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How to add a cover to kindle azw book? This topic is not a very new topic. Before I start to write this guide, I collect some common questions. 1) when I add a cover to kindle book successfully, but it shows up blurrily in the kindle device. 2) Why my new added cover doesn't appear in my kindle device? 3) Are there any other ways to add cover to kindle book without any reconverting? 4) How to gain an elegant kindle cover? So I will solve these problems one by one. As book authors and ebook reading lovers, they will benefit from this article.

Kindle book cover size specifications

Most people including eBook author and ebook reading lovers will make the same mistake when they add a cover to kindle book. Why my new added cover is blurry on my kindle? So I will introduce briefly the requirement of kindle book cover.

The ideal ratio of kindle book cover (height:width) is 8:5. According to Kindle direct publish (Amazon), the minimum pixels of longest side shall not be less than 1000 pixels. In my test, the lowest pixels is not less than 550px. The book cover will not show up hazily in the Kindle device. If you are a book author, I suggest you comply with the KDP official requriements. And the cover of book should be saved as .jpg (.Jpeg) or .tif (.TIFF) format.

To sum up, make sure your cover is high-definition and appropriate size ratio before you add cover to kindle books.

Add cover to Kindle book in two ways

Method 1: For eBook author, if you have self published a kindle book on the https://kdp.amazon.com, please login the Kindle Direct Publish account. And download this book in html format.

Let's start adding cover to kindle book. At first, create a folder and put this book and eBook cover into the folder together. Then open the book in .html format with dreamweaver or text editor. Finally, locate the end of "</body>" tag, and insert the following code:

[div id="cover"]
[center][img src="yourcoverfile.jpg"][/img][/center]
[mbp:pagebreak /]

Tips: If your image is called XX.jpg, please modify yourcoverfile.png as XX.jpg. "[mbp:pagebreak /]" stands for forcing a page break.

Save the html file and close it. And zip the folder including the book and img. Then login the KDP and upload your book file. At last, preview your book to make sure that you succeed in adding book image.

All are ok, save and publish your book in KDP. Then your eBook readers will see the cover on their kindle device.

Method 2: For eBook author and eBook reading lovers, the second way is much simpler by employing third tool without any code skills. The third tool is called Epubor Ultimate . Once we install this tool and launch it, just drag your kindle eBooks into this program. Small Part of program screenshots as follows:

edit ebook metadate and cover

Let's click "edit" button after importing books successfully and the program will pop up an edit window. There are a replace button at the bottom of the original cover.

Metadata editor window

An overview of the Replace function: it is particularly simple to replace the original book cover with the built-in cover from the program.

Set the epub as the output format and press "Convert" button. Once it finishes converting azw to epub, click "Open Folder" icon at the bottom of the program. Locate the converted book in .epub format. And then load this converted epub book into the program, set the .mobi as the output format. At last, click "Convert" button to finish epub to mobi conversion. When you transfer the mobi file to kindle fire, it will show up the new cover in your kindle device.

Tips 1: If you add cover to kindle azw book and convert azw to mobi directly, the new added cover won't show up in the kindle fire. If you meet any other problems, please leave your comment and we are ready to help you.

Tips 2: If you add a cover to epub, it will not show up any problem.

Tips 3: If you add cover to kindle book wrapped with drm, you should remove drm from kindle books first. The remaining steps are the same to the above. Ultimate Converter cannot only decrypts drm from your own eBooks, but also helps you add cover to kindle cover with ease.

Download Ultimate Converter for free:

Download Kindle book covers from websites

I tried to search for a professional kindle cover creator in vain. And it's difficult to design a good kindle cover for non graphic designer. So I collect some websites about premade ebook covers. How to make use of these kindle cover collections websites?

For eBook reading lovers, it's a good choice to download free limited elegant covers from websites. If you can't download these ebook covers, some screen shots software such as Snagit can help you capture them. Then we can use photo editing software to customize these premade eBook Covers. Eg: Snagit (Photoshop, etc) enable us to add fonts.

Tips: These premade Kindle book covers are only used for personal, not for commercial use.

For eBook authors, it's also not easy to create your own kindle cover. Maybe you can compare these websites according to service, price, design ability, etc. At last, choose your favourite websites and pay for your custom kindle book covers.

1. www.thecovercollection.com

It is reported that this website offers premade kindle book covers for those writing their first novel through to best selling authors. They classify these covers into Romance, Thrillers, Children's, etc according to the books category.

kindle premade cover

2. authormarketingclub.com

It not only meets your pre-made book covers needs, but also focus on how to collect book marketing resource and top tools. The website is also visited by eBook reading lovers because of free eBook resources.

Kindle 2d cover

3. thebookcoverdesigner.com

To tell you truth, this website is simple in structure and focuses on eBook cover design. And it offers a series of eBook cover dimensions you need. For eBook reading lovers, it's easy get relatively high-definition image as your new eBook cover.

kindle high definition cover

Of course, Ultimate Converter not only add these pre-made eBook cover to kindle books, but also allows you to add personal life photos so as to personalize your reading.

Download Ultimate Converter for free:



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