How to convert Storytel audiobooks to MP3

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If you're an avid audiobook enthusiast, you may have heard of Storytel. It is an amazing app that covers a large collection of audiobooks and supports 25 languages. However, there are many limitations with this app, including listening to MP3. Many people want to know how to convert the Storytel audiobooks to MP3 format. Here I will introduce an excellent solution to help you convert Stoytel audiobooks to MP3.

Is it possible to get MP3 files from Storytel audiobooks?

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly save the contents in the app as MP3 files from Storytel. While offline mode is available for users who have subscribed to Storytel, it's impossible to download these audiobooks to MP3 files. You can only stream audiobooks directly from the Storytel platform using their mobile app.

You're not able to select the download format for offline listening, let alone get MP3 files. Storytel only allows users to download audiobooks in the DRM-protected format. Generally, these downloaded files are not compatible with third-party media players or devices. However, for Storytel Android users, if you search thoroughly, you may find some.exo files or.stb files in the root directory of the Storytel app. They are most likely to be Storytel audiobook files locally saved. It's possible that ".stb or .exo" may refer to a specific file format or extension used by Storytel internally for their audiobooks. By the way, if you are a iOS user, you even can't find such downloaded such files on your iPhone or iPad.

download storytel exo file

Can I convert Storytel .stb file to MP3?

MP3 is the most widely used audio format that can be compatible with most devices. If we can convert Storytel audiobooks to MP3, everything will be easy. Even if you get the .stb audiobook files downloaded from Storytel, is it possible to convert them to MP3 format? In general, there are two ways to do that: find a tool that supports converting the uploaded .stb files to MP3, or you can also do a real-time recording when you play the Storytel audiobooks on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

1 Use online MP3 converter

Apparently, you can find many MP3 converters online, and many of them work with over one hundred different file formats and convert them to MP3 format. You can try to upload these files to some MP3 converters and see if it is possible to convert them to MP3 format. However, please keep in mind that even if you can get .stb file from Storytel, all of them are encrypted by DRM. We have tested several online MP3 converters, and none of them can support decrypting the.stb files downloaded from Storytel and converting them to MP3. Sadly, you can't find other audio players that can play .stb files except Storytel app.

The.stb or.exo audiobook format is Storytel's proprietary format. A common MP3 converter cannot identify this kind of format, so when you try to upload a.stb file to the MP3 converter, it may display an audio codec not supported error. Almost all the MP3 converter tools cannot support the specific Stroytel audio formats. If you find one tool that can support that, feel free to tell us in the comments.

storytel mp3 converter

2 Record Storytel audiobooks and save as MP3s

If you're not able to get the audiobook files you downloaded from Storytel, ripping and recording Storytel audiobooks is also an alternative to converting the Storytel audiobooks to MP3. There are many free or paid recording tools online. Concisely, you can use this kind of app for iOS or Android to record the audio when you play your favorite Storytel audiobooks in the Storytel app. Once the real-time recording is finished, you can save it as an MP3 file for offline listening without the Storytell app on other devices.

Two steps to convert Storytel audiobooks to MP3

Step 1: Download Storytel audiobooks on your computer (PC/Mac)

If you want to convert your Storytel audiobooks to MP3 format, the first step is to download Storytel audiobooks on your PC/Mac. There are two required tools you must have: Android Emulator and Storytel for Android APK.

Note: There is no desktop version of Storytel, so you have to run an Android emulator on your PC/Mac first, then install the Storytel for Android APK into the Android emulator.

Here we recommend Google Android Studio, it is a powerful tool that can be easily installed and configured on your computer, regardless of the operating system. Please follow this detailed guide to set up an Android emulator and run Storytel on your PC/Mac.

find storytel app

Once you can successfully run the Storytel app on your computer, you can log into your Storytel account and download your favorite audiobooks from the Storytel app in the same way on your Android smartphone.

download storytel audio inapp

Step 2: Convert and save Storytel audiobooks as MP3 files

Now that you have just downloaded these audiobooks in the Android emulator, if you want to convert them to MP3 format, Epubor Telsotry Converter is another important tool you have to use later.

epubor storytel review

Download Epubor Telstory Converter for free:

Then you can run Epubor Telstory Converter and click "Refresh" button, the downloaded books in the Android emulator will automatically show up under "Storytel Lirary" section of Epubor Telstory Converter. Then simply drag and drop the books to the right area and click "Start conversion" button to convert them to MP3 format.

telstory start conversion

After the conversion is completed, you can find all MP3 files of the audiobooks from the output folder. And now you can listen to them with any other program or device that can play MP3 files.

FAQ about converting Storytel audiobooks to MP3

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I listen to Storytel audiobooks on multiple devices at same time?

A: Yes, Storytel allows you to download audiobooks for offline listening on multiple devices. However, the specific details and limitations may vary depending on the subscription. With the subscription plans Storytel Family and Storytel Family+, you can listen or read from your own devices at the same time with several Storytel accounts.

Q: Can I listen to Storytel audiobooks without subscription?

A: No, you can't. Listening to Storytel audiobooks typically requires a subscription to their service. Without a subscription, access to their audiobook collection and the ability to listen to their content is limited.

Q: Can I listen to Storytel even while traveling abroad?

A: Yes, of course. But please keep in mind that not all content is available in all regions or countries. You'd better download the audiobooks offline in advance. We suggest you back up your favorite Storytel audiobooks as MP3 files via Epubor Telstory Converter, so you can listen to them on any device you prefer.

Q: Can I still listen to the downloaded audiobooks if my subscription expires?

A: If your subscription expires, you will not be able to access the downloaded content until you start it again. In addition, if you log out from the app, your books will no longer be saved offline and will need to be downloaded again.

subscription expired no access

Q: Is there a limit to downloaded ebooks and audiobooks?

A: The number of books you can download depends on the storage capacity of your device. But please note that even with available storage, there is a limit of 100 downloaded ebooks.


Are you still searching for a method to convert and save your Storytel audiobooks to local MP3 files? Thanks to Android emulator and Epubor Telstory Converter, it's not difficult at all to do that now. If you want to enjoy your favorite Storytel audiobooks anytime anywhere on any device, please don't hesitate to give it a try!


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01/20/2024 22:44:01
It doesn’t work cannot find any audiobook
01/22/2024 10:08:15
Thank you for using our software. 1. Which Android emulator are you using? 2. Please ensure your storytel audiobook appear in the "Downloaded” tab in the Storytel APP.
3. Click "Refresh" button in Telstory converter until your audiobook appear. Also, if you are still failed, please screenshot the error message and send it to us so that we can help you fix it.
01/27/2024 14:39:36
same result, i'm using blustack, memu, and ldplayer.
01/29/2024 09:04:37
Please use the android emulator.
01/29/2024 19:04:02
bro, bluestack, memu, and ldplayer, are android emulators.
Do you have suggestions for other Android emulators?
03/3/2024 06:51:06
Epubor cannot find any audiobook. I am using NoxPlayer Android emulator. My Storytel audiobook appears in the "Downloaded” tab in the Storytel APP.
03/3/2024 19:58:14
You need to root your Android emulator. Then, click the 'Refresh' button in the Telstory Converter to load your Storytel books. If you still encounter issues, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com for further assistance.
03/9/2024 09:29:30
I'm not sure I understand. In the post you say that using Epubor I'm able to convert the files to mp3. But in the FAQ it says I need a subscription on Storytel to listen. Which is it? If I use Epubor will I have the mp3 files forever to listen or I still need to have a subscription?
03/10/2024 20:04:30
Thank you for asking. If you've subscribed from Storytel, you can download the audiobook or ebooks offline to your computer for later listening with Epubor. But if you cancel the subscription from storytel, you cannot use Epubor software do help you download storytel audiobooks and ebooks anymore.
For the downloaded files, you can still listen to them even if you cancel the subscription.
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