How to Convert AZW3 to EPUB

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azw3 to epub

To start this guide how to convert AZW3 to EPUB, for good understanding I would settle it with several parts including what's azw3 file, why we have to convert azw3 to epub, how to, etc. So it would be better to read them step by step.

Of course if you had get a good knowledge about the AZW3 format, you can pass those parts of the supplementary instructions and go straight to how to convert azw3 to epub.

Part 1: What is AZW3

If you were Kindle ebook's loyal fans, you won't feel strange to the AZW3 format. And there are also a large number of people prefer to call AZW3 as KF8 (Kindle Format 8). At the beginning what's azw3 fileAZW3 was just used on Kindle Fire only, and many people don't take special attention to it.

But, I didn't know exactly when, the AZW3 format expanded to Kindle Paperwhite and be widely used on the E-Ink eReader. What's more, if you synced your books with Kindle for PC/Mac, some of them would be turned to .azw3 file from .azw after the DRM removed. This is a very interesting phenomenon, yes?

Perhaps we can even predict that AZW3 format would play a big role on Kindle ebook world in the near future. But as the saying goes every coin has two sides, we may usually meet some obstacles to read kindle azw3 books, too. This is what I want to say in Part 2.

Part 2: Why we convert azw3 file to epub

As I have written at part 1, AZW3 file is well supported on Kindle Paperwhite. But, on computer or other tablets and smart phones, how to open an azw3 file? The common way is using the free Kindle reading apps.

However, tha fact we couldn't escape is, on non-Kindle devices, such as Kobo, Sony, Nook, Nexus 7, iPad, and so on, books we read are not only from Kindle store but also from another ebookstore. So we prefer to the built-in or another third-party reading apps rather than Kindle app.

Though maybe there are still a part of people love Kindle app, but as this app only supports kindle ebooks, so if we want to read Apple books, we need iBooks app; if we want to read kobo books, we need Kobo app...Oh my god, our devices may become too "fat" to run smoothly.

drm-in-azw3-file But, we can't open and read AZW3 format ebooks directly without Kindle app. The reasons are as below.

DRM problem: most of the books we downloaded on Kindle Paperwhite are protected with Kindle DRM, which prevents us coping, transferring, and sharing kindle ebooks.

Format problem: most of the third-party reading apps on non-Kindle devices only support the EPUB and PDF format, not the AZW3.

So here comes the need of converting azw3 to epub and pdf.

How to Convert AZW3 to EPUB

If you want to read azw3 books on non-Kindle devices, congratulations this part is what you are searching for.

1 Get the tool ready

The Ultimate Converter here I recommend is pretty good to resolve these problems above. It can not only convert azw3 to epub drm, but also convert azw3 to pdf, convert azw3 to mobi, convert azw3 to azw, convert azw to pdf, etc.

I suggest you get it for free download at first.

Download Epubor Ultimate for free


2Remove DRM from AZW3

Run this tool please. Then connect your Kindle with computer, then search the "Documents" folder to find your azw3 ebooks. Go on, select those books you want to convert and then drag them to this good azw3 to epub converter. Of course you can click on "Add" to import your books.

add kindle azw3 ebooks

Job hasn't been finished yet. Near the files you will see "Kindle DRM" which shows that your azw3 files are protected with Kindle DRM.

To remove Kindle drm limitation, input your KSN (Kindle Serial Number) for successful drm removal at the pop-up window. Don't know how to find the proper KSN? Don't worry, you can read the full guide on How to Easily Find the Kindle Serial Number

input Kindle Serial Number

Then the decryption will start. All selected azw3 books are drm-free.



If you can see your azw3 files are listed on the right area of this soft, it says your azw3 files are drm free. just drag them to the left area then continue to convert.


Epubor Ultimate now can detect the connected Kindle e-ink devices and recognize the KSN info, this means now there is no need for you to input the KSN manually.

3Convert AZW3 to EPUB

At the "Output Format" list set epub please, then click on "Convert" button.


Now all your azw3 eBooks has been converted to epub format, which adapt to your devices such as Kobo, iPad, Sony, Nook, BlackBerry Playbook, etc. Let's transfer those converted files to devices then start a good reading tour!

Download Epubor Ultimate for free


  • If you want to convert azw3 to epub calibre, clike here.
  • If you want to convert azw3 to epub free online, search zamzar.



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