Decrypt B&N Nook books

All the Nook books decryption failures are caused by one reason: The entered information is not correct for decrypting Nook books. Below is the guide & tips about how to successfully remove DRM from Nook books.


1Login B&N website to find the "Default Payment" information

Please visit, login Nook accoung and click "My Account --> Manage Account".

In the middle of the new page you will see "Payment" box, in the left of the box is "Default Payment", now please click the "Manage Default Payment" link under "Default Payment". Then you will see your detailed Default Payment information.

Notice: I used two Visa cards to buy Nook books before, so B&N has recorded both of them as my checkout card. The one with detailed information about my name and address is my default payment card.

2Re-sync all the Nook books to make sure the DRM are generated correctly

To guarantee a successful decryption, we recommend you delete the synced Nook books at first, then re-sync them again.

Because Nook books DRM is generated upon the default payment information when you sync this book via Nook for PC. If I have 10 books, 2 of them were synced when I was using the previous card, 8 of them are synced when I am using the current card, then I would fail to decrypt some of them no matter which payment information I input.

Therefore, please re-sync your Nook books to make sure the DRM are generated correctly and congruously.

3Input Default Payment information for removing DRM

Click "Settings" you shall be able to see such a place while lets you input the B&N payment information.

In the "Name" blank, you must input the name 100% same as the Step.1 shows, including all the characters, spaces even symbols.

In the "Card Number" blank, please input the complete credit card number without any space.

When everything is settled, please click OK and drag Nook books to the program again for removing the DRM.



If have any problem, please open a ticket to request customer service.