor Ultimate and Calibre are the two programs that I will compare in detail in the following part.

    Why Choose Epubor Ultimate?

    1 Epubor Ultimate offers a trial version that allows you to download and test for free.

    Download Epubor Ultimate for Free Trial

    2 Very easy to use with a rather simple and user-friendly interface. It's quite handy for non-tech-savvy users and beginners to remove eBook DRM and convert the eBook formats.

    simple interface of Epubor Ultimate

    3 Epubor Ultimate can help you decrypt and convert DRM-protected ebooks from Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, Adobe Digital Editions (ACSM), Nook, and any other DRM-free ebook files.

    4 Epubor Ultimate can automatically detect devices and upload downloaded ebooks so you don't bother to manually find them.

    automatically detect device and ebooks

    It detects devices include Kindle e-ink devices (e.g. Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, Kindle Touch, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Basis), Kobo e-ink devices, Kindle for PC/Mac desktop application, Kobo for PC/Mac desktop, Adobe Digital Editions and Nook Windows App.

    It uploads Kindle ebooks downloaded from Kindle e-ink devices and Kindle for PC/Mac desktop, Kobo ebooks from Kobo e-ink device and Kobo for PC/Mac, any ebooks that opened with Adobe Digital Editions like Google Play Books and ACSM files, and Nook ebooks downloaded via Nook Windows App.

    5 Epubor Ultimate supports multiple input and output formats.

    Input formats: KFX, AZW, AZW1, AZW3, AZW4, Mobi, PRC, EPUB, PDF, TPZ, Topaz, TXT, DOCX and HTML.

    Output formats: PDF, EPUB, Mobi, AZW3 and TXT.

    6 Epubor offers excellent customer support. Whenever you meet any problem while using Epubor Ultimate, you can contact Epubor via Start Live Chat or email support@epubor.com for instant help. Email and Live Chat are standing by 6*12 to help you.

    7 Epubor Ultimate gets regular updates and optimizations from Epubor's developers.

    8 Epubor's team has created a lot of tutorials and user guides you can follow step by step to use Epubor Ultimate.

    Here are the detailed tutorials on how to decrypt/convert eBooks.

  • How to Remove Kobo DRM
  • How to Remove DRM from Google Play Books
  • How to Remove Nook DRM
  • How to Remove ACSM DRM and Convert ACSM to EPUB/PDF
  • How to Remove DRM from Adobe Digital Editions
  • Besides the above features, there are many other cool functions of Epubor Ultimate that deserved to be explored, for example, editing the metadata. The only disadvantage of Epubor Ultimate is that it costs $24.99 (for Windows)/$29.99 (for Mac). Epubor does offer a free trial version with 20% content decrypted. If you want to get 100% content of the ebooks decrypted, you should buy a license to upgrade Epubor Ultimate to the paid version. If you are interested in Epubor Ultimate, don't hesitate to download it for a free trial use!

    Epubor Ultimate review

    2. Calibre

    Calibre is an open-source and one-stop solution for ebook reading issues. As an ebook Manager, Calibre also serves as a powerful ebook format converter and eBook DRM Removal just like Epubor Ultimate.

    Why Choose Calibre?

    1 It's completely free for use.

    2 It supports a bunch of input and output formats (up to 18).

    3 Calibre can help you decrypt Kindle/Kobo/Google Play ebooks (Nook ebooks are not supported).

    To be honest, Calibre and Epubor Ultimate are very similar to each other in terms of ebook decryption and format conversion. However, if you have ever tried to use Calibre, you would find the Calibre is not that easy to handle.

    What are the Drawbacks of Calibre?

    1 Calibre is not user-friendly with so many buttons and options on the main interface.

    calibre interface

    2 Calibre itself cannot remove eBook DRM. To remove eBook, you must add the DeDRM plugin to make it work. Otherwise, you will fail to decrypt DRM-protected ebooks.

    3 It can't detect and load eBooks automatically as Epubor Ultimate does. Instead, you need to add the ebooks from your computer to Calibre manually one by one.

    4 No customer support is provided. When technical issues occur, you cannot get instant customer service from Calibre.

    calibre does not provide support

    3. Verdict: Epubor vs Calibre

    To help you make the final decision, the following is an intuitive table of the comparison between Epubor and Calibre.

      Pros Cons

    1. Support DRM-protected Kindle, Kobo, Google Play, Nook, Adobe Digital Editions ebooks (without installing any plugins), and any DRM-free ebook files.

    2. Automatically detect devices and load downloaded ebooks.

    3. Very easy to use with a user-friendly interface.

    4. Supported multiple input and output formats.

    5. Excellent customer support.

    6. Bulk conversion in a short time.

    7. Offer official detailed tutorials and user guides.

    8. Offer free trial that you can download for a test before purchase.

    1. It costs $24.99 (for Win)/$29.99 (for Mac) for the licensed version.


    1. Completely free.

    2. Support multiple input and output formats.

    3. Support DRM-protected Kindle/Kobo/Google Play/Adobe ebooks when the third-party DeDRM plugin is installed.

    1. No customer support to help you when you meet any problem.

    2. DeDRM plugin is a prerequisite to remove DRM from ebooks.

    3. Not user-friendly and difficult to use.

    4. Cannot automatically detect devices and books so you must add books to Calibre manually.

    Verdict: Epubor or Calibre?

    Choose Calibre If you are tech-savvy or on a limited budget, Calibre is just for you.

    Choose Epubor If you are seeking the simplest and the most convenient way to deal with ebook decryption and conversion, you'd better choose Epubor Ultimate. Besides, if you need technical support, Epubor Ultimate is the only choice.

    Download Epubor Ultimate for Free Trial

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    loves technology & reading very much. She seeks the methods to enjoy eBooks and audiobooks more freely and wants to share everything new she has got with you.

    10/1/2020 07:05:24
    (Pasted from this webpage's "Pros and Cons" above) "8. Offer free trial that you can download for a test before purchase."  I have tried to install the free trial from several internet sites, including this one most recently - always with the same result. On the first attempt to run Ultimate (right from the install) I am required to give a License email. I provide my email address. I get an error: "You are recovering the wrong product. Please contact support@epubor.com."  I contacted SUPPORT with this message "I have ePubor for Audible conversion to MP3. I would like to try ePubor Ultimate for seamlessly removing DRM and converting .EPUB files to other formats. However, whenever I download and install the trial version I am presented with this registration window, <screenshot> which tells me I am “recovering the wrong product.”         Support@epubor.com's solution is "You should purchase Epubor Ultimate first in order to use it properly. You can purchase it here:  ...(long URL)"          This is NOT my idea of a trial version!  The trial version for ePubor-Audible worked without any problems and convinced me that it would be (and is) a useful product.
    10/9/2020 13:45:19
    Thank you for your message. But the epubor audible converter only converts the audible books, not the ebooks.
    Epubor Ultimate only handle ebooks, not audible books.
    10/9/2020 14:20:54
    Thank you for asking.
    You can download and try a free version for any Epubor software including Epubor Ultimate. When a window pops up asking you to register it with a license or registration code, you just need to close the window and start the free trial use. You don't have to input any email or code until you purchase a license.
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