How to Authorize eReader with Adobe Digital Editions

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Most eBook retailers on the market use Adobe adept DRM, not only Kobo, Nook and Google play the main eBook vendors, but also some other online eBook stores including a majority of libaries.

We have to admit the fact that Adobe DRM protected books can only be read on limited devices. If we don't authorize computer or eReader with Adobe ID, we are not allowed to read Adobe DRM EPUB or PDF files. This is necessary to do to view eBooks without any problem. For example, if you purchase books from Google Play and want to read it on your Kobo eReader, as long as you authorize Kobo device with the Adobe ID which has the same email address that is used to purchase Google eBooks, you can read it freely. But how to authorize eReader with Adobe Digital Editions? Please read further to learn the detailed tutorial.

Why we need to authorize eReader with Adobe Digital Editions

Before we start authorizing eReader, let's learn about the necessity first. As I have mentioned above, many online eBooks are protected by Adobe DRM, if we authorize eReader with ADE, we can:

1. Read purchased Adobe DRM protected eBooks from Kobo eBook store or other eBook providers on Nook eReader.

2. Transfer eBooks downloaded online from computer to Kobo/Nook eReader or other Adobe supported devices without restrictions.

3. Take full advantage of our eReaders.

.....No matter what's the purpose to authorize our eReader, this can make us read eBooks without any limitations. Next, just follow the steps below to learn how to for details.

How to authorize eReader with Adobe Digital Editions

Before we authorize eReader with Adobe Digital Editions, we'd better authorize computer with Adobe ID first.

  1. Launch ADE.
  2. Click "Help-->Authorize Computer".
  3. Enter your Adobe ID and password and tap "Authorize" button.

authorize computer with adobe id

If you don't have an Adobe ID yet, simply click "Create an Adobe ID" to get one.

Now let's start authorize eReader with ADE, in this guide the device I'm using is Kobo eReader, it should also work for Nook, Sony and other Adobe supported devices. Pay attention: this instruction in this post only works for e-Ink readers, not contains tablet devices or smart phones. You can click here to learn all the Adobe supported devices and check whether your devices is listed there.

Step1: Connect your eReader to computer with USB

For the Kobo eReader, when it connects to computer, it will ask you whether you'd like to connect it to computer. Simply tap "Connect", then the eReader will connect to computer successfully. This all depends on your eReaders.

Step2: Launch Adobe Digital Editions on your computer

As long as you open ADE, it will detect your device, you can see your Kobo name under "Devices" item at the left column, mine is "KOBOeReader".

ade detect ereader

Step3: Authorize eReader with ADE

Click your eReader on the left side, then tap the setting icon on its upper right corner and select "Authorize Device". A following window will pop up, it will let you choose the ID you want to authorize the device, click "Authorize Device", then your device will be authorized successfully.

authorize eReader with Adobe Digital Editions

Note: Make sure devices or computer must be authorized with the same Adobe ID, or it won't success.

After we have authorized eReader with Adobe Digital Editions, now we can transfer eBooks from computer to devices and read Adobe DRM protected files freely with our favorite eReader.

At last, I want to point out that though we can read Adobe DRM protected files more freely by authorizing eReader and computer with Adobe ID, sometimes, it usually meets all kinds of problems in authorizing process. Such as when we authorize eReader, it shows some error message we don't know how to solve it, or the ADE doesn't detect your eReader at all, etc.

So why not try to figure out a complete solution to solve the problem forever? In my opinion, the best way is to remove DRM from ACSM file. After decrypting eBooks, we can convert the format without any limitations, read them freely on more available devices, such as Kindle, no need to make sure to use the same Adobe ID, etc.

To remove DRM from Adobe DRM protected files, I prefer Epubor Ultimate. It has both eBook DRM Removal and eBook converter functions. Compared with other similar programs, its clean interface and friendly design make it easier to use. Besides, the process speed is also very fast. With this program, we can easily decrypt eBooks which are protected by Adobe DRM. For detailed information about decrypting Adobe DRM eBooks, read remove DRM from Adobe protected EPUB and PDF books to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How to fix the error "x No permission to copy document here" when transferring books with ADE?

A: This error may be caused when your eReader is not authorized correctly. First, make sure your computer is authorized properly, you can click Help-->Authorization Information to check, then close ADE and reset ADE folder on your device. With your eReader connected to computer, open your device drive and find .adobe-digital-editions folder, delete it. Finally, open ADE and transfer the eBook again.

Q: Adobe Digital Editions does not detect my eReader?

A: First, close ADE and unplug your eReader, reconnect it to computer, wait for a few moment. Open ADE, your eReader should shop up under "Devices" item. If it still doesn't work, check your ADE is authorized properly on both your eReader and computer. Go Help-->Authorization Information in ADE, verify it's authorized correctly. Then close ADE, reconnect eReader to computer, double-click your eReader under "Computer", find .adobe-digital-editions folder and delete it. Open ADE, drag the eBook you want to transfer to your device, ADE will register your eReader with the same Adobe ID that you're using on computer.


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07/22/2016 13:23:13
Thank you I have been having so much trouble trying to download library books I had had 2 adobe ids as the 1st one did not work after a while so I deactivated 1st and used another email and id. Sometimes it worked and other times it would not. I deauthourized the kobo and then could not see anyway to reauthorize Today I dumped ADE4.5 and installed ADE3 still the same have been looking allover for how to authorize the kobo and I found you. It still was not easy as the gear wheel symbol would not do what it was supposed to do at first. But got there in the end. Thanks again
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