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 Requiem is a powerful open-source free ware, but we can hardly lend on their official site. And there is no Requiem Forum on the Internet, all these above lead to our diffuculties in removing iBooks DRM.

Here are more details about how to use requiem: http://answers.yahoo.com/rss/search;_ylt=


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03/24/2012 07:53:24
I have already did everything like you said above.
I still got the message: "key store version too new. You need a newer version of Requiem"
and another message:
"Key not found. Can iTunes play this file?"
Can you help me with that problem?
I used ifunbox to get all the key files from the ibook inside my ipad. I noticed that all the HTML files extracted from epub is encrypted and cannot read.
I'm a C programmer and Java newbie. Can you give me instructions on how to compile the source code. I want to change something hopefully can make it successful decrypting  all my ibooks and be able to read on my computer.
Do I need a mac to compile?
Another question is: Is there command line interface so that I can give all the information that Requiem need for decrypt? May be there's some missing information while Requiem trying to find all the information to decrypt.
Thank you so much for your help and your time!
03/24/2012 21:53:54
What's your iTunes version? Requiem 3.3.5 can not work perfectly on iTunes 10.6 yet. If there is a new version of Requiem, we will update our page asap.
03/24/2012 23:29:46
I'm using iTunes 10.6
Do you think it's possible if I uninstall 10.6 and install 10.5 then Requiem will work? or I cannot downgrade..
After install 10.5 do I need to sync with my ipad before running Requiem; or just Authorize the computer, download and run Requiem.
03/25/2012 10:45:23

I'm very happy to tell you that I have successfully removed DRM of all my ibooks.

I used another laptop install, authorize, download, install java 32 bit and Requiem all the ibooks; reading freely on lapto now!

Thanks! Requiem is rock! :D

03/26/2012 01:25:44
Hi Jack,
Happy to see you've solved this problem. If there is a new version of Requiem which works perfectly with iTunes 10.6, we will update our page immediately. Keep visiting! :P
04/3/2012 01:49:15
Hi, is there an accurate iTunes 10.5.3 download link? When I click on the link above, it downloads the iTunes 10.6 disk drive. Thanks!
04/3/2012 21:25:18


I've tried all the links I offered, all works well. Maybe you've click on some other buttons.
Anyway, try this link again.

04/3/2012 21:30:22
BTW, in the links I offered in the Requiem Download page, you can find the history iTunes Version in the left.
So you can find it yourself if my link above still doesn't work.
06/2/2019 18:45:50
Here is the iTunes download link. Just visit here and click on download. Your download will start directly:- https://nearfile.com/multimedia/apple-itunes-music-store/
04/3/2012 06:48:31
Tried to unzip Requiem 3.3.5 for Mac but got error. Can you send it to me by email ? Thanks
04/3/2012 21:21:05
Hi, but seems that you didn't fill the email blank. I can't get your email address
04/3/2012 07:43:40

Please email me Requiem 3.3.5 or latest version for mac.

Kind regards Justin

04/3/2012 21:36:47
Link has been sent to your email.
04/3/2012 18:18:05
Bookmarked this page. Do you know how long it usally takes for Requiem to update to work with the newest iTunes?
04/3/2012 21:41:40
It depends, I guess it will take long for next version, because iTunes has updated the DRM method.
For 3.3-3.3.5, it took only one week for 2 updating, because those are tiny updating for a better Java-supporting and bugs-fixing.
I guess next version will called "Requiem 3.4".
Once it release, I will update our page immediately.
04/4/2012 19:20:54
Ok, thanks.
04/7/2012 04:51:11
Hi. I get the following errors, "(key store version too new. You need a never version of Requiem)" I have the latest. And iTunes 10.6.1 :S
"(Key not found. Can iTunes play this file?)" => YES! -- I can't WAIT when a new perfectly working Requiem is released. Please have one soon! I need to decrypt HD episodes..
04/7/2012 05:57:09
For removing HD video DRM, we can't offer you solution with Requiem 3.3.5.
But for removing iBooks DRM,with Requiem 3.3.5 and iTunes 10.6, we've listed the solution above.
04/7/2012 05:10:28
Will not work even after downgrading to iTunes 10.5.3 on Mac. Downgraded, re-downloaded my iBooks, still get "key store version too new" error.
04/7/2012 05:10:32
Will not work even after downgrading to iTunes 10.5.3 on Mac. Downgraded, re-downloaded my iBooks, still get "key store version too new" error.
04/7/2012 05:20:03
Am also getting key not found error on other files (including  other iBooks).
04/7/2012 06:01:35
Before re-download, have you deleted the whole iTunes Library folder and the eBooks in your iTunes Program?
I use PC, I don't know whether Mac version needs Java, if yes, install the 32-bit Java.
04/12/2012 09:23:08
I removed drm from 2 books no problems however when I cam back a week later and tried on a new book I get the error "files could not be decrypted blah.epub (can't find version 301)" I am running Requiem 3.3.5 on win 7 with itunes
I have tried deleting book and the sc info keys and then re downloading but still no go :(
04/25/2012 10:20:48
Ignore my original post I now realise the reason it wasn't working on my new book is because it didn't have any DRM on it. Would be good if the program could recognise this and let the user know.
04/18/2012 04:30:53
I've Tried w/iTunes 10.6 &3 Older Versions 10.5 &Lower &I Always Either Get Key is too New or Key is too Old. I Did Exactly What it Said on Ur Page&Installed iTunes 10.5.3 &Requiem 3.3.5 &it Says Key is Too Old &when I Go Back2 iTunes 10.6, it says key is too new. Is it possible 4me 2download ebook in itunes 10.5 &attach it in an email 2u &see if u can Strip the drm. I d.load 100's of Free Epubs &PAID 4This1, Cuz I Really Was Dying 2Read it&Didnt want 2Wait 4Free P2P &I Dont Have iPad, iUse Sony&Cant Read the 1st Book i PAID4 in aYr&1/2. Frustrating. I HATE Apple EVERYTHING! PLZ HELP,Pulling Hair Out!?
04/18/2012 21:12:26
I can't remove the book's DRM even if you send it to me. Because it needs your iTunes ID.
What's the book's name?
04/29/2012 10:01:17
I am also getting the "Key is too old" error.  I uninstalled iTunes 10.6, downloaded and installed iTunes and Requiem 3.3.5.  I tried using A. A. Milne Winnie the Pooh, which is a free book, so you can test using your own account and see what you get.
05/1/2012 20:54:08
I've searched the iTunes, but the book is not free.
04/23/2012 15:04:25
Hi Epubor.Fors, I did as you told but I still have a problem. I'm using Vista 32bit OS. I've uninstalled iTunes, deleted all program files and folders, installed iTunes, uninstalled and reinstalled JRE 1.6.31, re-downloaded the ibook but Requiem gives me the error: "The following files could not be decrypted: xxxxxxxxxxxxx.epub (java.lang.NullPointerException)". I've tried with JRE 1.7.03 as well with no success. Help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.
05/1/2012 21:00:47
What matters is not the version of JRE, but the bit.
It's better to install 32-bit JRE.
07/9/2012 08:10:57

What would cause "Cannot Launch Java Application": Uncaught exception in main method java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /private/var/folders/xL/xLYc9.... dylib: no suitable image found. Did find /private/var/folders/xL.... dylib: mach-o but wrong architecture" ?

(some stuff cut out...)

Thanks. (emac, osx 10.5.8)

01/17/2015 10:58:50
Did you ever get this resolved?
08/8/2017 23:30:57

A WIN 10 PC.  Itunes

I cannot open Re

08/8/2017 23:39:16

windows 10.  iTunes 12.6

I can't open requiem 4.1 because of this error.  

java.lang.RuntimeException: couldn't find<key>iTunes Library XML Location:1<key>

How do I fix please?

Many Thanks

05/8/2020 23:59:19
So I uninstalled itunes a long time ago but kept a couple of mv4 files of tv episodes. Is it possible to use Requiem on individual files without having itunes installed?
05/9/2020 10:11:13
Sorry to inform you that the Requiem has not updated for several years. So I am not sure will it work or not.
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