How to Download Storytel to PC/Mac

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Can I download Storytel to PC/Mac?

Yes, you can download Storytel audiobooks and ebooks to PC/Mac computer if you can install android emulator on your computer. What's more, you can even export Storytel to MP3 or epub format for reading and listening offline.

Storytel is a popular audiobook and ebook streaming service that offers a wide range of content. However, Storytel does not officially support the direct downloading of audiobooks and ebooks to your computer for offline use. Instead, they encourage users to listen to or read their content through the Storytel app, available for Android and iOS devices.

If you want to access Storytel content on your computer, you can do so by visiting their website and streaming the content through a web browser.

listen to storytel online

However, when you log in to your Storytel account, you cannot download any ebooks or audiobooks from the web browser since Storytel doesn't allow you to save audiobooks or ebooks on your computer for offline use. Is there any way to download Storytel on a PC or Mac computer?

In this article, you'll find the easiest way to download Storytel to your PC or Mac computer.

Note 1: Keep in mind that you'll need an active subscription to access the Storytel content.

Note 2: Always make sure to respect copyright laws and terms of service when downloading and using digital content.

How to download Storytel offline?

There is no official Storytel application for Windows or Mac, only Storytel for Android or iOS. To download Storytel audiobooks or ebooks to your PC/Mac, you will need to install an Android emulator and then install Storytel for Android on it. Then you can download Storytel audiobooks and ebooks on the Android emulator. Here is a detailed guide:

Step 1 : Install an Android emulator on your Windows/Mac computer.

We recommend using the Google Android studio. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it and choose Android 9.0 as the Android system image.

Step 2: Install the Storytel for Android APK on the Android emulator.

install storytel successfully

Here is the detailed guide on setting up Google Android emulator.

Step 3: Download Storytel to your PC/Mac

Log in to Storytel and then click the "Download" button to download Storytel audiobooks and ebooks.

download book in storytel

Pro tip 1: Where are Storytel downloads stored?

The Storytel downloads in the Android emulator are hidden files unless you root the Android emulator. In the rooted Android emulator, the path for Storytel downloads is here: data/data/grit.storytel.app/files/abooks.

Pro tip 2: How to convert Storytel to MP3/epub format?

Storytel audiobooks and ebooks can be found only if your Android emulator is rooted. Even if you can find your Storytel downloads, they are protected by their own DRM.

To read or listen to Storytel offline, Epubor Telstorytel Converter can convert the Storytel audiobooks to MP3 and Storytel ebooks to epub format with 100% original quality at least 100X faster conversion speed.

Download Epubor Telstory Converter for free:

After launching Epubor Telstory Converter for Windows or Mac, click "Refresh" to load your Storytel books (downloaded via the Android emulator), then drag to the right side and click on "Start Conversion."

convert stroytel to mp3 or epub

Pro tip 3: Troubleshooting: cannot download Storytel

1. If you encounter the issue of Storytel not downloading, such as "No wifi connection," like the following picture:

no wifi connection storytel

Fix: The default Storytel download option is “Download via wifi only”. Please go to profile —>setting —> app —> swipe off “download via wifi only” to turn off “Download via wifi only”. This time you can download your Storytel audiobooks and ebooks.

turn off wifi download only

2. We are sorry this title is not available in your region.

storytel titles are not available in your region

Fix: Can I download all the Storytel books? No, Some books are limited by region restriction. If the Storytel books are not available in some region, you cannot download them for offline reading or listening, although you can save them to your bookshelf.

Final Words

Although Storytel doesn't want users to download their audiobooks and ebooks for offline use, with the assistance of Android emulator, and Epubor Telstory Converter, we not only can download Storytel to PC/Mac, but also can convert Storytel to MP3 or EPUB format for reading on any of our favorite device.

epubor storytel review

Download Epubor Telstory Converter for free:

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