How to Convert Tidal Music to MP3 on Windows/Mac in 2024

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Do you want to keep your favorite songs from Tidal forever? One of the best ways is to convert Tidal to MP3, so you can move them to any device for offline listening. However, there are still a few limitations to downloading on Tidal, due to DRM copyrights, you're not able to save and use any Tidal music without the Tidal app. No worries, you've come to the right place! Here, we're happy to share with you some useful methods to help you convert Tidal to MP3 with ease.

Why we can’t get Tidal music as MP3 files directly?

Tidal is a famous music streaming platform, especially for audiophiles, providing millions of songs in Hi-Fi sound quality. When you use a streaming music service like Tidal, you don't have to download a file, just start listening to high-quality, lossless music through Tidal application or website. But it also means you can't back up these songs to your local hard drive. Of course, if you pay for Tidal subscriptions, it allows you to both stream and download for offline listening. However, because these downloaded Tidal files are encoded in a special audio format, you're not able to listen to them without a Tidal application and use them at will.

The benefits of converting Tidal music to MP3 format

It is well-known that MP3 format is one of the most widely supported file formats, and can be played on almost all media players. Therefore, if you can convert Tidal to MP3, everything will be easier! There are many benefits to converting Tidal to MP3, so just choose the best way for you to convert Tidal music to MP3 now.

  • Listen offline on many devices that support MP3.
  • Files in MP3 format take up less space, and are more widely compatible with many media players.
  • Listen to the songs all the time, even if you cancel the subscription.

Solution 1: Convert Tidal to MP3 via Epubor Tidal Downloader (Recommended)

Epubor Tidal Downloader is a very useful tool that allows you to download the Tidal music to multiple audio format, including MP3. Here is the instruction:

Download Epubor Tidal Downloader for free:

Step 1 Install Tidal desktop app and Tidal Downloader

Before you install Tidal downloader on your computer, you have to download Tidal desktop app from its official website, once install on your computer, then log in to your Tidal account.

log in to tidal account

Step 2 Launch Tidal Downloader

Install and run Epubor Tidal Downloader, it will automatically sync your Tidal music, including playlists, albums, tracks, and artists. And the Tidal desktop application will also exit at the same time.

get tidal collection

After all of your Tidal songs are listed on the left area, you can drag and drop the songs you want convert to MP3 format.

tidal downloader formats

Step 3 Download and convert Tidal music to MP3

Select MP3 format, and then click “Download to MP3” button to download. When all the songs have been downloaded and converted successfully, the status will change to "Succeeded".

tidal downloader mp3

Then it will pop up a folder where you can find the downloaded songs in the format you select to convert. You can also find them by clicking "Succeeded" or blue folder icon on the right bottom.

Solution 2: Download Tidal music in MP3 from Tidal app on iOS/Android device

If you want to download songs from Tidal and listen to them offline, you need to have a Tidal subscription. No matter whether you choose HiFi or HiFi Plus, it allows you to download the songs for offline listening and you can select MP3 as the output format. However, the offline mode is only available for Android/iOS apps, and you are restricted to enjoying them with the Tidal app.

tidal mobile download

1 Open the Tidal app on your device.

2 Search for the album or track you wish to download.

3 Tap on the album or track to open it.

4 Look for the download icon and tap on it.

The album or track will begin downloading, and you will be able to listen to it offline. And you can find the downloaded songs under My Collection and Downloaded.

Note: The downloaded content is only playable within the Tidal app and cannot be exported or transferred to other devices. If you cancel the subscription, you will not be able to access the downloaded songs any more.

Solution 3: Rip Tidal music to MP3 by online audio recorder tool

If you feel annoyed to install some software on your computer, the online audio recorder can help you to record online streaming music, then you can rip the songs you would like to keep and listen to from Tidal, then choose MP3 as the output format, and finally you’re able to save and convert Tidal music to MP3 files. Here we introduce you to two online tools.

1 Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder

This free online audio recorder allows you to record the voice or music right in your browser, and then save it as an MP3 file. It's very easy and convenient for you to use.

Step 1 Go to Apowersoft online audio recorder website, and then click "Start Recording", then select the audio source as the "System Sound" and then click again "Start Recording".

apowersoft recorder

Step 2 It will pop up a window to ask you to share the content of your screen, no matter if you're using Tidal desktop app or web player, just start to play the music you would like to convert to MP3.

share tidal to record

Step 3 After the recording is finished, click the "Save" to save the Tidal music as an MP3 file.

recorder save as mp3

2 Aiseesoft Online Audio Recorder

It is another online audio recorder tool that has similar features. You can also use it to record music from Tidal and export it to MP3, WMA, or other popular audio files. However, the real-time ripping process takes a long time, and the output sound quality is damaged.

aiseesoft online recorder

Solution 4: Convert Tidal to MP3 by free open source program

If you have good technology skills, you can also use some free open source programs to download and convert Tidal music to MP3. Here we recommend you three tools, that are totally free but very difficult to make work.

1 Athame is a free program designed for downloading and converting music from music streaming and sharing services. It supports both Tidal and Google Play Music.

athame tool

Step 1 Go to Tidal Web Player, or run Tidal desktop app, select the song you would like to convert to MP3, then click “Share” – “Copy track link” to copy the link of this song.

Step 2 Launch Athame, and enter URL in the "URL" textbox, then click "Add" and “Start”, the downloading process will begin, it will start to convert Tidal music to MP3.

2 Streamrip is a free scriptable stream downloader for Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer and SoundCloud. It is both compatible with Windows and Mac.


Step 1 Install V3.8 or greater Python and Pip. For Windows user, install Microsoft Visual C++ tool.

Step 2 Open the command prompt and run the command line below: pip3 install streamrip --upgrade

Step 3 Find the url of the song, album or playlists you would like to convert to MP3 from Tidal, and enter the command line below, it will rip and convert the Tidal music to MP3.
rip url --codec mp3 https://tidal.com/browse/album/147569387

3 Tidal-Media-Downloader helps you download videos and music from Tidal. It also allows you to add metadata to songs, and you’re able to select video resolution and track quality.

tidal media downloader

FAQ of Converting Tidal music to MP3

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What format can I download from Tidal music?

A: On the Tidal app, you can download music in MP3 format as well as other formats like FLAC and Tidal Masters, depending on your subscription plan and the availability of the album or track you want to download.

Q: Can I download Tidal music to MP3 on Tidal website?

A: No, unfortunately, downloading music in MP3 format is not currently available on the Tidal website.

Q: Can I download Tidal music offline with Tidal free plan?

A: No, only Tidal HiFi subscribers can download music for offline listening on their mobile devices.

Q: Which is the best way to convert Tidal to MP3?

A: Obviously Epubor Tidal Downloader is the most simple but useful way to help you convert Tidal music to MP3 for personal use with original audio quality.

No. Tidal to MP3 Converter Pros Cons
1 Epubor Tidal Downloader
  • Easy to use with simple steps.
  • Support multiple output formats: M4A, MP3, MP4, FLAC, AAC.
  • Convert at very high speed.
  • Remove DRM from Tidal Music.
  • Back up the original and lossless Hifi and master music.
  • Require installation on Windows/Mac.
2 Download from Tidal app
  • Official method to download Tidal music.
  • Offline mode is only available for mobile app.
  • Not all songs can be download as MP3 files.
  • You can only listen to the downloaded music within the Tidal app.
  • You're not able to transfer the converted music to other devices.
  • The downloaded songs will no longer be available if you cancel the subscription.
3 Apowersoft/Aiseesoft online audio recorder
  • Easy to use them online.
  • Free to record Tidal music.
  • It will lower the original sound quality.
  • Only support MP3 format.
  • It has recording time limitation.
  • Don't work without the Internet.
4 Athame/Steamrip/Tidal Media Downloader
  • Totally free tool.
  • Very difficult to use.
  • You must have coding and technology skills.
  • Don't work well sometimes.
  • Impossible to download and convert Tidal to MP3 in batch.


In general, you can try all the methods we share with you to download and convert Tidal to MP3. But the most convenient and ideal solution we recommend is always Epubor Tidal Downloader, it's really simple and useful for the majority of Tidal users to convert Tidal to MP3 and back up the music permanently. Don't hesitate to get this software, it allows you to enjoy your favorite Tidal music anytime on any device you prefer.

Download Epubor Tidal Downloader for free:

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