How to Add Books to Kindle For PC

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There are three ways for you to add books to Kindle for PC software for reading. Whether the ebooks came from Amazon or not, use your computer and Kindle for PC application, you can achieve this goal.

add books to kindle for pc

Kindle For PC is a reading software from amazon for computer users to use. You can use it to read and buy hundreds of thousands of e-books from Kindle Store. The whispersync function allows you to update your library information automatically between a variety of Kindle devices.

Since it is so useful, believe that you must want to use it to read books from other ebook platforms, devices or net resources. But how can you add these ebooks from so many resources to Kindle for PC? This is really an annoying problem. Whereas, from now on, this trouble will not disturb you anymore. Look at the method mentioned below, you can find it very simple to achieve it.


1. If the books you want to add were bought in Amazon Kindle Store by yourself, please check Method 1.

2. If the format of books is only .mobi, please check directly Method 2.

3. If the books you want to add are too much and have several formats, please check Method 3.

Download & Install Kindle for PC

Before the start, please make sure you have already installed Kindle for PC. If not, you can Get the top-ratted free Kindle for PC.

read books on kindle for pc

Method 1: Cloud Sync Kindle Books to Kindle for PC

There is no doubt that you can easily read ebooks bought from Amazon Kindle Store. Because of Kindle Cloud Sync, when you bought ebooks from other Kindle devices, you also read these books on Kindle for PC. Although the procedure is very simple, let's try it one by one.

Step 1: Open Kindle for PC

Double click your Kindle for PC software to open it.

Step 2: Click the Sync Sign

update books on kindle for pc

Wait a few seconds the book bought from Kindle store will appear. You can download the ebook in the Library or just click the book and begin to read.

Method 2: Add Mobi eBooks to Kindle for PC

For .mobi ebooks, the operation will be easier. Because kindle for PC software can automatically associate. So you can convert ebooks you want to add to .mobi format, and just simple operations you can read mobi eBooks on Kindle for PC.

If .mobi ebooks has DRM protection, please remove DRM first with Epubor Ultimate. Specific way you can check Step 1 of Method 3.

Step 1: Double-click .mobi book

.Mobi is the most famous format of Kindle. Generally, when you double-click .mobi book, it will be opened in Kindle for PC.

If not, you can choose Kindle for PC open-program by yourself.

double click mobi ebook

Step 2: Check Library in Kindle for PC

Check Kindle for PC, the .mobi book you opened has already been in Library column.

This method is the most simple one. Anyone can get what they want with preparation tools and try this method steps.

Of course, .mobi ebooks also can be read with Method 3.

Method 3: Add non-Kindle Books to Kindle for PC

Step 1: Convert Format and Remove DRM

The books from our personal material or other ebook platforms, Kindle for PC can't show them automatically. Often, these books generally have DRM protection or their formats don’t suit with Kindle. So before we add these books to your Kindle for PC, they should be preprocessed. After that, you can add non-Kindle books to Kindle for PC.

About how to remove DRM or convert other formats to Kindle formats (eg. .mobi or .azw), Epubor Ultimate can meet your need and also is very easy to use. Try it and you will know how wonderful it is.

Watch this vedio to learn How to Convert DRMed eBooks with Epubor Ultimate

Free Download Epubor Ultimate

Step 2: Open and Find Current Content Folder

If the format of processed books is .mobi, you can double-click the book to open them in Kindle for PC. If there are a lot of quantity of ebook to add, you can use following steps.

Open your kindle, Look at the navigation bar. You can see the "Tools"button. Browse Tools list and choose "Options"button.

kidle for pc options

In "Options" window, click "Content" option, you can see the path of your Kindle books. General conditions, the original path may be set as "C:/users/**/Documents\My Kindle Content". Of course, here you can change the path of your books.

kidle for pc documents

Step 3: Find Corresponding Location

Find "My Kindle Content" folder in Computer. Contrast the path and open the folder on your computer. There you can find your downloaded kindle books from Kindle for PC. Also, you can set a shortcut key of this content folder on the desktop. Then next time you can quickly open it.

my kindle content

Step 4: Add books to “My Kindle Content” Folder

Drag and drop the books you want to add in “My Kindle Content” folder. You can batch add books at one time.

Close your Kindle for PC and open it again. Now you will see the added books has already been your Library. Then you can choose one and read.

move to my kindle content folder

The methods listed above are ready for you. You can choose the suitable way and try them according to your own situation. Also, can tell us the best way you used or you found other best ways of adding books to Kindle for PC.

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Re Method 1 - it is a Sync icon, not Cycle.
Re Method 3 - automatically, not automatic.

Generally - the GUI for the latest Epubor Ultimtae is very poor. The original design is far better.

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Thanks a lot for your information! I've corrected them! Your thoughts are important to us. But everyone has their own ideas for each version. We'll make our products better and not let you down.
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Please fix the problem with screen resolution of Epubor Ultimate not displaying correctly on new high resolution laptops.
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Thanks for your reply! We'll consider it and please follow closely our products later.
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