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I think you may have experienced the same situation with me that you want to add a cover to ePub but don’t know how to deal with. Or you may also be searching for ways to add a cover image to your file after making an ePub with ePub Maker. Don’t worry! Here I’m pleased to tell you that I’ve found the resolution, so today I write this article for you.

I do really want to give up at one time during my trial because it’s really not an easy work. I nearly tried all the possible ways including adding cover to epub calibre, iTunes, etc. But no pains no gains. I finally found the best tool named Ultimate Converter and it turned out that it deserves this honour.

Why We Choose the Ultimate Converter to Add Cover to EPUB

After my trial I get a conclusion that the Ultimate Converter is the best tool to add cover to ePub. Here are the reasons.

-It not only can add cover to ePub, but also can add cover to PDF.

-It also supports adding cover to Kindle books (change Kindle book cover).

-You can add cover to your ePub if there is no cover. You can also use the Ultimate Converter to replace or swap out the original cover with a new image you want to set.

-It contains the cover auto download feature, too. So it saves your time to find a nice cover image and crop it to the proper size.

-It applies for not only the common ePub and PDF files, as well as MOBI, AZW3, AZW, PRC, and other eBook files.

-It's the best eBook metadata editor, which including editinng ebook cover.

-It's also the best eBook DRM Removal + eBook Converter.

Now don't hesitate to download it to have a try. Install the Ultimate Converter please.

Windows Version Downloadc Mac Version Download


Then follow the steps below.

Step1: Add ePub books to Edit ebook cover

Run the soft after you had installed it. Then you can drag your books that you want to add cover to from the right list to the left area. Don't forget to click the "Edit" button after eBooks added.

Add Cover to ePub with Ultimate Converter


Even if the ePub book has DRM protection, the tool can decrypt it soon after you add the book. Take a look at how to remove DRM from ePub.

remove drm from epub

Step2: Add cover to ePub

After you click the edit button, it will pop up a new dialog that allows you to add cover to your epub books.

1Auto download ebook cover to ePub

With the Ultimate you can click the "Download" button to get the suitable image because the tool can generate a default cover with basic metadata on it to save your time. And you also don't have to resize it.

download ebook cover to ePub

You will see the proper cover image as soon as you click the "Apply" button. "OK" the download cover please.

click the "ok" button to download cover

2 Change or customize cover image to ePub

If there is still no images presented, or the default cover is not your favourite type, you can find an image you like to set as cover.

For example here I don't like dazzling cover of the ePub book "Folk'd", and I have found a simple image I like and I want to set.

change cover

Now you can change the cover picture of the book as whatever you like just with the "Browse", then click "Apply" button. In other words, you can specify a file on your computer to use as cover.

browse and apply

In addition, the "Replace" button function is to automatically add an image as ebook cover in case your cover image is ugly or even you couldn't find a good image to use.

Step3: Convert ePub to ePub

Though we have clicked the apply button, but it isn't over yet. You have to convert the ePub to ePub at the output format list because the cover adding metadata is not written into your book, instead are just saved in the tool as the image shows below once you click the "Finish" button.

cover saved

So to make sure the adding goes into perfect, you need to convert the ePub to ePub and then click the "Convert" button.

convert epub to epub


If you want to read the cover added epub book on your Kindle, you should convert ePub to Kindle not epub to epub. For details please refer to how to read ePub on Kindle Fire.

Step4: Enjoy the new book cover

how to add cover to epub eBook

After all the job, you can see the new covered book as you like. Transfer these books to your computer or your eBooks reader to beautiful your bookshelf.

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download


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08/15/2015 19:12:28
I have one question. Does it add a cover without converting a thing? I can add a cover with ebook-convert but it alters the entire epub. Just what I DON'T want.
08/15/2015 19:40:08
I forgot that there is also ebook-meta which does not alter the structure, just the metadata, which is what I want.
06/10/2016 12:22:01
please make a version for chromebooks!! I'd love to use it.
03/19/2017 01:07:51
no work. download hit edit only option to replace cover no download.
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