How to Celebrate National Reading Month of 2022

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March is National Reading Month. The goal of National Reading Month is to help people develop the habit of reading, especially children. Reading is not only one of the best habits to develop, it is also the most powerful skill that allows you to learn anything you want. There’s an old saying that you can trade reading for any other skill. It is so true! However, though almost everyone can read, people hardly read. That’s why we need some new ways to celebrate National Reading Month in order to develop our reading habits.

march is the national reading month

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1. Things You Need to Know about National Reading Month

1. Why do we celebrate National Reading Month?

March was designated as National Reading Month to celebrate Dr. Suess who received a Pulitzer Prize in 1984 for his contribution to the education of America’s children and their parents. National Reading Month is celebrated not just to promote the love for reading but also to develop communication and learning. Love to read, love to learn!

hats off to dr Seuss

2. What is the importance of National Reading Month?

National Reading Month is important because it will help the youth to cultivate a habit of reading. Everyday reading increases your knowledge and creativity, improves comprehension and critical-thinking abilities, develops your personal and professional skills and gives you more chances for a successful career.

3. What is the real importance of reading?

On one hand, reading is the best investment you can put on yourself. In the long run, you will be paid off by the specific knowledge you acquired. On the other hand, reading is a good mental exercise. It keeps the mind sharp, young, and healthy. Most importantly, the great thing about reading is you can use that to pick up any new skill. So if you learn how to learn, it’s the ultimate meta skill. For example, you can learn how to live a good life, you can learn how to be fit, you can learn how to be happy, you can learn how to have good relationships, you can learn how to be successful….You can trade it for any other skill. And that all begins with reading.

reading is power

6 Ways to Celebrate National Reading Month

ways to celebrate reading month

1. Visit A Library

Library is one of the best places you can some quality time with your child or just yourself. Library not only provides a good reading environment, but also allows you to read all their books for free. Take your child to a nearby library to immerse in the reading environment and feel the reading atmosphere, which will have a profound influence in their lives. As we know, example is better than precept. Setting a good example for your child plays an vital role.

2. Develop A Reading Habit

We have a whole month to celebrate National Reading Month. A famous study has shown that we just need 21 days to develop a new habit. Why not make full use of this month to revive your reading habits.

Reading is like exercise. As long as you keep reading every day, even just 10 minutes a day, you can easily develop a reading habit and gain the benefits in the long run.

3. Read Books That You Love

A genuine love for reading is a superpower. If you want to educate yourself, learn to love to read and later read the ones that only you love.

In order to find the books that we are interested, we must start picking up a lot of books and read them all. Put down any book instantly that doesn’t grab you and just keep going until you find something that does speak to you. There are tons of good books out there. Do not spend your time reading non-nutritive books. By reading what we love, we can develop a love for reading much easier.

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4. Listen To Audiobooks

Reading is as good as listening to audiobooks. And the popularity of enjoying audiobooks is just increasing with time. Listening to audiobooks is a great alternative for young people, especially those people who find it hard to balance life and work. It is a terrific way to improves your reading and speaking accuracy and fluency. Of course, one of the most notable benefits of audiobooks is that you can save a good amount of time by multitasking. Such as listen to audiobooks while driving, cleaning, exercising, etc.

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5. Reread The Best Books Again And Again

Thanks to the internet, there are tons of good books in the world. But we should spend our limited life reading the best books over and over again until we absorb them rather than read all the books. There’s no better way to absorb one’s lifetime wisdom just by reading their works, which makes reading the cheapest thing in this world to help you become more wisdom day by day.

So, read and skim a lot of books, then identify the best books that resonate with you, and reread them until what you learned from them becomes part of your daily routine or behavior. It’s not about the number of books you’ve read. It’s about concepts and ideas you’ve understood.

6. Take Notes And Share What You Have Learnt

How can we transform others’ wisdom into ours? One of the best ways is to write down your thoughts or distill it into a few characters when you come across a fundamental ‘ah-ha’ insight. Then absorb it and share it with others. Understanding the essence of the book is the key. Sharing wisdom is good for both you and the world.

reading can get you everything you want

In a word, a genuine love for reading is a superpower. Reading alone accounts for any material success and any intelligence that you might have. It is time for us to pick up any book and learn to love to read.

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