How to Convert DRM PDF to EPUB

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convert drm pdf to epub

It's known that PDF books we download from online ebook stores are always DRM-protected, including Adobe DRM, Nook DRM and iBooks DRM. It limits us to reading them on specified devices. In order to read DRM PDF on more available devices, you may need to remove DRM first and then convert DRM PDF to EPUB format which is the ebook standard format and can adjust itself to the size of the screen.

I will divide the article into three parts. You can choose the part you need to read.

Part1: Convert Adobe DRM PDF to EPUB

Part2: Convert Nook DRM PDF to EPUB

Part3: Convert iBooks DRM PDF to EPUB

Convert Adobe DRM PDF to EPUB

Books we purchased from many main online eBook stores, such as Google play, Sony, Kobo and Nook are usually protected by Adobe DRM. In this part, I will tell you the detailed information about converting Adobe DRM PDF to EPUB.

Step1. Remove Adobe DRM from PDF books

Before removing DRM-protected PDF books, you need to download and install Adobe Digital Editons on your computer first. Then authorize your ADE with Adobe ID, and make sure you can open and read your PDF books on ADE. For detailed information, please go through How to Convert DRM PDF to EPUB to learn how to read eBooks on ADE.

After guaranteeing you can read PDF books on ADE, now it's time for you to remove Adobe DRM. Here I highly recommend you a powerful tool Epubor Ultimate which can not only remove DRM but also convert DRM PDF to EPUB.

Download the tool for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

Install and launch the software, it will automatically upload your existing books. Once you drag your PDF books under "ADE" to the main window of the program, the Adobe DRM will be removed soon. You can see it displays "decrypted" state.

remove adobe drm from pdf books

Step2: Convert free PDF books to EPUB

After removing Adobe DRM, now you can convert DRM-free PDF books to EPUB. As EPUB is the default output format, what you need to do is only to hit "Convert" button to convert PDF to EPUB. When the conversion has been finished, the "Succeed" status will show up.

convert drm pdf to epub

When PDF books have been converted to EPUB, you can click the folder icon at the right bottom to open the folder stored the converted epub files.

Convert Nook DRM PDF to EPUB

Usually Nook books have 2 kinds of DRM: Adobe DRM and Nook DRM. And there is little difference between Adobe DRM and Nook DRM's removing. Next, I will introduce how to convert Nook DRM PDF to EPUB.

Step1: Remove Nook DRM from PDF books

For this parts, please read Remove Nook DRM with Epubor Ultimate already publish on Epubor website.

Step2: Convert free Nook PDF books to EPUB

When the books have been decrypted successfully, you can directly click the button "Convert" to convert free PDF books to EPUB. After it finished, you can share books with your friends and read books more freely.

Convert iBooks DRM PDF to EPUB

If your books are purchased from iBookstore, the software I mentioned above can not help you solve the iBooks DRM problem. So how to remove iBooks PDF DRM in order to transfer books to EPUB and read them on more available devices such as Kobo, Nook? Don't worry. A tool called Requiem can deal with your iBooks DRM. Just download and install it. Then follow this guide to learn more details.

After you have decrypted PDF iBooks, you can still use the tool mentioned above DRM PDF to EPUB Converter to convert DRM-free PDF files to EPUB.

Download the tool for free

Windows Version Download Mac Version Download

That's all I want to share with you. Now enjoy your reading freely.


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