How to Download Google Play Books to EPUB

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Google play books is one of the biggest ebook stores in the digital market from where you can purchase and rent ebooks. However, downloading google play booksis not as simple as downloading kindle books, especially downloading google play books to epub. So here are a set of instructions on Google Play books downloading epub. Here I will share you the 100% effective way to download google play books to epub.

google play book download options

What’s the Downloaded Google Play Books Format?

If you are trying to download Google play books on android or iOS, just download Google play books app and then go to the google play books library to find the books. Tap the “action” button(the three dots) and then tap the “Download” button to download your Google Play books. But here we are not discussing how to download google play books on the mobile device but on computer.

Case 1: Download Google Play books to epub/pdf

Usually, Google Play books serves its ebooks in epub or pdf format. So you can download the Google play books by going to the Google Play books library, and click three dots and then select “Export as Epub” button to download Google play books to Epub format.

google play book download options

However, not all Google Play books offers both epub and pdf downloading.  Check out the following picture, there is only one PDF format here.

google play book download options

For this kind of ebooks, it only can be downloaded to PDF, not epub format.

Case 2: Download Google Play books acsm

In most cases, there are both epub and pdf downloading options, but what you finally get is .acsm file, right? But what is acsm file? ACSM file is not a real ebook format, but only the downloading link that allows you to download Google Play books to epub or pdf. There are some extra steps for converting acsm to epub when you get .acsm file. Please follow the below steps.

1 Download & install Adobe Digital Editions.

2 Create an Adobe ID( if you don’t have one), and then authorize the adobe digital editions with the Adobe ID by clicking "Help"->>"Authorize computer".

authorize addobe digital editions

For more about authorizing or deauthorizing ADE, please read: How to Authorize/Deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions .

3 Open .ascm file with authorized adobe digital editions and this book will be downloaded in epub or pdf format automatically.

download acsm ADE

Now you have converted the acsm file to epub or pdf.

How to Convert Google Play Books to DRM-free EPUB

No matter what cases you are falling in, your google play books have been downloaded to your computer either in pdf or epub format. Please keep in mind that almost all Google Play books are protected by Adobe Adept DRM which will prevent you from reading google play books on any  book reader or reading app. Therefore, I will guide you through how to convert google play books to drm-free epub.

To convert these DRM-protected google play books, you’ll need the assistance from multi-functional ebook tool—Epubor Ultimate. This highly-recommended ebook tool can help you remove drm from google play books and convert google play books to epub format.

Download the tool for free:


Pro tip: If you have purchased kindle, nook, kobo books, Epubor Ultimate also can help you decrypt and convert them.

1 Launch Epubor Ultimate and find downloaded google play books under “Adobe” tab at the left column. Then drag and drop ebooks from left column to the right column for drm removing.

DECRYPTE and convert google play books

2 Then select “epub” as the output format and then click on “Convert to epub” to start the conversion. “Succeeded” will appear when the conversion has finished.

To explore the converted epub books, just click on the “Output Folder” icon at the bottom-right corner.

convert google play to epub

Now you download your google play books to drm-free epub books. And you can read it on any epub supported readers or app.

Download the tool for free:

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04/17/2022 07:36:06
There is horrible ambiguity in this article I hope you can address it - it kind of sounds like epubor only works when Google offers epub and not if they only offer pdf. But on the other hand, other parts make it sound like it works for both. It's just unclear and I'm pretty anxious because I believe the book I'm thinking about buying in PDF only.
04/18/2022 09:38:53
Thank you for using our software. Epubor Ultimate can handle Google play epub and pdf books.
Any more problem, please feel free to contact us via support@epubor.com.
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