3 Ways to Export Kobo Highlights and Notes

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I want to get out of my highlights and notes from my Kobo eReader. Is there any way to export kobo highlights and annotations?

Do you like to makes notes or highlights while reading ebooks? I do. I find it is enjoyable to read all my notes from my favorite books. That’s why I want to seek the way of exporting kobo  highlights.  If you are in the same situation, just read the following parts to get the details.

export kobo highlights and notes

Method 1. The Easiest Way to Export Kobo Highlights and Notes

1. Plugin your kobo eReader to your computer and tap “Connect” on the Kobo device.

2. Find the file called Kobo eReader.config. It’s located on the Kobo drive and its default path is .kobo/Kobo.

kobo ereader config

3. Right-click on the Kobo eReader.config file and open it with a basic text-editing program like Notepad. Add the following code to the file at the bottom, or anywhere as long as it’s separate from the other code:

[FeatureSettings] ExportHighlights=true

add export feature

Then save this file.

4. Eject your kobo reader from your computer.

5. Go back to your kobo eReader, and press the book you want to export the highlights and notes until the menu appears. And the menu will have an extra option, "Export highlights". Tap it.

export kobo highlights

6. A new page will pop up and just fill in the name for your highlights and tap “Export”.

export kobo highlights

7. You just export your highlights in the root directory of the device.

export kobo highlights

Watch Video Tutorial

Method 2. Export Kobo Highlights and Notes Online

KoboNotes is online service that can help you export kobo highlights and notes for free. To use this service, you need to set up account.

1. Register an account if you still don’t have one.

register kobonotes

2. Find the “KoboReader.sqlite” file from your Kobo ereader. It should be stored here: \.kobo

kobo reader sqlite

3. Upload “KoboReader.sqlite” and your kobo highlights and notes will be displayed at the right column.

export kobo ereader highlights

Method 3. Export Kobo Highlights and Notes from Adobe Digital Editions

If your kobo books are downloaded on Adobe Digital Editions on your Windows or Mac computer, you can find your kobo highlights and notes by this method.

All adobe digital editions annotations files are stored as .ANNOT file on your computer. Actually, .annot file is used to store auxiliary data for EPUB files like notes, bookmarks, highlights, and other sorts of "meta" data.

Here is the default path for the annotations files on your windows and Mac

Windows: C:\Users\username\Documents\My Digital Editions\Annotations

Mac: /Users/username/Documents/Digital Editions/Annotations

For the .annotations files, you can right click it and open with text editing program such as notepad.

export kobo ereader highlights

These are three different ways to export kobo highlights and notes. You can just choose one to export your kobo highlights and notes now.

If you have any better methods to export kobo highlights, please share them in the comments section.


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12/18/2020 12:54:13

Thanks for your sharing.
It is so useful and I think anyone who bought a Kobo Ereader eventually would want to export their highlights and keep the precious notes forever.
I myself think that the Kobonotes is the easiest way and can straight away save it in PDF File.
Easily you can create a storage of pdf book by your own.
Thanks for your shared knowledge!

12/21/2020 22:02:02
This is incredibly helpful, thank you!
I think its terrible that Kobo make it this difficult given all the new apps which integrate with your eReader notes to make them searchable and archivable off the device, particularly good for study, learning and research and something that the Kindle does with ease. Very disappointing and though I love my LibraH2O if I had known this I would have thought twice, thought I dislike Amazon and its dominance of the market.
01/19/2021 03:04:33
Thanks for sharing this info. I think I have to do a factory reset I was looking for a way to save my notes. So glad I found this. Kindle does make this process so much easier to get access and keep your notes. Glad to see Kobo has something as I love my Kobo.
01/19/2021 11:30:49
Thank you for your comments. We are glad to know that this article can help you. Have a nice day!
02/2/2021 14:13:08
Can someone here confirm if this proposed way to export notes/highlights works for sideloaded books too?
04/5/2021 20:02:26
Thank you so much for this. I have been reading for years from my Kindle and I really, really liked all functionality. I added Kobo to my reading devices, and really use my marking and notes - you helped me out.
04/6/2021 14:55:07
It is great to know you like. Have a nice day~
07/3/2021 03:54:44
Wow, this was really helpful, thank you so much! For mac users out there, you'll need to unhide the folders to see the '.kobo' folder for the first method.
07/5/2021 09:29:16
Thank you for your feedback.
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