Change or Add Cover to EPUB: A Step-by-Step Guide

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I believe you may have encountered a similar situation to mine where you want to add or change EPUB cover, but are unsure of how to do it. Perhaps you have also been searching for ways to add a cover image to your file after creating an EPUB with ePub Maker. Don’t worry! I'm happy to share that I've found a solution and have written this article to guide you through the process.

During my own trials, there were moments when I wanted to give up as it proved to be a challenging task. I attempted various methods, such as adding the cover to the EPUB file via Calibre or iTunes, among others. However, as they say, no pain no gain. In the end, I discovered the best tool called Epubor Ultimate, and it proved to be well worth the effort.

No matter you want to add epub cover or change epub cover image, Epubor Ultimate is always the best choice.

Why We Choose the Epubor Ultimate to Add Cover to EPUB

After my trial, I have come to the conclusion that the Epubor Ultimate Converter is the best tool for adding/changing covers to ePubs. Here are the reasons:

  • It can not only add covers to ePubs, but also to PDFs.
  • It also supports adding covers to Kindle books (changing Kindle book covers).
  • With the Ultimate Converter, you can add a cover to your ePub if it doesn't already have one. You can also use it to replace or swap out the original cover with a new image of your choice.
  • The tool also includes an auto-download feature for covers, which saves it saves your time on finding and cropping a nice cover image.
  • It can be used not only for common ePub and PDF files, but also for MOBI, AZW3, AZW, PRC, and other eBook file formats.
  • It is the best eBook metadata editor, which includes the ability to edit eBook covers.
  • It is also the best eBook DRM Removal + eBook Converter.

Don't hesitate to download and install the Epubor Ultimate to give it a try.

Then follow the steps below to add or change epub covers.

Step1. Add ePub books to Edit ebook cover

Run the soft after you installing it. Then you can drag your books that you want to add cover to from the left list to the right area. Don't forget to click the "Edit" button.

Add Cover to ePub

As shown in the above image, even if your ePub book is protected by DRM, Epubor Ultimate is able to remove the DRM. After the DRM removal process is complete, you will see "Decrypted" on the book listing. Take a look at how to remove DRM from ePub.

Step2. Add cover to ePub

After clicking the "Edit" button, a new dialog box will appear, which allows you to add a cover to your ePub books.

replace epub cover

Click on "Replace", then choose one image and set it as the ePub cover. Click on "Finished".

Step3. Convert ePub to ePub

Though the newly added cover is showing to the book, but it isn't over yet. You have to convert the ePub to ePub at the output format list because the cover adding metadata is not written into your book, instead are just saved in the tool as the image shows below once you click the "Finished" button.

cover saved

So to make sure the adding goes into perfect, you need to convert the ePub to ePub and then click the "Convert to" button. This is not a neccessary step as you've already change your epub cover or add new image cover to epub files successfully after click "Fisnished" button.

Note: It is important to note that Epubor Ultimate will not make any changes to your original file. Instead, it will create a new copy of the file and apply the changes to the new copy. Therefore, when checking whether your ePub cover has been changed successfully or not, make sure that you open the correct ePub file that has been modified by Epubor Ultimate.

convert epub to epub

If you want to read ePub on Kindle, choose Mobi or AZW3 as output format please.

Now that you have added a cover to your ePub books, you can transfer them to your computer or eBook reader to beautify your bookshelf.


If you transfer the ePub book to your device and find that the newly added cover is not showing in the reading library, it is possible that the eBook publisher has implemented restrictions to prevent the cover from being displayed. In some cases, even if you do not change the cover, the original ePub cover may not be shown. This can happen if the eBook publisher has specifically disabled cover display for their books.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free

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08/15/2015 19:12:28
I have one question. Does it add a cover without converting a thing? I can add a cover with ebook-convert but it alters the entire epub. Just what I DON'T want.
08/15/2015 19:40:08
I forgot that there is also ebook-meta which does not alter the structure, just the metadata, which is what I want.
06/10/2016 12:22:01
please make a version for chromebooks!! I'd love to use it.
03/19/2017 01:07:51
no work. download hit edit only option to replace cover no download.
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