How to Convert AZW to PDF(2020 Updated)

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If you love reading ebooks you must be familiar with .azw file. AZW file is one of the Kindle eBook formats, which can be opened and viewed with Kindle eBook reader devices or Kindle reading apps. As an Amazon-owned format, azw is not so compatible as the industry standard ebook format ePub and PDF. So here comes the demand to convert kindle azw to epub.

2 Tools you need: Epubor Ultimate and Kindle desktop application.

Prepare: Use Older Version Kindle for PC/Mac to Download Kindle Titles

Why we need to downgrade the Kindle for PC/Mac to older version? This is because Amazon changes its DRM technology to recent Kindle books after the Kindle for PC/Mac version 1.25(and above) released and firmware 5.10.2(and above) released.

For now there is no better solution than downgrading Kindle desktop to older version.

epubor detects kindle desktop version

As above image shows, if you have used newer version Kindle for PC/Mac (such as v1.28) before, the Epubor Ultimate will help detect it and tell you how to downgrade. Just click "Downgrade Now", everything will be OK. This saves your time much.

For MacOS Catalina users, downgrading kindle for mac to v1.23 is not available. This means you can't use Epubor Ultimate to convert AZW to PDF on Mac.

1-Click Solution: Use Epubor Ultimate to Convert AZW to PDF

Since you have get the older version kindle desktop ready, now you can log in with your own kindle account and re-download your Kindle books by clicking the cover.

By default, the downloaded kindle books will be saved under "My Kindle Content" folder on your computer.

kindle content folder

Run Epubor Ultimate. Click on "Kindle" label, the newly downloaded books (via the older version kindle) are displayer at the left side. Drag them to the right, the drm will be removed immediately.

azw2pdf epubor

Choose PDF as output format, click on "Convert to..." button. OK.

Click on "Output Folder", now you can view the PDF books with any pdf reader, for example, apple books.

azw2pdf converter


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