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"I want to log into my audible account, but it automatically chooses the .com I set up by accidents ages ago, not the .co.uk account I actually use. How can I switch to the right account? "--Do you know how to change your Audible marketplace? Today, I will share how to change audible marketplace on Windows/Mac/iOS/Android devices. Also, you will find the valid method to bypass audible region lock in this article.

Part 1. Change Audible Market Place on Windows/Mac

For changing audible country on Windows or Mac, it would be super easy for everyone. You just need to log in the corresponding audible website on browser and you will go to the right Audible marketplace.

For detailed information of Audible available countries, please check the following table.

No. Audible Marketplace Supported Countries
1 Audible.com US and all other countries not listed
2 Audible.ca Canada
3 Audible.co.uk UK and Ireland
4 Audible.fr France, Belgium, Switzerland
5 Audible.de Germany, Austria, Switzerland
6 Audible.co.jp Japan
7 Audible.it Italy
8 Audible.com.au Australia and New Zealand

Note: Some titles will be geographically restricted based on your location. Try the effective method to bypass audible region lock.

Change Audible market place on Audible Windows APP

If you are using Audible app got from Microsoft store, please follow the below steps to change Audible market place.

1 Go to settings>Sign out to logout of your current Audible account.

Please note: your downloaded audible files will also be removed from your computer once you log out your Audible account. Please remember to backup your Audible books before signing out.

2 Once you logged out, you will be redirected to the login interface again. To change the marketplace, just click on "Marketplace:Audible.com" and then pick up yours under "select your marketplace". All done. Then sign in with your audible account information.

change audible marketplace windows app

Part 2. Change Audible Marketplace on iOS and Android

Changing audible country on ios and android device is almost the same so here I will only give the detailed steps of Android device. But it works the same on iOS devices.

1 At the top left corner, tap the menu icon>Settings>Sign out of Audible.

2 At the main screen of Audible, just tap Marketplace and select the marketplace you want to switch to and login.

change audible marketplace Android

Part 3. Bypass Audible Region Lock

Although there are many audible marketplaces, but .com is always the one obtains the largest amount of audible titles. But how non-us residents purchase these audible titles?

It is easy for us to change the marketplace, but the hardest part in our daily life is not changing audible marketplace, but purchasing the audible book doesn’t available at your marketplace. I know many audiobook lovers are suffering the audible region lock. Is there any way to bypass audible region lock?

For those who have its own audible marketplace, you can easily purchase the Audible book at its own marketplace.

For those who live in uk but want to purchase audible books only available in US, you will be warned: “Sorry! We are not authorized to sell  this product in your country/region.”

audible regional restriction

--That’s the Audible regional restriction.

How to bypass the regional restriction—a solution for non-US residents to purchase Audible titles available in US marketplace?

1 Register a new account in Audible.com with a real US address. You can generate the US address with US Address Generator. Please remember that address is the key issue.

2   Add a fake US credit card information, please generate a fake American card number on the internet. Please note: you only need to make this credit card information as your default credit. Please ensure the billing address related to this credit card it American address.

3 This time when you try to add the audible book into your shopping cart, you will not be remind of the regional restriction warning again. Purchase the Audible books with your original UK Credit Card. All done. Please don’t forget to change your default payment method back to your real credit card after you finished the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I merge my US and UK Audible accounts? Or can I combine my audible libraries of US and UK?

A: Accounts cannot be combined. Additionally, you cannot use your US account credentials to sign in to the UK site and vice versa. However, each marketplace has its own separate database.So you are not able to merge two libraries to one. Here is another way to listen to all audible book at one device, that is converting audible in mp3 for listening. With the DRM-free audible file, you can build yourself an audiobook library.

Q: Can I just use the VPN to bypass the audible region lock?

A: VPN is not working for this regional restriction, so you can't beat the regional restriction with VPN. Please just follow above mentioned method to bypass the audible region lock.

These are all knowledge of changing audible country I want to share today. If you have any other good method of bypassing audible region restriction, please share them in the comments to benefit more audiobook lovers.


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