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It is easy to download free mp3 audiobooks online or purchased the high-rated audiobooks from online audiobook vendor, like Audible. You may even get some audiobooks on the CD. It is really annoying to have the audiobooks here and there. Some of you may be curious that is there is any way to manage all audiobooks at one place. Of course, iTunes can help you achieve this goal at the ease. iTunes is one of the best music, audio, video player as well as the best library for users to manage their musics, audiobooks and podcasts. In following parts, I will introduce how to add audiobooks to iTunes.

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Part 1. How to import mp3 audiobooks into iTunes
Part 2. How to add Audible to iTunes
Part 3. How to import audiobook cd into iTunes

Part 1. How to import mp3 audiobooks into iTunes

MP3 is the most widely-used audiobook format and many audiobooks you downloaded from the websites for free are in MP3 format. If you have a large quantity of mp3 audiobooks, please follow the below instructions to import mp3 audiobooks into iTunes. If you are interested in downloading free audiobooks, please read the article A Complete List of Sites to Download Free Audio Books.

 Step 1. Add mp3 audiobooks into iTunes.

Open your iTunes. If you still have not installed it, you can go to its official website to download it.  Click  File at the top menu, and then  select "Add to Library" from the drop down list.   

add mp3 audiobooks to itunes

Now you can navigate to the folder you stored your MP3 audiobooks and select the audiobooks, and then click on"Open" button to add mp3 audiobooks to iTunes.

select mp3 audiobooks

As you can see from the following picture that mp3 audiobooks has been added to iTunes library successfully.

mp3 audiobooks added

Step 2. Add MP3 audiobooks Audiobooks library in iTunes

Right click the book cover of the audiobook and select "Album Info" from the menu.


In the pop up winodw, Click on "Option" button and then change the "Media kind" from "Music"to "Audiobook", and on "Ok" to finish it.

change mp3 to audiobook

Then you can see MP3 audiobooks has been added to audiobook library in iTunes.

add mp3 to audiobook library in itunes

This method works for both windows and Mac version of computers.

Part 2. How to add Audible to iTunes

Audible is the most popular audibook producer and sellers around the world. It has more than180000 audiobook titles, including the best sellers, new release and exclusive audiobooks. I bet about half Audiobook listeners have purchased audiobooks from Audible. In the following part, I will show you how to add Audible to Itunes on both Windows and Mac.

Import Audible audiobooks into iTunes with Account information

How to add audible audiobooks to iTunes on Mac?

If you are using Mac computer, when you play your downloaded Audible audiobook, it will be automatically imported to iTunes. But there is one important step you need to do to ensure the Audible audiobooks can be imported to iTunes on mac automatically which is authorizing your computer for your Audible account. Below is the detailed steps.

When the first time you try to download Audible audiobooks, it will pop up a message as below to remind you of authorizing the computer for Audible account.

authorize reminder

Just click on “Yes" button to go to Audible login page. Fill in your Audible account information and sign in your Audible account.

sign in Audible

When you log in your Audible account, you will be asked if you want to listen to audible books and podcasts in iTunes. Just click "Activate in iTunes" to authorize your computer.

Activate in itunes

Now your computer has been authorized with your Audible account and you will find your Audible files have been imported to iTunes. Next time, when your downloaded Audible audiobooks will automatically imported to iTues.

If your Audible audiobooks are not imported to iTunes automatically, you can try manually import Audible into iTunes.

How to import Audible to iTunes on Windows?

Compared with Mac, you will need an additonal tool to help you import Audible to iTunes which is Audible Download Manager.

Step 1. Download and install Audible Download manager. Run Audible Download Manager, click "General Settings” button and then tick the software you want to import into. Then click on "Save settings" to save all your setting. Please ensure you have ticked iTunes.


Step 2. Log into your Audible library and click o "Download" button to download the Audible audiobooks. You will get a ".adh" file instead of .aa or .aax file which is only a download link of the Audible audiobooks.

adh file

Step 3. Double click the .adh file to download it. When it has bee downloaded succesfully, a new message will pop up and ask you to authorize the computer. Just click on "Ok" button and then you will have to sign in your Audible account to finish the authorize.

authorize the computer

Step 4. When above process has been finished, your Audible audiobooks will be played on iTunes as well as added to the iTunes library.

If Audible audiobooks are failed to import into iTunes, you can try to manually import audible to iTunes.

Import Audible audiobooks into iTunes without Account information

As you can see that to import the Audible audiobooks into iTunes, you need to authorize the computer with your Audible account. If you get some audible books from your friend, it must be very uncomfortable for you to ask for your friends' account information. Is there any method to import Audible into iTunes without Audible account information. Of course, there is a magic tool--Epubor Audible Converter can decrypt your audible books and convert it iTunes supported mp3 or m4b format. So that you can import the DRM-FREE mp3 or m4b to your iTunes like a charm.

Download Epubor Audible Converter for free

You may read the official guide to convert Audible to mp3 to know how use Epubor Audible Converter.

Part 3. How to import audiobook cd into iTunes

I know some audiobook vendors also sell audiobooks as CD. If you have some audiobooks stored on CDs, why not convert your CD collection to digital audiobooks for easy management. What's more, you will keep your original CD as a safe backup by this way. Here I will show you how to import the audiobook CD into iTunes.

Before we start this process, make sure you have a computer with a optical drive or an external rive.

Step 1. Open your iTunes-->Preferences.

itunes import settings

Then select "Import Settings" and then choose " MP3 Encoder" for Import using setting. Then click on "OK" to save the changes.

itunes import setting

Step 2. Insert the CD. You will be asked if would like to import this CD into your iTunes library. Click on " Yes" button to start the importing. It will take a while to import the whole CD if you have a lot tracks in it.

cd import inquiry

Step 3. You will see all your imported audiobook at the Music library.

import audiobook cd to itunes

You can also right click the the track and select "Album info" and then change the "Media Kind" from Music to Audiobook. Your audiobook will be added to the Audiobook library in your iTunes. For details, you can check Step 2 at part 1.

Now you have imported your audiobook CD to iTunes.

Today, I share these three methods to add audiobooks into iTunes. No matter where you have downloaded or purchased your audiobooks, you can always find the right way to import these audiobooks to iTunes. If you have any better ideas, please share them in the comments below.

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