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If you love reading ebooks you must be familiar with .azw file. AZW file is one of the Kindle eBook formats, which can be opened and viewed with Kindle eBook reader devices or Kindle reading apps. As an Amazon-owned format, azw is not so compatible as the industry standard ebook format ePub and PDF. So here comes the demand to convert kindle azw to epub and pdf.

About how to convert kindle azw to epub, just click here for more detailed information. Today I will show you how to convert azw to pdf.

Step 1: Get AZW eBooks via Kindle for PC

After you purchase the book from Kindle store, sync the book via Kindle for PC and download it to your computer. To find the downloaded Kindle books on your computer, you can click Tools icon in the menu bar of Kindle for PC and click Options in the drop-down window.

kindle tools

Then choose Content in the pop up window. There you will get the default path of your download Kindle book in your computer.

kindle content folder

Step 2: Convert AZW eBooks with Powerful Tools

In common we can't simply copy and paste azw files to computer, and we couldn't transfer them directly to android, kobo, sony eReader, etc. The reason is not only the format problem but also the DRM restriction. So in this part we are going to introduce 3 brilliant converter tools for your reference.

1. Convert AZW to PDF with Epubor Ultimate

Epubor Ultimate, the best eBook DRM Removal plus eBook Converter, makes it simple to convert a bunch of books to EPUB, PDF or Mobi, and the converted books are displayed exactly the way they are. Most important, Epubor ultimate can detect your downloaded AZW books automatically. Simply drag and drop books from the left sidebar library, choose an output format if needed, and click the Convert to PDF button. Then, all the books will be converted to the format you need. The smart and exclusive converter definitely helps you read more unfettered. You can follow the below steps to convert AZW to PDF with Epubor Ultimate.

1. Download Epubor Ultimate to your computer. And all of your AZW books will be displayed on the left sidebar after you open the Epubor software.

2. Drag and drop the AZW books to the right main window, voila, all of your books will be decrypted immediately.

epubor ultimate2

3. Choose Convert to PDF in the bottom of the interface, click Convert to PDF button.

epubor ultimate3

Even if your AZW books has DRM protection, they will be decrypted immediately after dragging and dropping them to the right main window. Epubor Ultimate is really a top-notch in this business when it comes to decrypt DRM-ed ebook as well as convert the book format.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free
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2. Convert AZW to PDF with Calibre

Calibre is a powerful and easy to use e-book manager as well as a brilliant free ebook reader. It's an excellent file support. You just add any DRM free books to Calibre, then choose the output format to convert the book.

Notice: Calibre can't open DRM free KFX files yet.

1. Download Calibre to your computer and launch it.

2. Download De-DRM plugin and upload it to Calibre.

Open the zip file after downloading the De-DRM plugin, drag and drop the DeDRM_calibre-plugin file to the desktop.

Notice: we strongly suggest you to read the ReadMe_first file before any further operation.

dedrm plugin

3. Click Preferences on Calibre's tool bar, then click Plugins in the pop up window.

calibre preferences

4. Click Load plugin from file.

load dedrm plugin

5. Double click the DeDRM_calibre-plugin file among the desktop file.

dedrm calibre plugin file

6. Choose the DeDRM-plugin.zip, then click Open.

click open

7. Click Yes and OK.

click yes1 click ok1

Then the DeDRM_plugin will be displayed under File type plugins.

file type plugins1

For now, you have conquered the most difficult part. Next you only need to add your AZW file to Caliber, the book will be decrypted during the Adding books process. Be aware that the DRM-ed azw book can't be added to Calibre if the above DeDRM_calibre-plugin hasn't successfully load to Calibre plugin file.

8. After adding the azw book to Calibre, click Convert books in the tool bar.

convert books1

9. Then choose PDF as the output format and click OK. You'll get the PDF file no more than one minute.

output format

10. Click the book title and you can open the PDF file by clicking PDF format.

converted pdf

Don't you think that convert DRM-ed AZW to PDF with Calibre is way complicated than Epubor Ultimate software. One biggest inconvenience of Calibre is that it can't open DRM-protected books directly. You need to download De-DRM plugins and upload it to Calibre in order to remove DRM from protected books. And even worse, Calibre can't handle KFX DRM now. However, now many Kindle books adopt the newest KFX format.

3. Convert AZW to PDF with Online Converter

Thought online converter is super convenient without installing any software to your computer, let alone to download time-consuming De-DRM plugins, the most disadvantage of online converter is that it can't deal with DRM-ed file. So if you want to use online converter to convert AZW to PDF, please make sure they are DRM free.

As far as I am concerned, I think Epubor Online eBook Converter is the most powerful tool to convert DRM free AZW file to PDF on the internet. It's super fast without quality losing.

First, go to Epubor Online eBook Converter and choose PDF as the output format.

convert to pdf online

Second, click Browse File to add the AZW file.

You will get the converted PDF file immediately. Just click Download to download the PDF file to your computer.   

download pdf


To summarize, Epubor Ultimate is the most easy to use and powerful software to help you decrypt DRM-ed ebook as well as convert the format with the least effort. Even if you are a newbie, you'll learn to use Epubor Ultimate as soon as your open the software.

Download Epubor Ultimate for Free
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