How to Download Wattpad Stories to EPUB

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Converting Wattpad stories to EPUB format is helpful for editing/sharing/printing/backing up the content and optimizing for reflowable content on eReader devices. It makes them easier to read and navigate, as well as ensures compatibility with different types of eReader devices or reading apps. However, is it possible for users to download Wattpad stories to EPUB? Sadly, No. Wattpad stories can only be downloaded to the Wattpad app for offline reading. And it’s nearly impossible to copy any text on Wattpad. But in this guide, there is a workaround to help you download Wattpad stories to EPUB with professional tools.

how to download wattpad to epub

1. Why Convert Wattpad Stories to EPUB Format?

EPUB file format is a popular file format used for digital books and other types of publications. It has several benefits over traditional print formats. The main benefit is that it can be read on almost any device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The file is highly compatible with all major eReaders, including Kindle. And it has a smaller file size than other formats. Additionally, it is optimized for reflowable content, which means that it can be read on any device with any screen size or orientation. It also supports audio and video content, allowing for a more dynamic experience for readers.

Since Wattpad doesn't offer an option to download their books, it’s not possible to read stories offline on the web. Reading Wattpad stories online will not allow you to take notes or highlights, edit the contents, print Wattpad stories, etc. It is not a pleasant reading experience.

In a word, being able to download Wattpad stories can give you a better reading experience. Having those stories in EPUB format allows you to make full use of the files with no restraint.

2. How to Download Wattpad Stories to EPUB?

To convert Wattpad stories to ePUB formats, you will need a Wattpad to EPUB converter which can export the Wattpad stories to EPUB with one click. Or you can download Wattpad stories to your computer first, then use free online tools to convert them to EPUB. Next, we are going to offer the best two solutions for you. One tool is free, the other requires you to purchase the software. However, the paid software definitely worth every penny you spend and saves you tons of time to batch back up all your Wattpad stories for safekeeping.

The following is a step-by-step guide to show you how to one-click convert Wattpad stories to EPUB with no hassle.

1Solution 1: Best Paid Wattpad Downloader

Wattpad is the most popular online stories platform. While Epubor Story Downloader is the most useful tool to back up your Wattpad stories with one click. So you can copy the content or read the stories on your preferred device.

Step 1Download and Install Epubor Wattpad Downloader on Your PC/Mac

Download Epubor Wattpad Downloader for Free


Step 2Download Wattpad to EPUB

Run Epubor Wattpad Downloader, and enter your license email to register it. If you haven’t purchased the software yet, you can skip this step and use the software directly. Remember the trial version can only allow you to download 3 stories for free. Next sign in to Wattpad.

get wattpad library automatically

After you are signed in, tab Get Wattpad Library to start syncing all the stories in your library. And there’s status progress to show you what it is syncing right now.

wattpad downloader progress status

After getting your wattpad stories, the wattpad website window will close automatically. Then choose the titles you want to download and add them to the right main window to back them up in your local drive.

batch download wattpad stories to epub

When all your wattpad stories download successfully, it will pop up a window which contains all your wattpad stories in EPUB format.

wattpad stories output folder

Thanks to this powerful and dedicated custom-made software, backing up thousands of Wattpad stories has never been so easy as this before.

2Solution 2: Online Wattpad Downloader

Wattpad Downloader is the best web-based application online that allows users to download stories from Wattpad for eReaders, smartphones, desktops, and more. It enables users to download stories as EPUB and HTML. But it doesn't offer the option of downloading multiple stories at once.

Step 1Copy the URL of the book

After logging in to your Wattpad account in your browser, go to your library, right-click the book and choose to start reading or continue reading if you have opened this book before. Then copy the URL of this book.

copy url to your wattpad story

Step 2Visit online Wattpad Downloader website

This free online Wattpad Downloader website has a very clean interface. As directed, just paste the URL and change the .com to .cc in the search bar.

paste url to wattpad downloader

Step 3Download Wattpad stories as EPUB

As long as you enter the correct URL to your books, then click the Next button. You will be able to download this book as EPUB.

download wattpad to epub

Epubor Wattpad Downloader vs Online Wattpad Downloader: This free online Wattpad downloader is very easy to use. However, it does not support batch conversion right now. Let's look forward to having more Wattpad downloader tools on the market to help us download all Wattpad books from the Wattpad stories to EPUB with simply one click.

Download Epubor Wattpad Downloader for Free



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