How to Borrow Books from Library for Kindle Fire

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How to get books on Kindle Fire? For this question, most people absolutely think about the Amazon Kindle Store. Yes, the built-in Kindle Store in Kindle devices provides us millions of the most popular books covering various ranges. It's fast and easy to use. But what we'll talk about in this article is another way of getting book for Kindle Fire – borrow books from library. Hearing this you may think of walking a long road to the library and waiting for a long queue. Well, with the OverDrive service, we can easily find books on the library website and send them to our Kindle Fire. Now let's follow the tutorial below!

PS: OverDrive is the leading full-service digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, music and video worldwide. Many libraries have cooperation with OverDrive so that you can read ebooks and sent them to your ebook readers.

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1 Find library and get library card

It's better to choose a local library nearby. If you don't know where the libraries are, please visit Find Library icon and choose "Library Search" to find a library where you live. You can click the map to choose location and select the state from the list.



Click and select a library. You can find the library address in the Branch Details. Now you have to go to the library and register for a new account. Then you will get a library card. You may need to set a password. Please ask the librarian for more details.


2 Find books at library website with OverDrive

Visit the library website and find the entrance of OverDrive search. This may differ in different libraries. Or you can click the link at the Branch Details of the OverDrive library search.


You may see a new page like this:


Search the books in the search box or choose from book category. If you want search only for Kindle books, click "Advanced search" and choose format as "Kindle Book".


Click the book you want to borrow. If the "Available format" contains "Kindle Book", then you can borrow it for Kindle Fire. Click the "Borrow" button and a window will pop up to ask you to enter your library card number.



Select download and choose "Kindle Book"



The page will turn to Amazon and you could see a page like this. It's just like you purchase book at Amazon store. You can choose the Kindle device by clicking the drop down "Deliver to" menu. Click "Get library book" and the book will be sent to your Kindle Fire.


Connect your Kindle Fire to Wi-Fi and go to "Books". Slide down the menu and tap "sync". After several minutes you can see the book borrowed from the library. Tap to download the book and then you can read it on your Kindle Fire.


OK, all finish! Not so complicated, isn't it? Just try to borrow your favorite book from library now!


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