How to Change Kindle Language to Connect Non-US Kindle Store

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Why or when we need to change Kindle's language setting? Nowadays Amazon has already extended their business all over the world. But before Amazon shipping the Kindle into those countries, the Kindle users there were buying Kindle from US Amazon store. And of course it can only connect to amazon.com and buy english eBooks.

For example, this year Amazon shipped Kindle Paperwhite to China and opened chinese Kindle store there. Chinese Kindle users now can buy native chinese eBooks in amazon.cn.

Here comes the problem, for those chinese Kindle users who bought a Kindle Paperwhite from America, their Kindles are defaultly connecting to US amazon.com. Therefore they cannot buy the chinese books in amazon.cn.

That's why I write this guide, by changing the Kindle language we can connect to non-US Kindle store and buy non-english eBooks as we want. Notice: Not every generation of Kindle is able to do this, it depends on the firmware version. Here we go.

1Go to "Settings" screen

On your Kindle's homepage, press the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner to enter the settings screen.

click settings button

2Press the Settings icon again in setting screen

You can't find the Kindle language reset option by simpley entering settings screen. To find it you have to press the setting icon again in the settings screen.

press settings button again

By pressing the setting icon we can active another drop-down menu, and the "Reset Device" options hides there.

reset device

All your contents in Kindle will disappear after the device resetting, so make a back-up at first is recommended.

3Waiting the Kindle to re-start, then choose language

After pressing "Yes" in Reset Device window the Kindle will reboot automatically, wait for one minute, the Kindle will ask you to choose a languge. By choosing the language, you are in fact choosing which store your Kindle will connect to.

choose kindle language

4Check the result

For example I choose "Simplified Chinese" as my target language, then Kindle will ask me to enter my amazon.cn account and password, then goes to the tutorial.

If everything goes OK, we will be able to see chinese books recommendation from amazon.cn. In another word, as long as you see the recommendation books are not from US amazon.com, you are succeed to change Kindle language and connect to a differnt Amazon Kindle store.

change kindle language and connect to differnt amazon kindle store


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12/30/2014 12:25:18
Hello Johnny, thanks for your article, i want to know once you connected to amazon.cn, can you still buy books from amazon.com?  I know there is a new family share function now, to add 2 account on 1 kindle.  So is it possible to add a amazon.cn and amzaon.com account on same kindle?
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