How to Convert EPUB to Kepub Calibre

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A kepub is just an epub with a lot of extra code, "kobo spans", that the Kobo uses. It's extension is ".kepub.epub".

Why do you need to convert epub to kepub? First, KEPUB books support Kobo’s fast flip function. Second, KEPUB books support Kobo’s expanded reading statistics pop-up. Third, KEPUB provides access to Kobo’s built-in image viewer, which lets you zoom the images embedded within the book. If you need to make full use of these new features provided by KEPUB, you can try the following methods to convert epub to kepub.

How can we convert EPUB to Kepub

For converting EPUB to Kepub without limitation, we'd better make sure the EPUB files are DRM free. Here you can use the eBook DRM Removal tool -- Epubor Ultimate to decrypt DRMed EPUB files, then start converting EPUB to Kepub. It's a powerful DRM decryption program, compare with other similar software, its friendly and clean interface make it easier to use. Besides, conversion speed is also super fast.

Download the tool for free:

The detailed steps on removing epub DRM with Epubor Ultimate, please read:

After we have got the DRM free EPUB files, how can we convert EPUB to Kepub? Which eBook converter should we use? Here I recommend you a free but powerful eBook management tool Calibre, but we should know the fact that itself doesn't support Kepub formats. To convert EPUB to Kepub, we need to install a plugin--KoboTouchExtended to enhance it. This plugin enables some additional features to the Kobo Touch, Glo, Mini, Aura HD, and Aura. When transferring EPUB books to Kobo device, it will automatically convert EPUB to Kepub. Now just follow the steps below to start conversion.

Please ensure you have download and install Calibre already.

Step 1Get the plugin

Click "Preference" on the menu bar, a window below will pop up, then tap "Plugins" under "Advanced".

Kobo touchextend plugin

Next, you will see a following dialogue, simply click "Get new plugins" button on the bottom left corner to find the KoboTouchExtended plugin.

get new plugin

As there are so many plugins listed, we can enter "kobo" in the search box behind "Filter by name", then we will find the KoboTouchExtended plugin easily. Simply select this plugin, hit "Install" button to install it. You may see an alert about the security risk, ignore it and click "Yes".

search kobo touch extended plugin

Step 2Convert epub to Kepub Calibre

  • Connect your Kobo eReader to computer with USB.
  • Add EPUB files you need to convert to Kepub to Calibre.
  • Select EPUB files you want to send to device and click "Send to device" button.

send epub to kobo

When the transfer has been finished, you can see the job status turns to "zero", open your KoboeReader drive, in the root folder, you will find there are several new created folders which are named as author's name. Open it, you can see your transferred EPUB files have become .kepub.epub format.

Eject your Kobo, wait for a while, then you can see your newly transferred files.

By the way, there is another plugin which can also convert EPUB to Kepub, it's KePub Output. After you installed it, when you convert EPUB files, you can see Kepub in the list of output formats.

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08/24/2016 13:55:28
Worked excellent! To not have the chapter info on books that wasn’t imported from kobo has disturbed me for a while. Thank you for this help to make the reading experience on my kobo a bit better ?
08/5/2017 23:18:36
Worked like a charm on my new Kobo Aura One. Thank you very much!
03/6/2018 00:20:19
Thanks for your work. It is easy to follow.
03/6/2018 08:55:03
Glad to hear that:)
05/3/2018 04:07:45


Excellent post, It is great help.


01/29/2019 16:30:03
Many thanks for this great piece of advice. I was really frustrated not being able to see chapter progression. Have a nice day :-)
05/6/2019 03:32:25

When using option 2 (kepub output) my kobo cannot recognize the kepub format.  Also no epub reader (i.e. digital editions) will read them either.

When using option one (send to device and convert while sending).  I get the .kepub.epub ending on the file and they work great (both the kobo and epub devices can read it) but it changes the wording on the titles on many of the books (i.e. if title was "Magicians 01: The Magicians" it becomes "Magicians, The").

08/2/2020 21:01:54
Hi! Same problem here (with kobo forma using kepub output, it doesn´t recognize the file). did you find any reason? thanks
08/3/2020 09:56:45
Thank you for asking. If the devices is not well detected, please download kOBO  BOOKS via Kobo destop application and then use the tool to remove the drm.
06/3/2019 03:09:07
The Calibre option is not working on my Kobo Clara HD. The KoboTouchExtended plugin is installed and enabled. The files transfered to my device are just the standard epub files. Any suggestions?
06/25/2019 21:28:37

"The Calibre option is not working on my Kobo Clara HD. The KoboTouchExtended plugin is installed and enabled. The files transfered to my device are just the standard epub files. Any suggestions?"

I had the same issue with you. So i tried to install "KePub Output" and it works!

08/24/2019 10:01:09
Very good instructions.  Wanted kepub for improved footnote support.  Thanks for this.
08/26/2019 08:34:24
We are glad this is helpful.
02/3/2020 01:44:32
Thank you great tip!
12/26/2021 01:19:59
if I use epubor ultimate to strip drm from my store items will it only strip drm and I will have the files in kepub format but without drm or will they be epubs without drm and I will have to then convert back to kepub?
12/27/2021 11:29:54
Thank you for asking. Epubor can remove drm from kobo books. The file you get is the DRM epub. If you want DRM-free kepub, you can convert it back to kepub.
09/8/2023 23:59:48
Plugin works perfectly with English language but has problems with Spanish. Seems to happen when there are accents. an example: nación becomes naci ó n, and Pérsico becomes P é rsico.
Please any help?
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