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PDF is a very popular document format. It supports almost every platform and has excellent print effect. These make it widely used in various fields. But one annoying thing of this format is that most PDF files are not editable as they are protected. Fortunately we find a solution for this problem - converting PDF to Word and edit the docx (or doc) file in Microsoft Word. This article shows you four methods of converting PDF to Word. You may need to pay some money in some methods.

1. Convert PDF to Word with Microsoft Word

2. Convert PDF to Word with Adobe ExportPDF

3. Convert PDF to Word online

4. Convert PDF to Word with freeware

Method 1. Convert PDF to Word with Microsoft Word

Just open the PDF with Adobe Reader, save it as text file (.txt), copy the text and paste it in a new Microsoft Word, then save as Word. Sounds very easy, isn't it? But this method can only save text content. All the images in the original PDF file will lose. If the PDF content contains nothing but text, you can try this. Otherwise you'd better try other methods below.

convert pdf to word-save as text

convert pdf to word-save as word

Method 2. Convert PDF to Word with Adobe ExportPDF

Like mentioned above, most people use Adobe Reader to read PDF files. So it's natural to think of converting PDF to word with Adobe Reader. But we can't find the "save as word" option in it, so you need to purchase the "Adobe ExportPDF" service. Click "Tools" – "Export PDF" – "Convert" then your PDF file will be converted to Word (docx or doc). This conversion service could generate very high-quality file and it's very suitable for business. Click here to get more information of Adobe ExportPDF.

You can also purchase Adobe Acrobat. It's a comprehensive PDF management. You can edit and convert PDF files directly. But it's a bit expensive.

convert pdf to word-adobe exportpdf

convert pdf to word-adobe exportpdf feature

Method 3. Convert PDF to Word online

Online conversion is very simple and easy. Just upload your files and click, then all things done. There are so many websites providing conversion service but not all of them are good. You can only convert limited pages or the converted Word file has low quality. Here I recommend you this website: http://convertonlinefree.com/PDFToWORDEN.aspx. It's totally free and has high quality conversion.

Just select any PDF file from your PC and click the "convert" button. The conversion will take several minutes. It depends on the file size and Internet connection speed. The download window will pop up automatically after conversion finished. If you use Microsoft Word 2003 or lower version, please choose "PDF to DOC" option.

convert pdf to word-convert online

convert pdf to word-conversion finishes


If you don't like this recommended tool above, here is an alternative: PDF to Word conversion online from PDFConverter.com

This site provides not only free online PDF converter (PDF to Word, but also PDF to excel, PDF to PPT, etc.), but also have desktop version.

Steps are easy. Just select the PDF file to convert, them input your receiving email address to get the word.

Method 4. Convert PDF to Word with freeware

You can find many freeware for PDF converting on the Internet. But most of them just have limited features. Like you can only convert first two pages, has free trial for only several days or convert with a very low quality and weird layout. But the Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is not bad. It has a high quality conversion and preserves the original layout. You can set the output font and choose to convert specified pages. The only problem is that you need to enter a just-for-once registration code every time you convert. Answer a simple math question it provides and you can get a code. If you want a life-time registration code, just pay for $15.

Step1: Install Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

Click here to get Free PDF to Word Doc Converter. Download and install it on your PC.

Step2: Select PDF and set options

Select a PDF file on your PC. Set the output path and general options.

convert pdf to word-select pdf and set options

Step3 : Enter just-for-once registration code

Click "Convert to Word Document" and a window will pop up to let you enter registration code. Click "Get Free Code!" and a new webpage will open in your browser. Answer the math question with the correct answer and click "Get my Free Code!". Your just-for-once registration code will generate. Copy the code and paste it in the software.

convert pdf to word-registration

convert pdf to word-answer math qusestion

convert pdf to word-get code

Step4 : Click to convert

Click "Continue" and your registration get confirmed. Click "OK" and the conversion starts. Your PDF file will be converted to Word immediately.

convert pdf to word-completer registration

convert pdf to word-complete convsersion

Those above are the 4 ways of converting PDF to Word. Hope these help you.

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10/12/2014 21:42:55
There's only one decent online service for this: pdf2doc.com
10/6/2015 06:15:09
I find a free online pdf to word converter(www.online-code.net/pdf-to-word.html) to convert pdf to word online.
10/7/2015 23:52:47
Thanks for your kindness to share this online PDF to word converter for us.
03/17/2019 17:23:01
Valuable information. Thanks for the sharing. I'd also recommend Acethinker PDF Converter which I have used for many years. It's a free web-based application to convert PDF to Word, you don't have to install anything.
03/20/2019 16:06:09
Thank you for your recommendation!
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