How to Cancel Your Amazon Prime Subscription

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Can I cancel Amazon Prime at any time because I want to try the Amazon Prime Trial?

Perhaps Amazon has tricked you with misleading ads making you believe you could get want you want whenever you want. Or you want to try the Amazon Prime Subscription free trial to take advantage of events like Prime Day. It is important to cancel it before get charged. How can you cancel your Amazon prime membership if you decide that the Amazon prime isn't for you? Here is how to cancel your Amazon prime subscription.

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Part 1. FAQ before cancelling Amazon Prime?

What is Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives you free two-day shipping, plus extra privileges like music and video streaming. It costs $99 per year. You can start with a 30-day free trial before committing to a paid membership.

Frequently Asked Questions about what happens if you cancel Amazon Prime
Q: Will my Amazon prime end immediately once I cancel it?

A: It would not. By default, the Amazon prime membership will end on the start of the renewal date. However, if you are under a free trial, you can cancel it within three business days of getting the official Amazon prime membership.

Q: What will happen to my order if I cancel Amazon prime?

A: Nothing will happen to your purchases and orders. However, it will affect your access to the prime video, music, and book contents.

Q: Will I be able to get a refund if I cancel Amazon prime membership?

According to Amazon prime terms and conditions, the people who are eligible to get a refund are those who did not use any of the Amazon Prime benefits, which includes Amazon Prime Video, free 2-day shipping, and shopping benefits. I guess most of the Amazon users are not eligible to get a refund.

What benefits can I enjoy before cancelling Amazon Prime?

If you are tempted to end your Prime membership, there are still plenty of benefits that you can enjoy before cancel it.

  • 1. Enjoy the prime reading opportunity.
  • 2. Buy your essentials.
  • 3. Watch your favorite movies on Prime Video.
  • 4. Listen to Amazon music.
  • 5. Play a free selection of games via Twitch.

Part 2. Step-by-step guide to cancel Amazon Prime

If you wish to cancel Amazon prime, you can do it on both desktop or Mobile App.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime account on desktop

1 Log into Amazon and Hover over Account & Lists and click on Your Account.

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Click on "Prime - View benefits and payment settings".

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2 Click "Manage Membership" section and then choose "End Membership".

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Then Amazon will ask if you are sure to end your prime membership. Also, it will show you how many days left before your next billing cycle. So if you are ready to end your prime membership, click on "Cancel my Benefits" to end your Amazon Prime Membership.

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Amazon then will try to tempt you with another benefits. Just click on "End Membership" button.

How to cancel your Amazon Prime account in the mobile app

If you are using Amazon mobile app, you can also cancel Amazon Prime membership on it.

1 On the Amazon shopping app, just tap the menu button at the bottom right corner, then tap "Your Account">> "Prime Membership".

end prime membership

2 Tap "Manage Membership">>"End Membership". The Amazon will show you the benefits of being Amazon prime members.

end prime membership

3 Just ignore this nonfiction and scroll down to the bottom to tap the option "I Do Not Want My Benefits" to confirm the cancellation.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How to cancel an Amazon Prime Trial?

A: Amazon offers free Prime trials of 30 days or six months for students. Cancelling an Amazon Prime free trial is the same as cancelling the paid-for Prime membership. You'd better to do it on day 29 so you take full advantage of all the benefits before your credit card gets charged.

Part 3. How to get a refund on Amazon Prime?

There are some sources mention beening given a partial refund for the remaining days until the renewal date even when they used some benefits. However, it is not guaranteed.

There are two ways to request the refund on Amazon Prime.

1 Call Amazon for the refund. Reach out to an Amazon customer support representative by calling 1-888-280-4331 (toll-free) or 001-206-922-0880 (international) and explain your specific situation.

2 Request the refund through Amazon website.

Go to Amazon contact us page>>Prime or Something else>>Prime>>Membership Management>>Other Prime issue>>then choose livechat.

    Bullet points of getting a refund on Amazon Prime

  • 1. If you cancel within three business days of signing up for a paid membership, you will get a full refund.
  • 2. You might be get a refund if you're paid for Prime but haven't used your benefits in this period.
  • 3. If you can't get a refund, you can cancel Amazon Prime membership but you'll keep your benefits until the end of your paid membership period.

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11/22/2021 23:40:04
cancel my amazon prime today
06/27/2022 00:18:00
Please cancel my prime and benefits until further notice thank you so much.
12/24/2021 08:59:42
Please cancel my subscription
02/1/2022 19:18:52
Please cancel my Amazon prime free trial as I won't be using it for some time as Hospital admission next week thank you
02/5/2022 07:41:49
this is the second month that I have canceled this. STOP taking my money for  something that I don't use !!!
04/11/2022 00:31:20
Sorry on Fix Income
04/11/2022 07:15:26
I never sign up or asked for your service. Please stop deducting $6.99 from my account. If you continue, I will report you to the consumer affairs.
04/12/2022 00:15:58
i am on a fixed income and do not order that much canot afford extras please cancel
04/20/2022 08:08:20
Please cancel my subscription.
04/21/2022 09:18:46
You need to cancel Amazon subscription by yourself or contact Amazon support.
08/10/2022 08:40:04
I am being charged for a Amazon prime account. Can you please cancel my account and let me know when you will stop changing my credit card account
08/15/2022 16:29:55
Please contact the Amazon customer support to cancel your memebership.
04/13/2023 08:31:08
Cancel my Amazon prime
04/17/2023 09:37:03
To end your Amazon Prime, please log in to your Amazon account on your phone or desktop, go to your Prime membership, find the subscription that you want to cancel, and select cancel and confirm. If there is still a problem, please try to contact Amazon customer service. Here are the steps from Amazon official website:
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