What to do if You Forgot Kindle Passwords

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I have a Kindle Paperwhite which I bought 3 years ago. I didn't use it for a long time, so I forgot my password. Now I am stuck on accessing the kindle due to "incorrect passcode". So What should I do now?

If you have several kindles or if you don’t use your Kindle for a while, it can be pretty easy to forget the passcode. In this article, I will discuss the Kindle passwords, including how to set kindle passwords, and what should we should if we forgot kindle passwords.

1. How to set kindle passcode for kindle/Kindle fire

For different reasons, you may need to set a passcode for your kindles to protect the content on your kindle. But how to set it?

Kindle eReader How to set kindle passcode for kindle eReader?

Setting up passcode on kindle eReader is super easy, but please remember not all kindle device has this option.

The kindle passcode option is only available on the Kindle Oasis, Kindle Voyage, the Kindle Paperwhite 2 & 3, and the current entry-level Kindle Touch.

1 Go to "Settings">>"All settings">>"Device Options">>"Device Passcode".

2 Enter the passcode for your kindle eReader with 1-12 digits and then tap "OK".

set up kindle passcode

After you have set up the kindle passcode, you'll need to input your kindle passcode next time you want to use your kindle.

kindle passcode

Kindle Fire How to set password security for kindle Fire?

1 Sweep down from the notification bar and then tap "Settings".

2 Tap "Security & Privacy".

3 Turn on "Lock Screen Password".

4 Input the passwords(at least 4 digits), and then tap "Finish".

kindle fire passcode

You'll need to enter the PIN to use this kindle fire.

kindle fire passcode

2. What to do if you forget kindle/kindle fire password

However, if you forget the passcode for your kindle eReader, you can reset kindle to factory settings so all the content will be erased. Once the factory settings are restored, you need to re-register your device with your Amazon credentials, download kindle books and apps again.

Important: Resetting your Kindle or kindle fire removes all content downloaded to it. Any content you purchased from Amazon is saved to your Kindle Library in the Cloud and remains in the Cloud. You can download that content again if you register your Kindle/kindle fire to your account again.

Kindle eReader What if you forgot the kindle password?

Input "111222777" to passcode entry field and then tap "ok" to begin the factory reset operation. Just wait until the whole operation will be finished.

Kindle Fire What if you forget kindle fire password?

Method 1. Reset kindle fire password using Amazon account

1 Try to enter the incorrect PIN 5 times, and you will see a pop, providing you the option "Reset your pin".

kindle fire reset

2 Enter your Amazon Account Password and tap on Continue.

kindle fire reset pin

3 On the next screen, type your New PIN/Password, confirm Password/PIN and tap on Save.

change kindle fire password pin

Method 2. Tap Reset kindle fire to factory settings.

1 Enter an incorrect password or PIN five times. You will be prompted to reset your device or wait 30 seconds to try again.

2 Tap "Tap here to factory reset" to reset your device to factory defaults.

reet kindle fire to factory settings

So there you have it, these are the steps that you may need when you forgot your kindle or kindle fire passcode. Each time you reset your kindle device to factory settings, and you'll need to register your kindle device again after the resetting. So make sure that you have your Amazon credentials on hand and this will ensure that you can register your kindle device again without losing any data.


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