How to Convert KF8 to PDF

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If you got some Kindle books with KF8 format, and want to read them on iPad, Nook, you can try to convert kf8 to pdf or convert kf8 to epub.

This article is about how to convert KF8 to PDF. Come to understand how to convert KF8 to EPUB, please read How to Convert AZW3 to EPUB please.

Of course here I also spend time on presenting what is KF8 format, the pros and cons of KF8, and more messages about this format you may want to know.

What is KF8 format

KF8 is the short name for Kindle Format 8, also known as azw3, one of kindle eBooks' formats.

Though KF8 doesn't have as many features as ePub 3, but Amazon offers fixed-layout support through this format. So it does bring us a pleasant and comfortable readng experience.

However, the problem is , KF8, or AZW3, is only supported on Kindle devices, including Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle reading apps. So here comes our need:

How can we read KF8 on non-Kindle devices?

Go back to the beginning of this article, I have got my conclusion, yes? My recommended resolution is to convert KF8 to PDF. Why? Because most of eBook eReaders support PDF.

Pros and cons of KF8

Here I make a form to list the pros and cons of KF8 format.

CSS3 support; Fixed layouts
Kindle DRM protected
Text on background images
Kindle format, not common epub or pdf
Numbered and bulleted lists
Not compatible with IOS OS devices
Floating elements; Embedded fonts
Not compatible with Android OS devices

How to convert KF8 to PDF

As KF8 is not compatible with iPad, Nook, Kobo devices, so we need a KF8 Converter named Ultimate eBook Converter-Epubor Ultimate to help us convert kf8 to pdf.

Download the tool for free:

Then install this tool, get it started.

1Sync KF8 books via Kindle for PC / Mac

On your computer install Kindle desktop reading app from amazon, then register this app with your own kindle account, you will see all your purchased kindle books listed in this library.

2Add KF8 books to software to remove drm

Run your kf8 converter software, from the interface of the left side you will see your purchased books are listed clearly after synced with Kindle for PC / Mac.

Drag your KF8 format books (.azw3) from the left side bar to the right area. For those DRM protected books, this soft will remove the limitation fast.

remove drm from kf8 format books

Here you may want to ask me why these books are DRM protected. I do not know but I just could tell you this is a method of Amazon's management to Kindle users. It's Amazon's will, not mine. In a word, your Kindle library still belongs to Amazon, not yourself because it just allows us to read books, but not use or administrate these files completerly as our wills.

3Convert KF8 to PDF format

After Kindle drm stripped, select the pdf as the output format.Then click on "Convert to PDF" button to begin our azw3 to pdf conversion.

convert kf8 to pdf


4Enjoy PDF on iPad, Android, etc

After the conversion completed, "Succeeded" will appear at the end of your book title. Click "Succeeded", the output folder contained the converted pdf files will pop up. Now it's free for us to copy, transfer and share them. They become our own babies, not Amazon's.

read converted kf8 books on devices

Hope you had a wonderful try. I won't stress another good points of this converter in this article any more for I have said again and again before. The best scenery need you to look at them with your own eyes.

Download the tool for free:

You may also want to know

-Use Calibre to convert KF8 to PDF for free.

-Use online site ZAMZAR to convert KF8 to PDF online.


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