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07/28/2019 08:17:18
Says there is no order with my email or the order number... So I am out money and no fricking program!
07/29/2019 11:03:54
Please wait patiently with your order confirmation email. Usually, it will take about 10 minutes for the manual review process. It the waiting time is over 10 minutes, please contact our customer service to get the assistance.
Also, I have passed your issue to our support team, they will contact you within 3 hours.
03/8/2020 14:17:26
I can't get the license.then i contact with you many times,you don't  give me any  reply
03/8/2020 20:09:58
Would you please contact me via epubor.iris@gmial.com ?
08/28/2020 20:46:12
Why does my lifetime Audible Converter license code no longer work?
08/31/2020 11:12:04

Thank you for using our software. Is there any error message? Can you please screenshot and show us the details?  Then we will help you fix it ASAP.

Please send the details to our support team via support@epubor.com.

07/21/2021 03:11:19
I didn't get a licence to my email and tried to contact multiple times multiple ways.
07/21/2021 09:45:30
It seems you've already contacted our customer support about this issue. And your problem has been fixed. Please check your email to get this issue updated.
09/2/2021 16:34:00

This software worked great for me.  5 STARS! When I requested the nook key, I'm glad Michelle told me that the free/trial version only decrypts 20% of the book. I bought the one year license. I did this for my bestie who is in college. She will be ecstatic when she finds this as a pdf in the morning! I couldn't be happier!! (Hero status coming soon!)  :-)

Hints: Check your 2checkout email receipt for the license code. Also, after decrypting the DRM, you have to click a format to convert to and click the book again. Both the no DRM EPUB file, and the PDF (in my case) will be in the output folder.

09/3/2021 08:53:02
Thank you for sharing your experience.
08/30/2023 14:07:53
It's unfortunate that Epubor is no longer able to remove the DRM/KFX from the 2023 Amazon Books, despite their offering several suggestions that don't work. They no longer respond to emails as I've emailed Alice Epubor several times and have not received a response.
In past years, Alice was quick to respond and provide useful solutions to conversion issues. That company was stellar back then.
Today, Amazon's design muscle that's AI-assisted, is too much brain power for Epubor to match. With unlimited resources, Amazon has likely permanently solved 3rd party conversion attempts. Should Epubor get lucky and resolve this issue, Amazon will instantly provide a new protective conversion wall.
The best solution would be to develop an automated reader that could page through a book, taking snapshots of each page, then converting to pdf format; and then combining the pdfs into one document. I've done this for important books. It's time consuming, but an automated page reader/snapshot taking program would resolve this issue, for the moment.
08/30/2023 14:50:13


I'm really sorry for all inconvenience.

Now our software can support decrypt and convert new 2023 Kindle books.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com or epubor.service@gmail.com.

Best regards,
Epubor Team

09/8/2023 06:25:01
Obrigado pela dica valiosa. Comigo funcionaou perfeitamente.
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