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The PRC format is a generic extension used by Amazon to hide what format the books are. In general, the prc format is applicable for Palm OS devices which only support .prc or .pdb extension.

On the other hand, the PRC format supports DRM protection by Mobipocket. It's not convenient for us to share eBooks with our family and read them on other mainstream eReader device.

As we all know, EPUB is a popular format for eBooks which supported by mostly reading devices: iPad, Nook, KOBO, Sony eReader etc. If you download a .prc ebook, it doesn't work on eReader. This guide will teach us how to remove drm from prc and convert Mobipocket prc to epub.

Remove PRC DRM

If you can't open prc eBook supported by mobile application, it must be protected by DRM and can't be converted to epub directly. There is a free PRC DRM Removal to download from Apprentice Alf blog. I am not sure that it works on all files and whether this Plugin is a safe program without any virus or not. If you want to try it, there is a way to how to add the plugin into Calibre.

Download the tool for free:

Just need only one click to decrypt DRM from Mobipocket eBooks with ease.

1Find the PIDS of PRC eBooks

Run the Mobipocket Reader program on PDA or PC.

If you download unencrypted ebooks without a PID, but still can't convert prc to epub. What happen? Because you open them with Mobipocket Reader and it creats a copy of the eBooks including the Mobipocket Reader's PID. If you want to remove drm quickly, just find the copy of eBooks in "My Documents" folder and use the DRM removal tools.

However, The Mobipocket Reader program can't be downloaded any more on any device or pc. Meanwhile, the Mobipocket.com was bought by Amazon in 2005. When you purchase prc ebooks which can be viewed with mobipocket, but you have no kindle device. How to gain a kindle serial and get rid of prc drm? In fact, the serial number is the same as the mobipocket ID when you use epubor drm removal?

2Load the PRC files and remove DRM from PRC

Drag the prc files into Epubor DRM Removal and click "Setting" icon at first. Then input the PIDS in the text box. Note: This guide takes Kindle Android app as an example. Please make sure that you input the correct PIDs from Kindel app without any case shifts. This tutorial will teach you how to find PIDS from Kindle app and remove drm from prc. If you want to crack the old Mobipocket DRM, here is a blog to describe how to remove DRM from Mobipocket (mobi and prc) eBooks in detail. When we try to strip the encryption of Kindle PRC eBooks with epubor DRM Removal, it will decrypt successfully as follows.

Remove drm from prc

Convert decrypted PRC to EPUB

Now if you have a bulk of unprotected or decrypted PRC eBooks, now I will show you how to convert them to epub for easier to use in the eReader.

Calibre Free Download

Install Free Calibre and launch it. Drag the decrypted PRC eBooks to Calibre. Tap the "Convert books" button and select EPUB as the output format. And you can also custom eBooks metadata and add a cover to eBooks. Finally, click "ok" button and it will start a conversion work. If you want to know how to use Calibre step by step, I recommend to read this full guide of Calibre.


When it finishes the conversion, the job status shows zero task. Tap the "Click to open" anchor text in the lower-right corner of Calibre. Then navigate to find the converted PRC format eBooks.

Show converted prc eBooks

Now you can enjoy the converted PRC eBooks without any restriction in the your loved eReader. By the way, Epubor DRM Removal can not only remove kindle DRM from Android, but also applied to Adobe Reader, Nook, KOBO, etc.

Download the tool for free:

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