How to Back up Google Play Books

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Do I need to back up my purchased Google Play books? How to back up Google Play books?

Google Play eBook store is one of the biggest online eBook stores where you can purchase eBooks. Nearly 90% eBook lovers have purchased eBooks from Google Play at least once. Is it safe to keep your purchased eBooks at your Google Account? I am not sure about this because owning a digital eBook is different from owning a real book which you can keep it at your bookshelf forever. For various reasons, you may lose the access to your purchased eBooks. That’s why we need to back up Google Play Books. Here you'll learn necessities of backing up Google Play books and how to backup Google Play books.

1. The Necessities of Backing up Google Play Books

Apparently, people choose to back up their Google Play books for different reasons. From my own perspective, it is necessary to back up the Google Play books and the reasons can be concluded as follows.

1 Google Play service are not available in all countries.

Although Google Play keeps trying hard to expand Google Play Books internationally, but this service is still not available in many countries. You can check Google Office website to see the supported country list. Even if you have purchased books in the Google Play book supported country but you cannot access this book from a country that the Google service is not available. If you travel or immigrate to a Google Play books unsupported country, you will lose the access to your purchase Google Play books even if you've already purchase them. If you have backed up these books to your PC/Mac, it is easy for you to read them at any country.

google books not available

2 Google Play eBooks has device limit issue.

As the developing of technology, most eBook lover own more than one digital devices, such as tablets, smartphone, laptop, eReaders and so on. It is hard for them to read eBooks on only one device. Here comes to the issue. You may encounter this error message “E_GOOGLE_DEVICE_LIMIT_REACHED” when you try to download Google Play books to multiple devices. It means you have reached the Google Play devices limits.

But what is the Google Play device limits? The Google Play limit how many devices you can download Google Play books on at the same time. They do not give exactly numbers of how many devices, but if you have reached this limits, you are not able to download your Google Books any more. Here is a solution provided by Google Play store -- removing ebooks from one of your devices and downloading it on another. If you have backed up your eBooks, there is no need to worry about the device limits because you can copy your eBook backup to any device.

Google devices limits

3 If the Google Play store shut down, you will lose your book.

I know this possibility of shutting down Google Play store is really rarely, but we are not definitely sure that Google Play store will run forever. As far as I am concerned, there are plenty of eBook stores before Amazon and Google Play went out of business. As consequence, their servers are also went down. For customers who have not downloaded their copies of purchased eBooks, they will lose these eBooks forever. To avoid meeting the similar situation, backing up your Google Play books is the top priority.

Part 2. How to Back up Google Play Books

Since I have listed so many necessities to back up Google Play Books, here comes the question how to back Google Play books. In the following part, I will show you the easiest way to back up Google Play books.

1 Download Google Play books

Log in your Google account and go to My Books of Google Play store. You will see all your purchased books under "My Books" tab. To download the Google Play books, click the three dot under each book cover, and then select "Download Epub or Download PDF" according to your own reading requirements.

google book download option


1, Not all Google Play books offer both epub and pdf downloading. Some of them are only have one downloading option as below picture.

download ebook format option

2, Not all the Google Play books downloaded are in EPUB or PDF format, but with .acsm extension. To convert acsm to epub or PDF, please read the guide Convert ACSM to EPUB already published.

2 Remove DRM from Google Play books

It is universal known that almost all books purchased from Google Play store are protected by DRM. To back up Google Play books, we have to remove DRM from Google Play books. Now I want to introduce you the most powerful and professional eBooks DRM removal—Epubor Ultimate. Epubor Ultimate can handle books purchased from the main stream eBook vendors, such as Amazon, Google Play, Nook and Kobo. It can crack 95% eBook DRM on the market.

Download Free Trial of Epubor Ultimate


Launch Epubor Ultimate, and click the Book library at the top right corner, you will see tabs like eReader, Kindle, Adobe, Kobo and so on. Click on “Adobe” Tab, all Google Play books downloaded to your computer will be detected and displayed at the left column. Just drag the books from left to right and the DRM will be removed automatically. When the DRM has been removed, you will see “Decrypted” at the end of each book title in the right column.

remove google play books DRM

3 Back up Google Play books to pc/mac

To find the decrypted books at your computer, you can click “Decrypted” and the folder storing the DRM-free book will pop up. You can back up these DRM-free Google play books at somewhere at your computer so you can easily find them.

Only a few steps, you can get backup of your Google Play books. Now you can choose to read your Google books at any devices or apps after you have the DRM-free version of it.

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