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What is AAX format? The file with the AAX extension is the data file format that associated with the Audible enhanced format. The AAX format is an exclusive audiobook format developed by Audible.com while the AAX file is multimedia digital audiobook which includes images, links, videos and timeline. Also, the AAX format can be assumed the enhanced format of AA which is the old audiobook format developed by Audible. Compared with AA, AAX format has higher bit rate of 64Kbps and takes larger space. Consequently, AAX format has higher sound quality because it is “uncompressed” feature. That’s why nowadays that more and more audiobook lovers choose to download the Audible audiobooks to AAX. In this article, I will introduce how to convert AAX to MP3 on Windows 10. This method is also applied to other windows system, like Windows 7 and Vista system. If you are concerned about converting aax to mp3 on mac, just read the easiest way to convert aax to mp3 on mac.

1. Why Convert AAX to MP3?

Although AAX files has been popular among audiobook lovers, they are only can be played on limited Audible compatible devices or apps. For detailed information, please check the below table.

Audible compatible Devices
  • Kindle Oasis (8th, 9th Gen)
  • Kindle (8th Gen)
  • Fire Tablets
  • Kindle Keyword & Kindle Touch
  • Kindle Fire
  • Sandisk MP3 Players
  • Creative MP3 Players
  • Garmin & Tom Tom GPS Devices
  • Windows and Mac computers (sorry Linux users!)
  • Audible app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows 10


If you want to listen to your Audible audiobook on Sony MP3 player or listen when you are driving, but you happen to have not any of above listed devices? In this situation, if you have the Audible in mp3 format, you will soon break through this dilemma as the MP3 format is the most common used audio format and can be played on almost all popular players. Converting Audible AAX in MP3 is the best solution for all Audible audiobook lovers.

2. Download AAX to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most used computer system nowadays. The majority of audiobook lovers choose to download the Audible audiobooks to their computers. Here are the most common two ways to download Audible AAX to Windows 10.

Method 1. Download Audible AAX to Windows 10 via Audible Download Manager

Step 1. Go to the library page of Audible.com. Since you want to download the AAX format, go to the Audio quality option, and select "Enhanced" at the drop down list. If you have choosen "Format 4" as the download format, the downloaded audible books will be in AA format.

enhanced format

Step 2. Then click on "Download" button to download the Audible books. But you will get a file with the extension .adh instead of the .aax.

Step 3. Download and install Audible Download manager which is a program that assists in downloading audiobooks from Audible website. This is a must-have software if you want to download Audible audiobooks from the website to your Windows computer. When this software has been installed, click the .adh files to download the Audible audiobooks.

download adh to aax

When the Audible audiobooks have been downloaded, click on "Download folder" to open the folder stored the downloaded Audible aax files.

Method 2. Download Audible AAX to Windows 10 via Audible for Windows 10 Desktop Application

Unlike other Windows system, Audible has released a unique version for Windows 10. Therefore, you can download Audible aax to Windows via the Audible for Windows 10 desktop application.

Step 1 Go to the Windows store and type "Audible" into the search bar and select "Audiobooks from Audible".

search audible app

Then click on "Get“ button to install this software to your Windows 10.

get audible app

Step 2 Launch Audible for Windows 10 Application, and go to the library. You will see all the Audible books you purchased. Click the download arrow to download the Audible audiobooks.

download audible aax

Step 3 When the audiobook has been downloaded, go to the settings--> Downloads-->click "Open Download location in File Explore" to open the location of the download aax files.

open folder of downloaded aax files

As you can see from the above picture that you can enable the "Standard quality". No matter you enable "standard quality" or not, the audiobook you downloaded will be in aax format.

These are two ways that you can download the Audible audiobooks to windows 10. You can choose the one you like to download the audible audiobooks.

3. How to Convert AAX to MP3 Windows 10

Since you have already downloaded the Audible aax to your Windows 10 computer, it comes to convert the AAX to MP3. Here I will introduce the easiest way to convert AAX to MP3 on Windows 10.

First of all, please download and install the Ultimate tool--Epubor Audible Converter which is the best Audible DRM Removal as well as audiobook converter. It enables you to convert aax to mp3 within seconds with the original quality preserved.

Download Epubor Audible Converter


Launch Epubor Audible Converter, and then drag and drop the Audible aax files you have downloaded to your Windows 10.

add audible books to epubor audible converter

Then select "convert to mp3" as the output format from the drop-down list.

select mp3 as the output format

Click on "Convert to MP3" button to start the conversion. When the conversion has finished, the folder stored the converted mp3 file will pop up automatically.

convert aax to mp3

Bonus Tips

Tip 1: Fastest way to convert aax to mp3

I guess you guys may have converted your audible aax to mp3 already. I know some of you may cannot stand the long time waiting for the conversion process as we all known that conversion is a time consuming process. For this kind of reader, here comes the bonus tip you may be interested in.

As I have mentioned that there is another audible format AA, this format is actually the MP3 with the encryption. So if you have downloaded the audible books in AA format(Format4), the conversion process is the same as the audible drm removing process which will only take a few seconds. I am definitely sure this tip will save you a lot time. Just try it now!

Tip 2: Split audible book into chapters

If you are intending to split audible into chapters, Epubor Audible Converter can be the most perfect tool. When you drag audible book into Audible Converter, just click on "Option" button at the end of the book title. Then select "Split by chapters" and click on "OK" button. Go back to the main interface of Audible converter and then click on ”Convert to mp3" button. When the conversion finished, the files you get will not be a whole audiobook but mp3 audiobooks in chapters.

split audible into chapters

Tip 3: Convert AAX to M4B

Compared with mp3, m4b audiobooks allow you to store digital bookmarks which make it easier for you to jump to the point where you last left off. And also the m4b format is more suitable than mp3 for an Apple device like iPhone, iPod, iPad or MAC since it's specially used by iTunes to store audiobooks. Follow this guide to convert Audible aax/aa to m4b: Ultimate Way to Convert Audible to M4B [Infographic]. Great to share is converting AAX to M4B will only need 1 minute. You can just download the Audible Converter now to see if this Audible Converter can do it or not.

It is easy to convert Audible aax to mp3 on Windows 10 computer. If you are curious about converting aax on mac, please read the easiest way to convert aax to mp3 on mac or the official guide to convert audible to mp3.

Download Epubor Audible Converter



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02/28/2019 21:45:15
The files are converted to M4B format. You then have to click on Convert to MP3. Do not lose patience, on my PC, it can take up to an hour to convert a single file! Why does it take so long?
Why cannot we have a choice that goes straight to MP3?
03/1/2019 09:25:11
Thank you for using Epubor audible converter. When you drag the aax file to audible converter, the file will be decrypted at once. The m4b is the decrypted file because aax actually is the m4b file with some DRM protection. That's why you need the step "Convert to mp3". I am sincerely sorry for the conversion speed but the conversion is a time consuming process.  
Here is a tip: If you want to get mp3 directly, you can download audible file as format4(.aa). In this situation, when you drag the aa file to audible converter, it will be decrypted in mp3 directly. You do not have to convert it any more.
03/1/2019 12:07:37
Thank's for your swift response, especially the tip on downloading format4 files.
03/2/2019 08:40:13
You are welcome. We are glad this tip can help you get mp3 directly in short time.
04/2/2019 14:46:56
Thank you for sharing.
04/2/2019 14:48:22
Glad you like our software.
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